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  1. Lauren Danks

    I love your navy bedding!! Can you share details on that?!

    1. Amanda Miller

      Hey Lauren! It is kate spade new york bedding that I got at Bed Bath & Beyond! xox Amanda

  2. Janet

    What I think I loved about your slipper and PJ post the most was you kept it real by going ‘no makeup’
    Thanks for doing this 🙂

    1. Amanda Miller

      haha thank you! My sister hated the photos because she said it looked like I literally had just rolled out of bed! I didn’t mind them! People don’t typically wear pajamas in full makeup! <3 Amanda

  3. Sharon

    You’re so cute! I love all your slippers and your pj’s. I am really into slippers and pj’s, my husband is always telling me I have too many pj’s but I just don’t think I have enough!

    1. Amanda Miller

      OMG you can never have enough haha! Thanks so much for commenting Sharon! <3 Amanda


Today marks the start of a super busy holiday season for me. I will have around six blog posts up a week and so many holiday guides for you to shop from!

To start this off, I wanted to talk about my favorite holiday slippers from Nordstrom.

When it starts getting cold all I want to do is snuggle up in a blanket by the fire with a cup of hot coffee or cocoa (and wine.. let’s be honest here..!) I have a few different pajama sets I lean towards every day, but I ALWAYS make sure I have slippers on too.

No matter how warm the clothes I am wearing are, I will still be cold if I don’t have something on my feet. Who is with me?!

Nordstrom has the biggest selection of slippers, socks, and other cozy items to keep your feet warm. They also have a huge selection of holiday pajamas and fun coffee/cocoa mugs! The best thing about this store? It offers most of it’s most popular items in MULTIPLE COLORS! So when you find something you love, you can grab it in other colors too!

Here are my four favorite holiday combos from Nordstrom:

Red Flannel Pajamas + Leopard Plush Socks

The Miller Affect talking about her favorite slippers from Nordstrom

the miller affect wearing red flannel pajamas from Nordstrom
The Miller Affect with a fa la la christmas mug from Nordstrom
The Miller Affect wearing leopard PJ Salvage plush socks
The Miller Affect talking about her favorite pajama sets from Nordstrom

I have been wearing this comfy combo the most. These leopard socks are really soft and keep my feet very warm! Definitely getting the Fairisle pair as well (soooo cute!!) They are a great gift idea to throw in someone’s stocking.

These flannel pajamas are the bees knees. I throw them on whenever I can. They are so soft and I love the fun plaid print! They come in 8 different plaid designs/shades, but I felt like these had the most Christmas spirit!

Not even going to lie but I was wearing the bottoms to this pj set with the leopard socks and a tee shirt yesterday. My realtor called to show us a house and all I did was throw on sneakers and left. She about died when I showed up!!! I was just too comfortable to change! Troy was afraid neighbors would see me and tell the owner not to go with us haha! He was so embarrassed!

Red Flannel Pajamas


Mug (sold out right now, but look at all the other options below!)

Ruffle Pajama Set + Knit Slipper Booties

The Miller Affect wearing knit booties from Nordstrom

The Miller Affect wearing ruffle pajamas from Topshop
The Miller Affect wearing a Topshop frill pajama set from Nordstrom with knit slippers
The Miller Affect with a Might be Bubbly mug
The Miller Affect wearing beige Knit Bootie Slippers
The Miller Affect wearing a burgundy barefoot dreams cardigan
The Miller Affect wearing a topshop frill pajama set from Nordstrom

This ruffle pajama set from Topshop is my sister’s favorite from the four shown here. It is so feminine and cute. I am wearing a size 4US for reference.

These knit booties are my absolute FAVORITE pair of slippers from this post & any other slipper posts I have done!! They are fleece lined and so incredible soft inside. They keep your feet warm and are really, really cute. They come in three different colors! I would grab a pair of these ASAP because I know they will sell out quickly!

Lastly, this cardigan is a must have. I own it in two different colors. You may look at the price and initially think it is a little steep, but when you get it in and put it on you will realize it is worth every penny!! I wear it every day when I am sitting at my computer working.

Ruffle Pajama Set

Knit Slipper Booties

Might Be Bubbly Mug

Barefoot Dreams Cardi

J.Crew Vintage Pajama Set + Pom Ugg Slippers

the miller affect wearing pom ugg slippers

The Miller Affect wearing blue j. crew vintage pajamas
The Miller Affect wearing ugg shearling slipper from Nordstrom
The Miller Affect wearing j crew vintage pajamas from NordstromThe Miller Affect talking about her favorite slippers from Nordstrom The Miller Affect wearing Ugg slippers with poms on them

This J. Crew pajama set is sooo pretty and chic. This is a great set to wear if you are staying at your in-laws or with friends this holiday season. It also comes in a long sleeve version, which I have linked below for you as well!

How cute are these pom Ugg slippers? Ugg never fails to come out with the cutest slippers every year. They are plush and super comfortable and can be worn outdoors (to grab the mail, take the dog out, etc!) Be careful though, kids LOVE pulling at these poms haha! These were Emmy’s favorite!

I love this coffee mug! Makes me soooo excited for Christmas!!! Plus, you can seriously NEVER have enough Christmas mugs. We use ours all year long!

J. Crew Vintage Pajamas

Ugg Pom Slippers

Christmas Tree Mug

Pink Nordstrom Pajama Dress + Lavender Slippers

the miller affect wearing a pink nordstrom pajama dress

The Miller Affect wearing grey lavender slippers from Nordstrom
The Miller Affect talking about her favorite pajamas from Nordstrom
The Miller Affect holding an accio coffee mug
The Miller Affect wearing a pink nightdress from Nordstrom

I own a lot of the Nordstrom brand lingerie. I have a short sleeve black pajama dress, a red long sleeve dress like this one, and a blue pajama sleep set. This pink long sleeve dress is just as soft and amazing as the rest. It is super bouncy and comfortable.

These lavender slippers are full of lavender beads that you can heat up or freeze depending on what your feet need. They are perfect for a long day on your feet. I like to warm them up! They smell so amazing and make my entire house smell great. The beads on the bottom make them really comfortable to walk on when your feet are sore.

This mug was given to me as a present and is no longer available. I just wanted to use it in a shoot ;).

Pink Nordstrom Pajama Dress

Lavender Slippers

Hopefully these Nordstrom goodies will keep you cozy and comfy all Winter long!

Here are some more mugs, slippers, and pajamas! Just scroll through to find your favorite:

xoxo Amanda

*This post was sponsored by Nordstrom. All items were picked out and purchased by me and all opinions are 100% my own. Partnerships like these make The Miller Affect possible!



XO Amanda
November 13, 2017 Outfits

My Favorite Holiday Slippers

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