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  1. Kari

    This one is my favorite because of the bright pink 🙂

    xo. Kari

  2. Erin Ewy

    I am IN LOVE with this sweater! So unique and the perfect color!

  3. Vivian Reyes

    I’m definitely the kind of girl who loves pink and I’m so happy you did this series! I loved this sweater the most out all of them, though you can never go wrong with pink!

  4. Mojan

    This is hands down my favourite… I’m not a pink person but you got me excited over colour pink with these posts ????

  5. Mojan

    This is hands down my favorite

  6. Troy

    Obsessed with this one! I love the mock neck and the loose fit!!

  7. Mackenzie

    Love this sweater! Reminds me of Breakfast at Tiffanys for some reason! lol I need it in my closet! ????

  8. Geysanni Robbins

    I need at least one of these, so perfect!!????

  9. Geysanni Robbins

    This is for sure my favorite sweater, and the whole styling actually. It’s exactly how I’d wear it !!

  10. Haley Goodman

    After seeing you in all these pink sweaters. I don’t understand why you’re not a pink person… they all look so fabulous on you! I have the thermal top in mint, and it’s truly one of my favorite tops of the season. However, this top is my very favorite!!! So cute!

  11. Cayla

    My favorite!! Already purchased! Can’t wait to try it out. Pink is my fav color – thanks for doing this series!

  12. Jessica

    This one is definitely my favorite. The outfit is perfect!

  13. Rachael

    Love this sweater! The color is everything and the neck is is so fun, it looks comfy without looking too bulky.

  14. Elise

    Already bought this one, so cute!!

  15. Brittany

    I love this shade of pink! I like this pink sweater the best of the 3 pink sweaters. You paired it well with the faux leather leggings and boots. A great look for fall!

  16. Hannah Bult

    Love love love this one! I love your classy fashion and it is pieces like this one that are so girly, but still age appropriate!!

  17. Claire

    LOVE this one! Looks so cozy and such a unique color!

  18. Susannah TIghe

    This is my absolute favorite! Love at first sight for this pink beauty 🙂 Loved following your posts this week!

  19. Casey

    I absolutely loved the pink sweater series. It was so different to see bright colors for cozy sweaters – a nice change for winter! This was hands down my favorite!!!

  20. Tina Costolo

    They all look so beautiful on you, but this one is definitely my favorite! I LOVE pink, but my twin sister never wears it so this would be perfect to win since I wouldn’t have to worry about her stealing it ????. And thank you for putting together such an awesome and fun giveaway! ????

  21. Crystal

    Love all the sweaters, but this one is definitely my fav! I have actually been ????ing this one for awhile! ❤️

  22. Katie

    I love love love this one!!!

  23. Stephanie

    Still hands down my #1!! They are all beaut but this one takes the cake!

  24. Morgan

    Love this sweater and this entire look. This sweater is the perfect pink, especially since I am OBSESSED with pink!! I love the neckline as well. Perfect for fall!
    – Morgan

  25. Alicia

    I do l????Ve this sweater the best of all four! Bright colors are my thing. ????????????????. This was fun????????

  26. Courtney P

    I love this sweater with the faux leather leggings! I will definitely have to recreate this look this fall!

  27. Emily

    All of the looks in the series are amazing but this sweater is my favorite!! But definitely using the other looks for inspiration this fall!!

  28. Lydia B.

    LOVE this sweater! Saw it in the catalog and was immediately in love, heart eyes and all!

  29. Erin McDade

    I absolutely adore this sweater!!! That neckline is so classic ????

  30. Abigail

    This is by far my favorite!! Love the structure and feel of this sweater! Could be paired with so much!!!

  31. Natalie

    I love this sweater and this whole look! I wanted it in light pink last year but it sold out in my size and never came back in stock. Love you and love your blog! Xo

  32. Taryn Szarek

    I love this one! Perfect shade of pink. I wouldn’t have thought to put it with the leather leggings (because jeans are everything) but I might have to try them.

  33. Tory

    The very first pink sweater is perfection! Obsessed with that neckline!

  34. Britney Sauer

    I am so in love with this sweater! It is effortlessly chic and such a fun pop of color for fall/winter. XOXO

  35. Molly Livingstone

    Love this throwback look!! The color is so perfect too– love pink!!

