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  1. Last Day of New York Fashion Week | The Miller Affect

    […] just say Monday morning was prettttty rough. I am not used to partying like I did in New York (Gigi Boat Cruise, Vogue, Chocolate Bar, Reward Style). It was a […]

  2. Yaya

    Loving that bag. I am so into everything flower print right now

  3. Amanda

    I love this top Amanda! That boat show would’ve been so cool to see! I’m going to try and make it to NYFW next year!

  4. Cameron Proffitt

    Amanda you look so fabulous and edgy. It sounds like you had the most fantastic and glamorous time. The boat show looked ahhh-mazing. Thank you for letting us see the events through your eyes!! Hopefully next year I’ll be able to go. 😉

    Cameron Proffitt

  5. Darcy

    You look so perfect! That traffic would overwhelm me. I seriously HATE being late to stuff, it gives me anxiety! Can’t wait to read more about your trip.. how cool to work with It Cosmetics!

  6. Tiffany | Sunshine Daydream

    I really enjoyed this post and your shoes are amazing- I love the chunky heel and they pair perfectly with the bag!

  7. New York Fashion Week- Day 2, Part 1 | The Miller Affect

    […] you see my previous post on my first day of New York Fashion Week? If not, you can read it here. Day 2 was even busier! Day 2 was all about meeting with some of my favorite PR firms. I have […]

  8. Whitney

    Sounds amazing!! The boat ride looked like so much fun, as I was stalking following several bloggers (including yourself) on SnapChat 🙂 Love your look and that bag is to die for!


  9. Elle Spann

    so funn! i want to go with you next year 🙂 can’t wait to read your other posts:
    Southern Elle Style

  10. Adaleta

    Busy & long day from what it sounds like, but so much fun!! This gave me the chills because you got to meet so many cool people (brands, PR, bloggers) and it sounds AWESOME! Maybe I’ll consider going next year…only if you can get me into all the shows 😉 xx, adaatude.com

  11. Taylor McLemore

    OMG I love those booties!! I can’t wait to hear more from your fashion week adventures! I’ve been following you on Snapchat and it looked like you had a blast!
    p.s. what girl doesn’t procrastinate packing?! ha


  12. Ally Fiesta

    What a busy day & yes so glad you left a comment about how upgrading tends to not be worth it.

  13. Rose

    Thank you for the great find on those amazing boots!! I was able to order them through your site!! So glad they still had my size. I love your style. I love that you found incredibly stylish boots at a killer price. I also love that you chose that beautiful bag. It gets old seeing the same Chanel, Celine, etc bags on all the bloggers. Your outfit is the perfect transition into fall. What a way to stand out, girl!!

    1. Amanda Miller

      Awh thank you so much Rose, that means so much to me!!! xoxo A

  14. Sarah Blodgett

    I’m absolutely obsessed with this whole look!! ..and I have those boots and they are the most comfortable stylish shoe I own!!

  15. Addie

    I got to la guardia about an hour before you and sat in traffic for 3 HOURS!!! It was horrible. We learned our driver probably just took a really long way, in addition to the U.S. open & tain, which is apparently to New Yorkers the equivalent of 1/10″ snow to people in the DFw lol. Your first day sounds like it was both busy and amazing! The Gigi ride on the Hudson sounds so great ☺️

  16. Ivette

    Your trip sounded AMAZING!!!!!! So wish I could have gone!! Your outfit was gorgeous and those shoes are ev-ery-thing <3

    xo Ivette


White Lace Tunic, ASOS

I am back and I made it through my very first New York Fashion Week! I cannot wait to share every single detail with you guys! This week (and a little of next week) I will be taking you through my days in NYC and at the end of this series I will share my tips and tricks so that you can all be ready to go next time! To start, here is my Day 1 outfit featuring Elliott Lucca.

