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  1. Katherine

    Where is the suitcase from?

    1. Amanda Miller


  2. Susan I

    Well, as a fellow Nebraskan myself I am sure that you have to make sacrifices for him during college football season! And is that the reason for the red hat and gloves!??! Will be heading over to Marks and Spenser’s to check out there goodies.


the miller affect talking about her travel plans for Thanksgiving

The Miller Affect talking about winter accessories from Marks and Spencer
the miller affect carrying bric's luggage
The Miller Affect talking about travel plans for thanksgiving
The Miller Affect wearing a Padded & Quilted Jacket with Stormwear from Marks & Spencer

Pack for Thanksgiving With the Family

I feel like Thanksgiving is a lost holiday. With Christmas getting bigger and bigger every year (the avg amount spent on gifts in Dallas alone is $534), Thanksgiving is getting skipped over and thought about less and less.

This makes me so sad! I love Thanksgiving and it is definitely something I look forward to every year. Wow, I just got teary eyed just typing. I am such a baby sometimes!!

As I get older, I realize more and more just how important family is. Time with them is so precious and should not be taken for granted.

Troy and I spend every Thanksgiving with his parents in Omaha, NE. Most couples go back and forth with Thanksgiving and Christmas each year, but we consistently go to Omaha every year for Thanksgiving. This is because my little sister is in medical school and doesn’t get much time off for Thanksgiving, but she does get to come home for Christmas. Troy knows how important she is to me, so he has sacrificed seeing his family for Christmas for me. That’s love guys.

It is also why I love Thanksgiving so much. I know that I get to see his family and friends every November and it is something I always look forward starting Jan 1. Now that we both work from home (long story), we will get to start spending more and more time with them! This year we are staying for a full week starting Monday!

If you saw Tuesday’s post, you read that it is a bit colder there than in Dallas. That’s why I stocked up on cold weather accessories from Marks & Spencer. Read below for ideas and tips on how to pack for Thanksgiving.

the miller affect wearing a quilted puffer jacket with a fur trim collar

the miller affect wearing a red pom beanie and red gloves from Marks and Spencer
The Miller Affect wearing a red pom beanie and red gloves for Thanksgiving
The Miller Affect wearing a red fur pom knit beanie with red gloves


One of my favorite things to buy from Marks & Spencer is cashmere. I own this sweater I am wearing in these photos in two colors and I could honestly buy all of them (12 colors total)! This oatmeal color just goes with everything and is a little dressier, which makes it perfect for thanksgiving.

Cashmere is also a great holiday gift idea! See the complete cashmere collection here. You can grab gloves, scarves, sweaters, wraps, and so much more! Their cashmere collection is really inexpensive and you seriously can’t beat the quality!!

Cold Weather Accessories from Marks & Spencer

Marks & Spencer is a retailer that has just about everything you need. Right now they have the most amazing Christmas shop that you should definitely check out!

They also have a great selection of cold weather accessories including scarfs, beanies, and gloves. This fur pom beanie I am wearing here is only $25 and comes in five pretty colors. Here are a few more I am loving (just click on the photo to shop), but make sure to see their entire Winter Hat collection:

My red gloves add such a great pop of color my beige sweater! It is definitely an eye catcher and head turner! These gloves are only $10 and come in 5 colors that match the fur pom beanies!

Here are some more gloves I am loving:

If you are looking for a scarf to go with your accessories, head to Marks & Spencer! They have a massive collection of amazing scarves. I have especially been eyeballing all of the cashmere and knit pieces.

the miller affect wearing a black quilted coat

the miller affect wearing a jacket with a fur trim collar
The Miller Affect talking about wearing cashmere once it gets colder
The Miller Affect wearing an oatmeal cashmere sweater from Marks & Spencer
The Miller Affect talking about her favorite holiday items from Marks and Spencer
The Miller Affect wearing an oatmeal cashmere sweater from Marks & Spencer

Best Coats for Traveling

Marks & Spencer has a great collection of coats and jackets, but some are better for traveling than others. I like one that can be easily packed into a carry-on, like this quilted and padded  jacket I am wearing here. It is also really warm, comfortable, and stylish! It also comes in a beautiful mink color as well.

Did I mention this gorgeous jacket is under $100 and comes with free shipping?

This wool coat below is also one of my favorites and one of Marks & Spencer’s all-time best selling item! It comes in 8 colors, but here are my favorites:

See Marks & Spencer entire coat collection here. You are sure to find one you absolutely love!

What to Pack

I am packing some pajamas and a few cold weather outfits! You can find everything you need to pack at Marks & Spencer!


I am bringing this adorable pajama dress that comes in red and white! It is super slinky and comfy! I will probably pair it with some fuzzy slippers (see those here!)

Gift for In-Laws

Marks & Spencer has a huge selection of houseware and holiday gifts. I picked out these super cute ceramic tea light holders that I hope go great with the rest of their holiday decorations!

Make sure to browse around on Marks & Spencer today. They seriously have anything you could ever want! Shipping is free over $50! Hopefully you guys have everything you need to pack for Thanksgiving now!

Photos by Mary Summers

xox Amanda

*This post is sponsored by Shopping Links & Marks & Spencer. All products were picked out by me and all opinions are 100% my own. Partnerships like these make The Miller Affect possible.

XO Amanda
November 16, 2017 Outfits

Thanksgiving Travel Plans

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