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  1. Paula

    Such exciting news. I am so happy for you. I really hope you can take it full time real soon!! Good luck with the condo and as far as friends I would try to plan a hangout once a week with a different friends! I know thats a lofty goal but it will be fun!

    Paula- http://www.livingpaula.com

  2. Megan Wellborn

    Oh Amanda! I love you so much! You have always been an amazing friend! I am so very proud of you that I literally get tears in my eyes reading some of your blogs. You have come SO FAR! In college you were always the “it girl”- so I knew you would make it so far! Thank you for sharing and letting me be apart of your life and journey. You inspire me daily!

    P.s. I freaking CANT wait to see you and Troy’s condo. I just love you two together 🙂

    1. Amanda Miller

      Love you Meggo!! You were there for Troy and I at the very beginning through the hardest of times and we will always remember that!! PS you will need to come over ALL THE TIME now to the new place when we get moved in!!

      Hope I see you this weekend!
      Love you, A

  3. Jenn Lake

    So cute, lady! Happy early birthday!!!

  4. Lisa

    Hi Amanda! First of all, CONGRATS on all the exciting things happening! You are so passionate and hard-working, I totally saw it coming, and I’m excited to follow along as you go full-time! It’s so natural to want to talk about yourself when GREAT things are happening, and some of your best/closest friends will understand that! For me, sometimes it’s ALL ABOUT ME, other times it’s ALL ABOUT THEM, and then most of the time, it’s somewhere in the middle. Great friends will totally understand that! With that being said, it’s easy to get caught up in the business of life and forget about what matters the most to us. At the end of the day, I like to reflect on what I truly value in life and make sure to focus and spend time on those things – whether it’s cultivating and maintaining my dearest friendships, spending time with my dog, supporting others, being kind, etc. I hope that with all the continued success that will come to you, you will still be able to remain your authentic self, because for me, that’s the main reason I continue to come back to blogs and support them! (But that’s just me) 🙂

    Happy early birthday, fellow Virgo! 🙂



The Miller Affect wearing a black lace shift dress from Nordstrom The Miller Affect wearing a lace shift dress with caged sandals The Miller Affect wearing a black dress from Nordstrom Amanda Miller covering what is new on the blog Amanda Miller wearing a black dress and a Gigi NY Crossbody The Miller Affect wearing pink lipstick from Nars. Color: Natalie The Miller Affect wearing a black lace floral dress by WAYF The Miller Affect twirling in a black lace dress The Miller Affect wearing a black dress and caged sandals from Jessica Simpson The Miller Affect wearing Jessica Simpson tan caged sandals

Photos by The Retro Penguin. Outfit details at the end of the post!

Good Morning guys!! Or is it afternoon?! My life has been so flip -flopped lately!

One of my best friends said she loves when I do the ‘What’s new with Amanda Miller’ posts. It actually made me kind of sad. Have I been too busy to even catch up with my closest friends?

Once I go full time (and yes, it is coming), then the first thing I will do is strengthen my relationships. With everything going on, I just haven’t even had time to make a few simple phone calls :(. Anyone have some advice on this?

I also noticed the other day when I got off the phone with a friend (she had to call me) that I talked about MYSELF the entire time. There was no ‘and how are you, how is your husband, how is your new baby?’ Have I always been like that? When did I become so -my life is the best-?

It is true that I am feeling extremely blessed lately, and I know I want to share that with my friends and family. I just have to make sure I am giving back what I am getting from my friends. They have always supported me 100% and always say how proud they are of me. Little do they know how much I look up to them as well.

I am working on it for sure! I think the first step is definitely recognizing it! Any advice would be so helpful for those of you who feel you are always so busy but still make time for your friendships!

On another note… here is what’s new with me, Amanda Miller:

  1. Troy and I finally found a condo! It is right outside of downtown, three stories, and has a huge rooftop terrace. I cannot wait to throw some serious dinner parties there! Since we are renting at first, it is going to be so hard to let go of the things I want to change about the condo (like the beige walls)… why can’t they be white!? Plus the carpet in the bedrooms is NOT IDEAL. I am going to swing by there on my birthday Sunday, so get ready for tons of photos on my Instagram Story. Can’t wait for some before and after shots!
  2. Speaking of birthdays… mine is on Sunday!!! And I have 0 plans. I have just been so busy and had a lot of events this month so the last thing I wanted to do was plan an event for myself! Troy and I decided a week ago we would like to travel for my b-day either this weekend or Labor Day weekend. After looking at flights, we quickly realized it wasn’t going to happen. Who knew it would cost us $750 to fly to Cancun? I think the plan now is to just go to dinner with him on Saturday, and then have brunch with some friends on Sunday. Since I sent the invites 5 days in advance, I am not sure how big the brunch will actually be!
  3. Still planning on going full-time with the blog. As I get busier and busier it is getting harder and harder to separate the two. I do have some work friends that read my blog, so I will have to keep it at that! You will just have to stay tuned 😉
  4. Fashion Week is coming up!!! My taste has gotten a little more expensive unfortunately, and I have spent a fortune on outfits already :(. Hoping to find some outfits while I am there in NY, so that I can send some of the stuff I bought back! I have a completely full schedule already, so make sure you are following along on Instagram Stories when I leave in early Sept!
  5. So excited about football season!! I am A HUGE NFL fan, and I am actually the co-commissioner of my work fantasy league! I won the March Madness pool at work, so I am hoping to keep the winning streak going! Also a HUGE COWBOYS fan!!! What team do you root for? College or NFL?

Well, that’s it for now. Sorry about my friendship rant earlier. I just feel like I can say anything to you guys, and you always offer the best advice! We all have our flaws… and me not making time for friends and family is definitely one of them right now!

Love yall! xoxo Amanda

The Outfit

Black Lace Shift Dress

Caged Sandals

Tan Crossbody

Pink Lipstick (Natalie)

XO Amanda
August 24, 2016 Outfits

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