New York Fashion WeekASOS Black Leather JeansElliott Lucca Purseleather booties with gold heel, forever21
Photos By: Adria Lea Photography

Ok, so I love to travel, but I hate the ‘getting there’ part! Who is with me? We needed to be in NYC for a lunch at 1:30, so it was a VERY early morning for me on Thursday. I was up pretty late the night before because I am a procrastinator and of course had NOTHING to wear in NYC so I needed to make a quick pit stop at Nordstrom before the trip. Then, I had to lay out all of my outfits and I made sure I had the all of the accessories for each outfit BEFORE putting it in my suitcase. It’s the absolute worst when you get somewhere and realize you don’t have any jewelry or the shoes to match with the outfit.

My boyfriend is AMAZING and picked my sister and I up at 5 am to head to the airport, which means all three of us were up at 4:30 am. The weirdest thing happened at the airport. Security was not at ALL how it usually was. I am not going to elaborate because you never know who is reading this and could use the information in a harmful way. Let’s just say we got through within 5 minutes! We ended up upgrading our Delta seats for $50 each and sat in Delta comfort or preferred seats. They weren’t at ALL how they pictured them on the website. Our flight was tiny and I really didn’t see any benefit at all to the extra money. You got to board first but that definitely isn’t worth $50. You also get free alcohol but it was 7 am. Pretty much a total waste of money. We slept the entire time anyway.

Now for the good stuff:

12:20- We were finally all together and headed into NYC from Laguardia. PS: It takes A LONG TIME to get from the airports into the city. You never know how traffic will be. At 12:20pm on Thursday it was a nightmare. It took us about an hour and 15 min get to our hotel. If you are flying in from JFK be prepared for 3 hours at rush hour. I was so antsy in the car because I knew we had to be somewhere and that we would be late.

2 pm- Lunch with It Cosmetics at Parker and Quinn. I absolutely love It Cosmetics and one of my main objectives for Fashion Week was to connect face to face with some of the brands I love and have enjoyed working with. It Cosmetics has the most amazing staff. They are sooooo friendly, helpful, and knowledgable. Ever since meeting the team in Dallas, I have incorporated It Cosmetics into my every day beauty regime. Next week, I will be walking through that regime for you guys! After an amazing lunch at Parker and Quinn (or maybe we were just starving by then), we had to run (literally).

3 pm- Desigual Fashion Show. One of my favorite PR firms to work with is Now + Zen. When they heard I was coming to NYC for Fashion Week, they immediately set me up with a show room appointment AND 4 tickets to the Desigual show!!! We had some great seats and I loved every minute of the show. I read something before I left to be social, and not #social. Basically it was saying to put your phone down and just enjoy it. I waited until the final walk to get the shots I wanted. Desigual definitely isn’t for everyone. It is pretty out there, but the show was amazing because the designs are so creative and bright. Read here to learn more about the brand and to see more of the show!

Side Note: It was pouring rain all day, we were running late to EVERYTHING, and each appointment was at a different location all over the city.

6:30- The Gigi New York Boat Cruise/Fashion Show. As soon as the show was over we all ran home to change and freshen up for the Gigi NY boat cruise. This was definitely one of the highlights of my trip. We got to cruise the Hudson and we went all the way to Ellis Island and got an amazing view of the Statue of Liberty. It was open bar and there was even a fashion show on the roof! The best part: Gigi NY gave us FREE PURSES and Yosi Samra gave us free flats! I’ve always loved Gigi NY. If you look here and here you will see some posts of my favorite Gigi clutch! I also go to meet one of my favorite bloggers, The Darling Detail. She was so sweet in person! The cruise was from 6:30-9:30, and when we got home we all crashed.

The Outfit:

This Elliott Lucca bag MADE my outfit for my first day in New York. I love the floral design and the shape of the satchel. Being stopped in New York by people telling you they love your bag is HUGE! It is hard to stand out in the midst of fashion icons, but this bag was a definite hit! This bag is brand new and a part of the Autumn Botanica collection and you can get 15% off by signing up for their mailing list. Head to ElliottLucca.com to see the entire collection. If you get it now, you will be one of the first ones to own it! If you have never heard of the brand before, click on the link and explore all of the amazing options and see what you are missing out on!

The Purse: Elliott Lucca


Bralette: Nasty Gal

Leather Pants: ASOS

Shoes: Forever21

Sunglasses: Dior



XO Amanda
September 15, 2015 Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week – Day 1

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