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  1. Brandi

    How cute is that backpack! And I love a good striped tee!

  2. Sally (@SisterStyled)

    OMG, I worked at PacSun in high school!!!! Best job EVER! Didn’t make any money though cuz I spent it all on their clothes! Haha! Cute post!

    1. Amanda Miller

      OMG I worked at the mall in high school too haha! Yes all of our money went to the clothes but I guess that is why we were working there to begin with? haha!

      xoxo A


The miller affect talking about back to school with PacSun denim
The Miller Affect wearing a LA Hearts necklace set
The Miller Affect wearing nude PacSun lace up sandals
The Miller Affect wearing PacSun distressed stretch jean shorts

Man I wish I was in college again!

I had a fun time in college but also somehow managed to get all A’s. I think I would just binge study every night before a test and have it all memorized but then if you asked me something the next day I would have NO IDEA. Anyone with me on this?

I lived in Arlington during college and my friends and I would drive into Dallas every night from Thursday-Sunday. It wore me out & by the age of 25 I was already a homebody!

Being fashionable at school wasn’t always on my mind. I mostly just wanted to be chill and comfortable when it came to clothes in college. I remember how much fun it was every summer shopping for ‘back to school’ items. I would usually go with my mom (hoping she would buy me something hehe!)

I also remember never having enough basics once school started. I would grab tons of the trendier pieces but then I was always low on denim and tees.

I am teaming up with PacSun today to talk Back to School and how to stock up on basics before school starts back up!

the miller affect wearing a striped PacSun top
The Miller Affect wearing a sole society backpack
The Miller Affect wearing head to toe PacSun basics
The Miller Affect talking about Back to School Denim with PacSun

PacSun Basics

PacSun Denim:

I have always loved shopping at PacSun. I came from a small East Texas town and PacSun was one of our favorite stores to visit. They always have the best collection of denim!

They have an amazing denim collection and a huge array of denim shorts right now. I grabbed this super stretch pair that just happens to be buy one get one have off today! Definitely grab a pair. You will wear them all summer long.

Here are some PacSun denim pieces I am loving right now for buy one get one have off:

*models are 5’9 for length reference

Make sure to add these dates to your calendar:

7/6: Back to School Denim (online only)
7/18: Back to School Denim (in-store and online)

PacSun denim is my favorite thing to shop in the store so you will not want to miss this launch!!


I LOVE wearing basic tees. I especially loved them during school. They are definitely the most comfortable thing to wear when you are sitting at a desk all day.

PacSun has a great collection of both graphic & basic tees. I grabbed this striped tee because 1. you guys know how much I love my stripes and 2. it’s super cute. I will be wearing this tee so much this summer! I am already thinking of pairing it with a red bandana for the Fourth of July!

I love graphic tees because they are a great conversation starter! Wearing a graphic tee is actually a great way to meet new people!

You can grab most of their graphic tees for only $30. Here is a selection of my favs:

Now is the time to start stocking up on your basic tees. If you start grabbing your favorites now, you will have an amazing assortment by the time school starts again.

Here are my favorite basic tees from PacSun:

And since we are stocking up on tops, make sure to also check out PacSun’s full collection! Here are some of my favs:

The Miller Affect talking about sandals at PacSun
The Miller Affect wearing a blue and white striped top
The Miller Affect wearing back to school basics from PacSun
The Miller Affect wearing a blue stripe shirt from PacSun

Shoes & Accessories:

Alright, now you should be all ready to go on tops and denim. Complete your look with some of PacSun’s shoes and accessories!

The sandals I am wearing here are so insanely comfortable. I feel like I am walking on a cloud. They also come in black.

How fun are my sunglasses? They are seriously my new favorite pair right now!!

I also want this necklace set in a million different designs. I love that they are all attached but all so different! I hope chokers stay in style for a long time.

Hopefully you are completely stocked up on all of your basics now, so that when school rolls around you will be ready to go! All of these items can be worn throughout the summer as well, so you don’t have to wait to pull them out!

xoxo Amanda

Photos by Vanessa Christina

*This post is sponsored by PacSun. All opinions are 100% my own and all products were selected by me. Partnerships like these make The Miller Affect possible.




XO Amanda
June 15, 2017 Outfits

Getting Back to School Ready with PacSun

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