  36. Preet B

    This was a super hard decision but I think this one would be my favorite pink sweater so far!

  37. Liz Watkins

    Hands down my fav!!! Obsessed with this look! Already ordering the leggings and booties! All I need is the gorg sweater!

  38. Lauren Lunden

    Love this one!

  39. Lauren Lunden

    Definitely my favorite!!

  40. Ashley Fitzgerald

    It took me awhile to decide my favorite, but I think this is it! I think it looks so classic but modern and chic. My favorite combination!

  41. Darcy

    This one was my favorite!! Crossing my fingers!

  42. Koko

    Idk if my first comment posted, but this one is definitely my favorite! Besides it’s super mod silhouette and chic style, you nailed the styling by mixing soft and sexy (sweater and leather leggings) love love it! ????????????

    1. Koko

      Oh sorry Amanda, I didn’t mean to post twice! You can delete one (including this one) I just didn’t see that it was under moderation. :))

  43. Kim Kelley-Bibby

    This pink sweater is my favorite out of all the pink tops/sweaters in the series!! Love, love!!

  44. Koko Gibbons

    This one is for sure my favorite! It’s got a super mod silhouette and is just a very posh piece over all. Plus you rocked it with the leather leggings and those are to die for. Perfect mix of cozy/soft with sexy/attitude – very well styled. This one is definitely the winner for me! ????

  45. Caitlin

    This is definitely my favorite pink sweater in the series! I absolutely love the color and cannot get enough of the fit! I also love how you styled this look, so cute!

    xo, Caitlin

  46. Emily Myers

    This sweater is definitely my favorite from the four posts! I love the color and the collar. The sweater could be worn with so many options, leggings of all textures, denim, dress pants, etc. I love it! It’s a bold staple piece.❤️

  47. Rachael Proctor

    Dying over this color! I seriously need the leggings and affordable boots as well. This one if definitely my favorite.

  48. Cassie Baker

    So hard to pick between #1 and #2 but I think I have to go with this one because I love a soft, BRIGHT pink sweater.. paired of course with my spanx. Hurry up cold weather!
    Love this series btw ????

  49. Melissa

    The third post was a close second but the mock neck and length of this one are amazing! Love the hue as well and the poring with leather leggings-awesome styling!!

  50. Andrea

    This is my favorite look and pink sweater!!

  51. Sarah M

    Absolutely love this sweater!!! ???????? The whole outfit is fantastic with the mix of edgy with the leggings and the sweet with the pink sweater. Perfection!! This has been great to follow – this is definitely my fav!!

  52. Melissa

    This one is my favorite!! I love the way you styled this look, and the length and the color too!!! You look stunning in every picture…waaaay better than the model on the website! Happy Friday! ????

  53. Emily

    I absolutely love this sweater tunic and the bubble gum pink! I rushed straight to Nordstroms with my sister in search of it! Such a fun neckline too! Thank you for convincing me to try pink!

  54. Osha

    I love this pink sweater! It looks cozy, comfortable and fun. Great pick for Autumn.

  55. Brittani

    It’s so hard to pick just one! But this one is definitely my favorite. The color is so perfect and you make it look so fun and chic! Obsessed <3

  56. Apryl

    This is my absolute fav! ????

  57. Becca Haynes

    I love this sweater and how you styled it! It reminds me of a kind of 60’s mod. So chic!

  58. Mel

    love this one

  59. Ashley k

    I am in love with this sweater!! Love the color and style! Makes a comfy fall sweater so chic!!????

  60. Becca

    Pink is my jam so this series is fantastic! I ordered this sweater and am dying to wear it, if this pesky 90 degree weather would go away!!!

  61. Braylea Fisher

    This pink sweater is absolutly dapper, I don’t know if I’m looking at a runway model or one of my favorite bloggers! It’s so flattering and the shape of the neck on it is to die!! I LOVE THIS SWEATER!

  62. Shaye Ward

    This has been so fun to follow! I usually don’t buy a lot of pink, but I am in love with these sweaters! This outfit is my fav because it has a edgy feminine look to it that I love. I love that the sweater is long enough to wear with leggings and it would be so cute for work!

  63. Lorena

    Definitely my fave, the color is everything!

