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  1. Alyssa

    Such a cute idea! So jealous! I need to make some blogger friends…

  2. Brooke

    So much fun with y’all! Love you!

  3. Brooke

    So much fun with y’all!

  4. Nicole

    So cute, Amanda! Love this idea.

    1. Amanda Miller

      Thanks Nicole! We always have so much fun during these group shoots!! xoxo A


The Miller Affect and Dallas Blogger friends posting about pajama party ideas for Christmas Christmas tree with lights and presents The Miller Affect in a grey pajama romper from Nordstrom The Miller Affect and One Small Blonde doing a Christmas puzzle during a pajama party The Miller Affect and friends posting about pajama party ideas The Miller Affect and friends sitting in pajamas around their Christmas tree Fashion and Frills and The Real Fashionista and Christmas Pajamas Gal About Town and The Fashion Hour mixing holiday drinks during a Christmas Party The Miller Affect and friends in their Christmas Pajamas The Miller Affect in a Sun & Shadow romper pajama set A gold bar cart with Christmas drink decor

Hey guys! My goofy friends and I are back to bring you a few pajama party ideas for this holiday season!

We love any excuse to get together and I am sure you and your friends are the same way. Plus, no one can turn down a chance to put on their Christmas pajamas!

Pajama Party Ideas:

Decorate a tree.

How genius is this? Trees take forever to put up and decorate. Invite your friends over and hand them some warm cocoa and put them to work! There are sure to be tons of laughs along the way and you will finally get your tree up=winwin!

Do a puzzle.

Ok, other board games work too if you don’t like to puzzle. I loooove doing puzzles. I even have a Christmas puzzle app on my phone right now! There are tons of cute Christmas puzzles at Amazon right now!

Cocktail contest.

See who can mix up the best holiday cocktail. Not only is this fun but you can find your new favorite drink at this party! I am still trying to recreate an apple pie horchata cocktail that I had at a bar one time… work in progress.

Dance Party.

Relax, catch up, and listen to amazing Christmas tunes. You can even do a little Christmas karaoke (great machine here).

Movie Night.

This is a given. Wayyy too many amazing Christmas movies! What is your favorite Christmas movie? I think mine would be Love Actually <3.

Wrapping Party.

Have everyone bring over a few presents and a few rolls of wrapping paper. You can swap paper and bows and make it a great mix for under your tree!

Do you have any more pajama party ideas? If so, leave them in a comment below for other readers to see!

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XO Amanda
December 9, 2016 Outfits

Pajama Party Ideas

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