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  1. Kathy

    Just wanted to let you know that your post about Coco Cay inspired me to book a 5-day RC cruise out of Tampa in March of 2020 that goes to Key West, Nassau, & Coco Cay with my husband! Looks like so much fun!

    1. Amanda Miller

      Omg you are going to love it! xox Amanda

  2. Barrie Williams

    This shop sounds amazing! Thank you for sharing with us! You take such beautiful pictures!

    Have a great time!!!!

  3. Cassie R DuBay

    Do more vlogs, loved this!


Now that I am getting ready to head on my next vacation, I thought I would reflect a little on my last one! So excited to finally talk about our perfect day at Coco Cay.

If you read THIS POST, you know I am a Royal Caribbean cruise gal. I mean, what’s not to love? I have tried other cruise lines but they honestly just don’t measure up. I took my sisters on a cruise with me last month and now they are junkies too! We just LOVE to cruise, and Royal Caribbean does it best!

This post isn’t to tell you how much I love cruising. You can read my last cruise post for that. This post is all about sharing the newest from Royal Caribbean with you guys!

What’s new with Royal Caribbean? Well, I am so glad you asked…

Newly Amplified Ships

Royal Caribbean amplified some of their larger ships that stop at Coco Cay. This means they basically remodeled them to be AMAZING. They are so bright, fun, and entertaining. We spent one morning on the waterslides and we spent each evening watching the shows. Once night they had an ice show where all these ice skaters danced and skated to music. It was the best show I have ever seen while on vacation!

There are so many activities for both kids and adults on these newly amplified boats!

Perfect Day at Coco Cay

Royal Caribbean has owned Coco Cay in the Bahamas for awhile now, but recently built a massive theme park on the island.

Watch this quick vlog first, to get a brief overview of the island! After you watch I will take you through each section of the park!

Now that you’ve gotten to view Coco Cay from above, I can talk you through each section of the park!

When you get off the ship you get to walk towards Coco Cay on a beautiful pier full of bright colors. As soon as you walk into the park you are immediately serenaded by a reggae band! They were so good!

perfect day at coco cay

Chill Island

chill island

If you turn left, you will travel to Chill Island. This is where we spent a lot of our day since we didn’t have the kids with us. Chill Island is exactly how it sounds- it is SUPER CHILL! In this section of the park you can snorkel (you can rent snorkel gear), relax on floats provided by Royal Caribbean, hang out at the various bars, shop a selection of local handmade goods, and so much more. It is a great spot for adults who want to get away from the hustle and bustle and just relax by the water.

Splashaway Bay, Oasis Lagoon, Up Up & Away

splashaway bay splashaway bay

*Splashaway Bay

oasis lagoon

*Oasis Lagoon

If you go straight off the boat you will first pass a pirate ship designed for little ones to spend a large part of their morning splashing away. If you keep walking you will pass Captain Jacks on your left. This restaurant bar has amazing food and live entertainment for kids and adults. Keep walking to find Splashaway Bay. This is the PERFECT place for young children. I cannot wait to bring Miller here. She would spend all day long in this kid pool! Right behind Splashaway Bay is the largest pool I think I have ever seen. In fact, it is the largest freshwater pool in the Caribbean. This is where kids, teenagers, adults, etc can hang out all day. It has a shallow end for the kiddos and a massive swim up bar with jams for the adults. You can relax in chairs along the pool or rent cabanas. To the right of Oasis Lagoon is Up Up and Away! If you watched my video above you can see that this is where you can jump on a balloon and go 300 ft in the sky to see the Bahamas from above! It was so thrilling and we all had so much fun on it!

Zipline, Thrill Waterpark


*Thrill Waterpark

To the right when you enter you can either do the zipline course, or you can enter Thrill Waterpark.

Thrill Waterpark is by far my favorite part of Coco Cay. In Thrill Waterpark you will find the tallest waterslide in North America, Daredevil’s Peak. We started with that slide so that all the other slides would be a breeze. It was amazing. You go SO FAST and there is basically a light show on your way down. You have to try it!! On your way up to Daredevil you will find tons of other water slides to enjoy. There is even one where the floor drops out under you!! That was my sister’s favorite.

In Thrill Waterpark you will also find a wave pool, an adventure pool, and a few more waterslides. I highly recommend doing the slingshot water slide. That was by far my favorite ride (we did it three times!) There are also slides where you can grab a mat and race each other!

Food & Drinks

The food was to die for everywhere we went. There are plenty of places you can eat and most of it is all free! I highly recommend the cheese sticks and stopping for some tacos at the taco bar! There are also a bunch of stations for water and other drinks. If you have the drink package you get free drinks on Coco Cay as well!

Coco Cay was so fun for me and my sisters. We wanted another day there to really be able to explore it all. For adults, it has everything you could need in terms of pools, beaches, entertainment, etc. But, I would definitely recommend bringing the entire family. It would be the trip of a lifetime for your kids. They would have enough to fill their entire day between Thrill Waterpark, Splashers Bay, the pirate ship, the entertainment, and more. I want to bring Miller back when she is older along with all of her cousins. They would such a blast!

Coming Soon- Coco Beach Club and South Beach

*Coming soon behind Oasis Lagoon and Up Up and Away will be Coco Beach Club and South Beach! They will have cabanas you can rent over the water. I hope I get to go back just to check out those two additions.

What I wore:

themilleraffect.com wearing a lily pulitzer maxi on royal caribbean cruises

Dress I Bag I Shoes I Lipstick

the miller affect wearing a lily pulitzer one piece on royal caribbean cruises
themilleraffect.com at coco cay on royal caribbean navigator of the seas

Left: Swimsuit I Sarong | Right: Swimsuit I Sunglasses


the miller affect wearing a navy one shoulder midi dress on royal caribbean navigator of the seas
the miller affect wearing a blue maxi dress on royal caribbean cruises

Left: Dress I Bag I Shoes I Sunglasses I Lipstick | Right: DressBag I Shoes I Hair Clips

Book Now!

I hope you get the opportunity to head to Coco Cay with Royal Caribbean very soon! You can click HERE to check for availability and please leave a comment below with any questions!

xox Amanda

XO Amanda
June 20, 2019 Travel

Perfect Day at Coco Cay

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