  64. Erin Tenneson

    So in love with this outfit!! I love checking out your insta-stories try-ons and your cute new outfits in your blog posts. You are adorable!! This pink sweater is perfection!!!

  65. Liz C.

    I love all your choices, but if I had to choose my fave, I’d go with the FP thermal. LOVE IT NEED IT WILL BUY IT 🙂

    liztc5 on IG

  66. Sarah Tallent

    This Free People sweater is definitely my favorite pink sweater that you posted all week.

  67. Kasey Niederhofer

    I’m definitely on the bandwagon for this won! LOVE wearing hot pink in the winter when no one expects it!

  68. Maddie

    Love this sweater (and the color is amazing)! This sweater gets me excited for an Omaha winter!!

  69. betsy williams

    This one is my favorite!!! obsessed with the bubble gum pink and how cute this would look with neutral tones but also other bright accessories!!!

  70. Alisha

    Definitely my favourite!! Love the whole outfit!

  71. Erin S.

    Absolutely in love with this sweater! And your styling is just spot on. Definitely my favorite ????

  72. Marshi

    I’m loving the unique neck on this one. Paired with the pop of color it’s the winner for me. ???? I just put it in my shopping cart.

  73. Tiffany

    I love #1 you dressed it up nicely but still comfortable. I love the idea of pairing it with skinny jeans too! The shade just pops. Thanks for sharing your favorite pink sweaters so fall!

  74. Amparo Barba

    This is my fav… love the neck the color ahh!!!!

  75. Johanna Jackson

    I Love this sweater so much! It looks like the perfect sweater to wear in New England and I would love love it! You’re styling is always so on point!

  76. Taylor

    I love this pink sweater! Definitely my favorite in the series so far, love the structure and it looks great with leather leggings!!

  77. Courtney Menuet

    Love, love this pink sweater! I have been looking for a cute sweater to wear with faux leather leggings!

  78. Nicole

    I have never been huge into pink until this year, and the fact that this is Free People makes me want it even more!! Love this sweater, and like you want it in all the colors ~

  79. Norma A.

    I loved all of these pink sweaters. I was in between this one and the chunky fushia one. ???????????? But this one won me over.

    Thank you for inspiring us with these beautiful shades.


  80. Lynn H

    This one is my fav!!! Love the neck.

  81. Rachel

    This one is my favorite for sure! I love the hot pink color and it’s shape. I’m sure it’s flattering on any body type!

  82. Cindy Brinkmeyer

    So hard to decide between this and the thermal, but this is so unique, it wins!!!!

  83. Kristen Doolan

    This is hands down my favorite of the series! Love the bright color and ability to dress up or down. It’s literally the perfect combination!

  84. Clare

    This sweater has turned me into a pink lover!!!! Loving this series!

  85. Lauren

    I absolutely cannot get over this sweater—definitely my favorite in the series, and maybe my favorite sweater ever in general! I’m not usually a big pink fan but seeing all of these makes me want to brighten up my fall wardrobe for sure!

  86. Brittany Carollo

    This one is definitely the winner! <3 My Instagram name is @bertthebravepug 🙂

  87. Sami

    Love them all but this is my favorite!!

  88. Olivia Weinkauf

    I absolutely love mock turtle neck!! I’ve been eyeing this sweater since I saw it! I also love how long it is! can wear it with jeans or leggings! You look ahmaze! 🙂

  89. Lindsey

    My favorite sweater ????I love how you paired it with the leather leggings. This would be a cute and comfortable work outfit! So many ways to wear. Thanks for sharing all of these adorable sweaters!

  90. Kelley

    I was going back and forth between this pink sweater and the thermal pink sweater but ultimately this one won out as my favorite, it just looks so flattering and comfortable and perfect for fall! This was such a fun series, Amanda!

  91. Anonymous

    This is my favorite of the pink sweaters–and also just my favorite sweater in the universe. I typically shy away from bright colors but this series has me wanting to give it a shot!

  92. Allyson

    Definitely my favorite sweater. love the color and paired with those black leggings

  93. Annmarie W.

    This one is such a beautiful pink color…and I really like the cut/design! It looks comfy & warm!

  94. Chris

    Your legs look like they are a MILLION miles long and those leggings are SO smooth!

    A comment on your blog look… maybe it looks different on a mobile device (I’ll have a look on my phone later) but here on my screen at work, your font color combined with the very white background can be a bit tough to read.

