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  1. Arnela

    I recently started using the app couch to 5k and it’s been super motivating!! Im on week 4 already and I really don’t think I would’ve stuck with running on my own without the app!

  2. Alexandra

    Evian has a higher pH than Smartwater! Try LiquidIV for an extra punch….1 packet + 1 bottle of water = 3 bottles of water.


The Miller Affect wearing a backless workout tank the miller affect wearing a black free people no sweat tank the miller affect wearing a nike Pro Indy Cooling Light Support Sports Bra the miller affect wearing the Presto Fly Sneaker in sand

Workout Update

Or lack thereof..

Yes, I have stopped working out, again :/

When Troy and I were in Maui we got up to 5 miles in an hour. He could have done a lot more but I slowed him down! I was proud of myself. Sure, it was hard to get up and actually start running but then once I did I always wanted to beat myself each time.

Now it is a chore just to go for a walk! I have GOT to get back into it! Luckily the weather is finally good here in Dallas and I can finally start running outside again. You guys may be seeing me on the Katy Trail a few times a week now.

As of tomorrow I am starting over again with the whole walk/jog thing. I will keep you updated on how it goes!

the miller affect wearing a FP Movement No Sweat Tank the miller affect giving an update on her workout routine the miller affect wearing a nike sports bra the miller affect wearing black zella live in leggings

My Love/Hate Relationship with Water

I also told myself on January 1 that I would drink more water this year. I hate drinking water! Soda is my drink of choice (especially Dr Pepper!)

Who else hates water?

Well I just started trying the Crystal Light Natural drink mixes. The natural ones are aspartame free! The pink lemonade, raspberry lemonade, and the regular lemonade are the best. I find myself downing the water in seconds when I use these mixers! Totally not sponsored, just a great trick for those of you who also have a hard time drinking water.You can buy these on amazon or at any grocery store. PS- I did NOT like the Tanerine/Mango mix! It was way too sour!

Well, that is the only update I have for you guys. I am human and have definitely fallen off the wagon when it comes to health! I am getting my butt back into shape though, and that is how you always have to start. Just head outside and go for a walk and drink a couple of extra water bottles today! No better time to start.

PS- my water of choice is Smart Water. What is yours?

The Outfit:

Tank (under $40 and comes in 4 colors!)

Sports Bra

Another cute bra option that comes in 5 colors


Tennis Shoes (slip on, extremely comfy, and comes in 5 colors)

Photos by Mary Hafner

XO Amanda
April 4, 2018 Outfits

A New Kind of Workout Routine

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