My Review of Pueblo Bonito Resorts

Did you follow along during my adventures in Cabo a couple of weeks ago?

Lynlee and I stayed at the Pueblo Bonito Pacifica Resort & Spa and had such an amazing time (despite a hurricane hitting while we were there!)

I couldn’t believe all of the messages I received from you guys saying you had been to the hotel already or that you were heading there soon! Make sure you tell everyone about your stay with a comment below!

If you haven’t been, or are planning on going, here is my review of Pueblo Bonito Resorts:

Pueblo Bonito Pacifica Resort & Spa

review of pueblo bonito resorts

Pueblo Bonito has a few hotels in Cabo. Lynlee and I had the opportunity to stay at their newest resort: Pueblo Bonito Pacifica Resort & Spa.

We also were lucky enough to stay in The Towers at the resort. This means we had access to a butler, who was there to assist with our every need. I felt like I was in a movie or something! It was so cool.


The Miller Affect wearing a black romper at pueblo bonito resorts The Miller Affect wearing a Morning lavender black romper

These photos were taken at The Market*

Black Romper I Pom Tote I Black Fringe Sandals I Pink Tassel Earrings

If you get the all-inclusive package at this resort, you have access to alllll of the Pueblo Bonito restaurants in Cabo. Due to the hurricane, Lynlee and I only got to experience a few, but they were amazing!

Steakhouse at Quivira- This was our favorite! If you are all-inclusive you can eat at this restaurant for only $35/person. You get an appetizer or a soup/salad, an entree of your choosing (I had the ribeye), and dessert! All house drinks are also included in the price. The view is to die for and the ambience was amazing.

LaFrida at Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach- This restaurant has so much character and the margaritas were delicious! We enjoyed everything we ate here and our plates were basically licked clean! This is also an extra $30 if you have the all-inclusive package. Definitely worth it!

Zao Shen at Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach- I think everyone craves some good old fashioned Asian food when they are on vacation! This restaurant had the most amazing pork egg rolls and chicken fried rice! It was a warm and friendly atmosphere- perfect for a family group!

Península Lounge & Beach Bar- We ate here the most, because it was down the hallway from both of our rooms! The food was delicious. I had this Sea Bass appetizer that I could probably eat every day of my life. I also love their tuna tartare that they served with baked potato chips.

The Market- I have never seen anything like The Market before. It is located at Sunset Beach (a quick shuttle ride from Bonito Pacifica.) Inside you basically have all kinds of different foods to choose from. They have a 1950’s inspired diner, a Mexican food place, a coffee shop, gelato, and so much more! There is a bar in the middle and a little candy shop! Everything is included with your all-inclusive package (except for the candy!) We had milkshakes and fries at the diner, some beers at the bar, and some amazing gelato.

Basically this was by far the best food I have EVER had at an all-inclusive resort. I have been to about two all-inclusive resorts a year since before I can remember, so I consider myself an expert reviewer at this point! My family is big into scuba diving, and I don’t like to ski, so all of our trips were to the beach.

See all the restaurants you have access to HERE.

The Hotel:

The Miller Affect wearing an L Space Striped Suit The Miller Affect wearing a one piece J Crew swimsuit and One Teaspoon jean shorts The Miller Affect wearing a green Becca one piece swimsuitThe miller affect and lynlee poston wearing becca swimsuits from everything but water

First: L Space Striped Swimsuit

Second: Striped J Crew SwimsuitDenim Shorts I Vera Wang Tortoise Sunglasses I Morning Lavender Straw Bag

Third: Olive One Piece Swimsuit I Black Swimsuit Cover-Up

Fourth: Black Two Piece I Black One Piece

The Pueblo Bonito Pacifica Resort & Spa is STUNNING! There is a photo opp around every corner. They did not miss any details!

You practically have a 180 degree view of the ocean from the beach & the sunset is something that cannot be missed! Lynlee and I had a cabana on the beach every day and they are basically foam mattresses with a sheet over them= HEAVEN. Some of the cabanas were on swings as well! Our beach server gave us a remote with a button to push whenever we were ready for another drink. Talk about service!

There are two different pools that you can enjoy and one of the pools is infinity style, so you can hang out on the edge with an amazing view of the ocean. Oh and yes, there is definitely a swim up bar!

The rooms are pretty average size and the beds are really big and comfortable.

Sunset Beach is right next door and a quick shuttle ride away. They have a Sky Pool that has the most amazing view you have ever seen! There are also around five other pools to choose from at that resort!

They have a few areas on the beach with fire pits and Lynlee and I loved sitting around the fire at night with a glass of wine.

Lynlee and I also got to try out Pacifica’s spa services. One of the best messages of our lives. 50 minutes went wayyy too fast!

Lastly, the Pacifica Resort has a GORGEOUS gym! You have a 180 degree view of the hotel and beach from the gym with floor to ceiling windows. Not a bad view to have while running on the treadmill! They also have a trainer at your disposal if you want one!

The Butler:

The Miller Affect wearing a lover & friends sweater The Miller Affect wearing an olive romper

Top: Pink Sweater I Burgundy Cami I Denim ShortsMiller Sandals I Tote I Sunglasses I Suitcases

Bottom: Cardigan I Olive Romper I Miller Sandals I Suitcases I Tote I Sunglasses

Having a butler was pretty cool. He was always on demand whenever we needed him. He booked our restaurants for us, got us sunscreen from the gift shop, found me some cold medicine, met with us each morning to see what we needed, and even contacted our car service to change our pickup time for the airport!

I would definitely recommend using this service if one your honeymoon or a romantic getaway.

In The Towers you also have access to the VIP lounge. There is a TV in there and a few couches. There is also a restaurant where you can order off the menu at any time.

Outside of the VIP area they have more couches and some lounge chairs.

Due to the hurricane, Lynlee and I were confined to this space most of our stay- and we didn’t hate it. We always had a waiter there for food or drinks and plenty of plugs to keep our phones and computers charged.

There is also an amazing 180 degree view from the lounge of the hotel and beach!

The Hurricane:

The Miller Affect wearing a white see through blouse and denim ruffled shorts The Miller Affect wearing a black wrap topshop dress The Miller Affect wearing pink pajama lounge pants

Top: White Top I Denim Shorts I Turquoise Earrings I Cork Sandals I Straw Bag

Middle: Black Wrap DressStraw Bag I Gold Earrings I Valentino Heels

Bottom: Grey Top I Pink Lounge Pants I Ugg Slippers

There was a category 2 hurricane (Lydia) that hit us for about three days during our stay. Not many heard about it (including us) because it came right after Hurricane Harvey. All in all it was just a lot of rain and wind, but we did hear a couple of people in town died due to some of the mudslides :(.

Cabo basically shut down for those three days, but our hotel still kept most of their restaurants open and were still running room service for everyone who was afraid to leave their room.

I remember opening my door one day and the wind pushed it back and it hit me in the head and I fell over.

Some water came into my room but room service quickly came in and cleared it all and kept it dry.

I love how safe the hotel made us feel and how they were basically operating per usual. Within a day of the rain being over, both sister hotels were completely up and running again.

I would DEFINITELY recommend staying at Pueblo Bonito Pacifica next time you are in Cabo! When I do these reviews I usually always try to find something about the hotel that I don’t like, but as I am sitting here typing I can’t really think of anything!! I am just ready to go back and explore the other Pueblo Bonito resorts!!

Book your stay asap! Head to the reservations page for Pueblo Bonito Pacifica Resort & Spa HERE.

xoxo Amanda

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