  95. Chelsea Godfrey

    Obsessing over this sweater!!! And I definitely tend to reach for my faux leather leggings over my normal black leggings! They really make an edgy statement! Pink looks gorgeous on you!

  96. Megan Wise

    This is my Favorite!!!

  97. Bao Frey

    I’ve been drooling over this sweater, the cut, the form, the color ????????????

  98. Sharon

    Guuurrrlll!! This is a look! Your so edgy and sexy while still be covered up. I have the spanx faux leather leggings too and wear them pretty often. I wore them one Christmas to my in-laws… I mean they’re kinda pants.

    1. Amanda Miller

      Haha they really are basically pants!! Love them! xox A

  99. Rachel

    Love this sweater! Are you wearing a size small?

    1. Amanda Miller

      Thanks love! I am wearing an XS! Free People tends to run big! xoxo Amanda

  100. Susan I

    This sweater looks so comfy almost makes me want the cold weather to come now so I can be all snuggly and fashionable.

    1. Bridget

      Love this sweater in a nice pop of pink!!!!


The Miller Affect wearing a pink sweater from Nordstrom

The Miller Affect giving away a pink sweater on her blog series
The Miller Affect wearing black spanx leather leggings
The Miller Affect wearing a mock neck free people pink sweater

Do you guys remember THIS giveaway series I did? I am basically doing the same thing this week, but instead of dresses I will have four of my favorite pink sweaters for Fall from Nordstrom.

Nordstrom has a massive collection of sweaters, so it was all too easy to find four amazing pink sweaters for this series. I actually found about 12 but decided that may be a little too much pink!

Definitely check out Nordstrom for all of your Fall attire. They already have a huge selection of boots, booties, cardigans, sweaters ,etc. Basically anything you need to start transitioning your wardrobe!

The Miller Affect wearing a black medium givenchy bag from Nordstrom

The Miller Affect wearing a pink sweater with black leather leggings
The Miller Affect wearing a pink free people sweater with black leather spanx leggings
The Miller Affect talking about Nordstrom pink sweaters

Pink Sweater Giveaway:

How the giveaway series works:

  1. Come back here each day (today-Friday) to see all four pink sweaters.
  2. Make sure to LIKE and COMMENT on EVERY Instagram post throughout the week where I am wearing a pink sweater.
  3. On Friday, make sure to leave a comment on the blog post featuring your favorite pink sweater!

That’s it! You will then be entered to win your favorite sweater!

Don’t like pink? That’s ok. Like I said, Nordstrom has a massive collection of sweaters and most of these come in other colors as well! If you win the giveaway you can definitely pick out the same sweater in a different color if you wish!

The sweater I am wearing in today’s post is my absolute favorite. Some people like to end with their favorites but I just can’t wait that long haha! I want this sweater in EVERY SINGLE COLOR and already have the white one coming.

It is so soft and comfortable. I love the neckline and love that it is long enough to wear with leggings. I basically live in leggings in the Winter/Fall. It is also super cute with jeans and shorts so you will probably see this on me 100 times in the next few months!
The Miller Affect wearing Nordstrom for Fall

The Miller Affect wearing black leather leggings from Spanx
The Miller Affect new look in a pink tunic sweater from Free People
The Miller Affect holding a black medium givenchy bag

The Outfit:

Pink Sweater

Black Leather Leggings (fav black leggings from Spanx!!)

Black Booties

Black Givenchy Handbag (I have the Medium!)

Black Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses

Nude Lipstick (Bobbi Brown Soft Pink Beige)

Need More Options?

More Pink Sweaters from Nordstrom:

More Leather Tights:

More Leather Booties:

More Black Sunglasses:

More Black Bags:

New Look

Oh, and how are you guys liking this new look? I am trying a completely new editing style and am loving it!! I hope you are too! I went a little darker and a lot less saturation. You will definitely start seeing a huge change in my Instagram feed starting today as well! I can’t wait to hear your feedback!

xox Amanda

Photos by Mary Summers

*this post is sponsored by Nordstrom. All products were picked out and purchased by me and all opinions and reviews are 100% my own.


XO Amanda
September 19, 2017 Outfits

The Pink Sweater Series- 1

From the Gram


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