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  1. Megan

    I love you both like my sisters!!! This post made my night! ????

  2. Katrina D

    Such incredibly talented and beautiful women! So blessed to know both of you.

  3. Kimbo

    Love both your sisters!! Amazing miller family women!

  4. Sharon

    You and your sister look so much a like, so pretty. I love that you have such a strong and loving relationship. I don’t have a sister but I’ve always wanted one sine I was a little girl. I’ve become pretty close with my sister in law, I jumped on the opportunity to become close like sisters, we email and text all the time and I skype with her and her two year old son as well. Loft is having a great sale, their stuff is so perfect and classic girly. I just added a sweater to my cart for $30! Woo Hoo! Thanks for sharing these adorable photos and have a great weekend!


So excited to be partnering with LOFT for National Sister’s Day! You guys know how much I love LOFT, but have I ever mentioned why I love them so much? Yes, their prices are incredible and their clothes are amazing, but there is so much more to this brand than that.

LOFT is ALL ABOUT women empowerment. They love celebrating and encouraging women. They help new graduates get an affordable work wardrobe, they give to charity yearly, they have exclusive perks for teachers, and so much more. Today they are celebrating sisters by hosting a Sister’s Day event in some of their stores. Call your local store to see if they are hosting one! There is definitely one happening in Dallas at the LOFT there in Mockingbird Station from 3-6pm!

The Miller Affect talking about National Sister's Day

Sister’s Day

National Sister’s Day was on August 6th, but there is no reason not to celebrate your sister/sisters for the entire month! There is so much to be thankful for when you have a sister, and sometimes it takes you a long time (and both of you leaving for college) to realize that.

So excited to introduce you to my sister- Adria Church. You may already follow her on Instagram and watch her Instagram Stories. You may have also read this post on fostering, and this post on the adoption of my niece. If so, you already know she is an amazing human being.

You may think you know her, but I am so glad I get to dive a little deeper and brag a little more.

Adria and I did not get along until she left for college. I actually remember getting in one particularly bad fight on a cruise ship when we were in high school. There was a lot of kicking and hair pulling involved. I used to sneak into her room and take her clothes and when she found out I remember having to run for my life haha!

Adria Lea Photography wearing a rust embroidered shirt with a blue sweater from LOFT
The Miller Affect talking about LOFT new arrivals, including these new camo pants
The Miller Affect posting about Sister's Day for LOFT
The Miller Affect and sister wearing head to toe LOFT

When she left things changed. I guess we both grew up a little and I had my own clothes (didn’t need to take hers!) Since then we have been inseparable. So funny how that happens. You can go from thinking you absolutely hate someone to wondering how you would ever live without them.

Adria met her husband around four years ago- who I think the world of. To give you a little more background- Colt is a police officer and associate pastor, and Adria is a wedding photographer. They started fostering to adopt about a year after they got married and it has been a difficult journey for our entire family.

It is so hard getting to know a child and then have them taken away from you. It was like a loss in the family each time for me, so I cannot imagine how hard it was for Adria and Colt. They just keep doing it because in the end these kids really just need love and a safe place to sleep. They know what they are getting themselves into each time they take in a new child. The risk and heartache is worth potentially changing these kids lives in the short amount of time they are with us.

The Miller Affect and sister talking about LOFT for Sister's Day
The Miller Affect and sister wearing LOFT new arrivals
The Miller Affect and Adria Lea Photography talking about Sister's Day
The Miller Affect sister wearing LOFT
The Miller Affect posting about Sister's Day for LOFT
The Miller Affect wearing black lace up sandals and navy heeled sandals

Finally we got to adopt Emberlynn, our pride and joy. Adria and Colt picked her up from the hospital at two months old and didn’t get to adopt her until she was one! During that time we kept thinking we were going to lose her and spent many sleepless nights praying that God knew what was best for her and would place her where she would be loved and taken care of! Her adoption day was one of the happiest days of my life! You can see the video here. Just be prepared with some tissues!

Now Adria is raising two foster kids and little Emmy. I see them once a week if I am home and FaceTime them nearly every day. They live about 30 minutes from me.

Adria was also the photographer for my wedding. I don’t know if I would have trusted anyone else to do it! She is so incredibly talented! You can follow her Instagram here. She has been posting some sneak peeks of my dress on there!

Adria has the biggest heart and the most contagious laugh (if you couldn’t tell from these photos.) We were basically laughing the entire shoot. This was her first time in front of the camera so usually laughter is the best medicine for nerves!

I have another sister as well, Calli. Looking forward to doing a post with her too so you can get to know her as well. Her and I have been best friends since she was born. We always shared a room and would play lava, barbies, nintendo, and whatever else we could find together. It got to the point where I was in middle school and I had friends over and she asked if I could play barbies with her. I said ‘I don’t play barbies anymore Calli’, and she said ‘you just played with me yesterday.’ Needless to say I had to stop playing barbies right then and there so I wouldn’t be embarrassed again! She is now living in Virginia with her husband and just started her second year of medical school. We are all so proud of her!

PS- secret to never fighting: never take each other seriously

*Trying to nail a jumping picture… #fail

Whew, I could seriously talk about my family all day! Let’s talk about these clothes from LOFT now!

How cute is the outfit Adria is wearing? That sweater is seriously THE BEST! I want it in every single color in the world haha! I paired it with that cute rust skirt. I love that color for fall- you are going to see it A BUNCH. She is wearing navy sandals with it, but it would be equally as cute with some booties this Fall!

I am wearing an eyelet top and camo pants from LOFT. These camo pants are so soft and comfy- but make sure to go a size down! You can also pair a sweater with these pants once it gets cold or just throw a cardigan over this white top! So many different options. LOFT has the cutest stuff right now (and always!)

The Outfit:

Adria’s Outfit-

Blue Sweater (Small)

Rust Skirt (Small)

Blue heels

My Outfit-

White Top (XS)

Camo Pants (0)

Lace up Sandals

Make sure to hug, call, love on your sister/sisters this month!

Photos by Angie Garcia

*this post is sponsored by LOFT. All products were picked out and purchased by me and all opinions are 100% my own. Partnerships like these make The Miller Affect possible. 



XO Amanda
August 11, 2017 Outfits

National Sister’s Day- Meet Adria

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