3 Ways to Wear an Off The Shoulder Top

Target Off-The-Shoulder Top


Have you been looking for that perfect off-the-shoulder shirt for Summer/Spring? Well I have found it for you! I found this shirt how I usually find special gems at Target: ON COMPLETE ACCIDENT.




Target White Embroidered Top Target Flower Necklace

Target Off-The-Shoulder Top LOFT Scalloped Shorts


Photos by Adria Lea Photography

I was about to just go check out with my measly dish soap  when this shirt caught my eye. I even took a picture of it on me in the dressing room and sent it out to all my friends with the caption, “$19.99 at TARGET.” Enough said! I always like to send that kind of stuff out because at Target you really just never know how long they will have it! I wanted to share a few ways you can wear these types of shirts! Some people just don’t consider all the options they have. 1. Wear it off-the-shoulder (well, duh!). Show that skin in a flirty way. With it being off the shoulder but still on your arms you are kind of being a tease, but in a great way! 2. Wear it as a strapless shirt/tube top. Am I showing my age with ‘tube-top’? Hopefully you guys know what I mean, but I also have a picture below! 3. Wear it on your shoulders! I wish I would have snapped a picture with it on my shoulders as well, because it really is adorable! I think it gives it a more traditional Mexican look to it, which is always beautiful! Definitely try all three ways when you wear this shirt or a similar shirt! This shirt can also be worn pulled down like I have it, or as a crop top! So versatile!! If you love the post, want to try it out, or know someone who would love this, please share! xoxo A

Outfit Deets (click on the images and they will take you to the product). Please make sure you order a size down in the scalloped shorts!!:




  1. April 14, 2015 / 4:46 pm

    You look adorable! I love the styling tips as well. I remember my mom made me a top like this to wear at square dance recital in elementary school (Whaaaat!?!?!?!? Yes!) I need to definitely get one of these next. It is actually on my list. They are really so versatile for different body types!



  2. April 14, 2015 / 12:22 pm

    I love how spring-y this outfit is. You look comfortable, but so adorable too. Great post! xx, Ada

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