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  1. Aoife Laughlin

    You look STUNNING, Amanda! I swear your legs look ten miles long in these nude heels.

    1. Amanda Miller

      Thanks so much! Have a great week!! xoxo Amanda

  2. Bryn Bradsher

    This dress is so pretty! And I am always keeping my eye out for the perfect nude shoe!

    xo Bryn

  3. Lauren

    Wow. This dress is just stunning on you!! The little details are just so pretty!

    By Lauren M


The Miller Affect wearing the perfect nude heel The Miller Affect talking about finding the perfect pair of nude heels from Nordstrom The Miller Affect wearing a black lace dress and nude heels from Nordstrom The Miller Affect wearing a black lace kendall & Kylie dress and the perfect nude heels The Miller Affect wearing nude Stecy heels from Steve Madden The Miller Affect wearing a black lace dress for the holidays The Miller Affect carrying a gold clutch with a black pom keychain The Miller Affect wearing a black Kendall & Kylie dress from Nordstrom The Miller Affect in a black lace Kendall & Kyle dress with nude heels

Who, like me, is or was on a constant search for the perfect pair of nude heels?

I would look everywhere for the perfect shade. All the ones I found where too pink, too brown, too short, or too tall.

These nude heels from Nordstrom are seriously perfect! The heel is 4″, which is the perfect height, and the color blends in with your skin which really elongates your legs!

Nordstrom is always the place I go to first to find heels. They have the biggest selection and I love how you can filter to really find what you are looking for. You can filter by color, price, and even heel height. That is exactly how I found this pair!

Three reasons why these are the perfect pair of nude heels:

1. Heel Height

Heel height is huge for me. It took SUCH a long time to be confident with my height. I always wanted to be shorter and I would majorly hunch over in order to loose a few inches. My mom once threatened that she was going to tape my shoulders to the wall so I would start standing up straight.

Those of you who knew me in college, you can attest to the fact that I never wore anything taller than a kitten heel. Guys, a kitten heel is barely 1″.

Once I  moved to Dallas and saw all the model-esque women here embracing their height, I slowly started gaining more and more confidence. Well… it helped that the men here seemed to be a little taller too ;).

I am happy to say I can now wear 4″ heels and be completely happy with how tall they make me (which is about 6’3)! I think 4″ is perfect for everyone!

2. Color

Also, like I said above, these nude heels are the color of your skin tone, so no matter how short or tall, they really elongate your legs! Wear them with jeans or a dress and see the huge difference it makes!

You can dress these nude heels down with jeans and a top or you can dress them up with a pretty lace dress like this one! They also come in more colors if you are looking for a great black heel or a metallic for the holiday (I have my eyes on the pewter pair.)

3. Price

Oh, and did I mention these are under $80? With Nordstrom, you also get free shipping AND returns, so if you need a different size you can exchange hassle-free!

If you are looking for the perfect boots, head HERE now to see a pair I can’t live without and own in two colors!


This Kendall & Kylie lace dress also comes in white AND if you don’t want the plunge in the front, the dress is actually reversible! Just turn the dress around, and you can see from the photos above that the black lace strip then covers the chest completely!

You mayyy be seeing me in this dress for my engagement party this winter!

The Outfit:

Nude Heels

Black Lace Dress

Gold Clutch (old, but similar HERE and HERE)

Black Pom Keychain

Red Lipstick (MAC, Perfect Score)

Cuff Bracelet

*Photos by Vanessa, The Retro Penguin

*Thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post! All opinions are 100% my own and all items were picked out and purchased by me.

XO Amanda
November 13, 2016 Outfits

The Perfect Nude Heel

From the Gram


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