Mother’s Day with Barrington Gifts

The Miller Affect holding the Belmont Cabin Bag and the St. Anne Tote

Mother’s Day is only a month away, and gifts for your mom require some serious thought! My dad is typically easy to please with a gift card, but my Mom requires some creative thinking. I wanted to give you a full month so that you and your siblings can think of the perfect gift! Plus, custom bags, like these Barrington Gifts bags sometimes take a couple weeks to get to you due to the monogramming and the customization. Don’t wait until it is too late to give a thoughtful gift!

Amanda Miller wearing a pink St. Anne Tote from Barrington Gifts Amanda Milling wearing a Barrington Gifts tote for Mother's Day The Miller Affect holding a pink tote from Barrington Gifts The Miller Affect with a Kent Keyring wallet from Barrington Gifts The perfect Mother's Day Gifts from Barrington Gifts The Miller Affect with the Navy Horizontal Stripe Belmont Cabin bag from Barrington Gifts Amanda Miller sitting next to the Belmont Cabin striped bag from Barrington Gifts The perfect bags for Mother's Day from Barrington Gifts The Miller Affect with a white eyelet top and pink jeans Amanda Miller wearing Barrington Gifts Bags for Mother's Day

Photos by Angie Garcia Photography

As Mother’s day draws near, I reflect on how much appreciation I have for my mother and the love and care she put into raising my sisters and I (it wasn’t always easy ;)). It’s crazy how when we were younger we often felt that our parents were controlling us and taking away our freedom, when really they loved us enough to care about molding us into great people. I honestly want to thank my parents every day for all that they have done for me!

This brings me back to Mother’s Day with Barrington Gifts. My mom loves anything she can use for travel and anything with extra storage space. With Barrington Gifts, I can customize every bag to her liking. Each bag has tons of color and design options so that you can make sure you pick out exactly what she would want!

When Barrington Gifts asked if I wanted to partner with them, I was ecstatic! I knew this would be the perfect Mother’s Day gift!! I ended up getting us both the exact same bags, so now she feels cool because her daughter is a fashion blogger and we have the same purse! Since she reads my blog, I gave her the bags a little early. As you can imagine, she had no complaints ;).

The St. Anne Tote is so spacious. I love carrying this bag to work because it easily fits my laptop and anything else I will need throughout the day. Our bag is the Elle Pink-White in the IKAT print. There are so many amazing ways you can customize this bag to your own liking!

The Belmont Cabin Bag is my new go-to for weekend travel. It is huge, but still small enough to carry on a plane! I managed to get five days worth of outfits in this bag when I made a trip out to East Texas recently. My mother and I have the Navy Horizontal Stripe and then I used the color Lipstick-Rose for the monogramming. This bag was my mom’s favorite, and she claimed she has been wanting a weekend duffle for a long time now!

I also got us both the Kent Keyring Wallet to match our bags. Ours is in the Elle Pink-White color and I also had them monogrammed.

My mom thought these gifts were extremely thoughtful. Not only were they something she has been needing, but she loved the way I monogrammed them and customized them to fit her favorite colors. I think I am definitely going to win the Daughter of the Year award this year!

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  1. April 21, 2016 / 3:07 pm

    Count me in for anything monogrammed – love it!

  2. April 4, 2016 / 7:42 am

    Ooooh loving these gifts. I know my mom would appreciate them very much. You look gorgeous! xx

    • April 5, 2016 / 9:15 am

      Thank you so much!! I love how you can monogram them to make them a bit more personal too! 🙂

      xoxo, A

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