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  1. AA

    Hi Amanda,

    It looks like there’s a wrong link to the bag from the outfit where you’re wearing the pink strapless dress. It links to a sodden Topshop bag rather than a woven one.

    1. AA

      I meant wooden, not sodden oops typo


Casa Koko

I want to go ahead and start this post with exactly HOW you guys can book Casa Koko and WHY you should book Casa Koko!

How: Contact Rejane Narbonnet to book Casa Koko. rejane@the-r-list.com. She doesn’t cost anything and she will handle everything! She made our trip so extremely easy. We were on vacation the moment we booked with her. The car was there at the airport to take us to Casa Koko, all of our food was waiting for us at the villa, all of our excursions were booked. We didn’t have to lift a finger. Isn’t that how vacation is supposed to be?

Why:Casa Koko is a luxury 9 suite private ocean-front villa that can accommodate 22 total guests (18 adults and 4 children.) It was by far the most beautiful place I have ever stayed at.

Before you read further, get a full view of Casa Koko by watching this 2-minute video HERE. It gives you a great view of both the villa and what activities you can do in Punta Mita during your stay.

Casa Koko is the perfect paradise for those of you traveling with your entire family, a group of friends (for a bachelorette party or special occasion), a wedding party, a corporate event, etc. There are 9 suites total, but you only have to book a minimum of three to stay there and have the entire property to yourself.

See all of the services you get when you book with Casa Koko HERE.

A few of my favorites during our stay were:

1.The In-House Spa. The spa has its own steam room that you can access anytime and you can book massages and facials upon request. It also has a fully equipped fitness room attached with a garden for outdoor exercising.

2.The House Butler. Luigi was amazing! He was always there to answer our questions, he booked our excursions, he drove us to where we needed to be when we went out for dinner, etc. When I got sunburned on the boat Luigi had aloe delivered that same day so when I got back to the villa it was waiting for me in the fridge!

3.The Professional Chef. The food was like something you could only dream about. Everything was so beautiful that we wouldn’t want to eat it but then when we did we wanted more and more! I could eat there every day of my life! When you book at Casa Koko you give them a list of food and alcohol/drinks you want to eat & drink while you are there (or things you especially like) and Casa Koko handles all of the grocery shopping and they cook the food for you!

4.Our Wait Staff. Casa Koko has 4 waiters and they were always there when we needed them. We were never empty handed and they made Casa Koko feel like home.

5.The Bedrooms. I will be dreaming about that bed for a long, long time. You sank into like a cloud. With one button you could make the room black and you had complete control over the air conditioning in your own room. I would make it super cold, black the room out, and fall asleep within seconds! In the morning I would press the button again and the screens would open to my beautiful ocean view. Each room also comes with its own bathroom (with massive stone bathtubs!!) Some even have outdoor showers.

I have traveled a lot of places. Casa Koko is by FAR the most beautiful place I have ever been to. The service was the best I have ever experienced, and the trip, in general, is now at the top of my list. If my family was there with me I would have never left! They would have had to drag me out!

*I would not recommend Casa Koko for toddlers. It is definitely great for babies that are not walking yet or for kids over the age of 6! If you fall in between those ages I would recommend booking a different place in Punta Mita! There are plenty of family-friendly options!

Contact Rejane Narbonnet to book Casa Koko. rejane@the-r-list.com

Punta Mita

Punta Mita was about an hour drive from the Puerto Vallarta airport. There are security gates you have to go through to enter Punta Mita (you have to be staying there) and then there are security gates in front of each hotel/villa!!! It is like its own little safe haven.

When you stay at a hotel or villa in Punta Mita you have access to dine at any of the other hotels and you have access to the two Punta Mita beach clubs. We spent two days at Kupuri Beach Club. It had a very Maui feel (and you guys knowww how much I love Maui!!)

The beaches were beautiful, the weather (in March) was so extremely perfect, and there were hardly any bugs! It was seriously paradise and I cannot wait to take Troy and Miller there one day!!!

Our Itinerary

Friday: Check in to Casa Koko and relax by the pool. We had the most amazing dinner and explored the property.

Saturday Morning: We did a sailing ride with Vallarta Adventures. I got sick immediately and ended up throwing up twice, but everyone else had an amazing time haha! I waited until I got on the boat to take my Dramamine (rookie mistake and I know better!!) It was still a beautiful ride and one the water got calmer I ended up being able to relax and dance with the girls before we got back to shore.

Saturday Afternoon: We went to Kupuri Beach Club. We ended up doing a mud ritual with a shaman and it was such a cool experience. I would definitely recommend doing it if you go to Punta Mita. It is only $100 a person! She reads your energy and talks to you about what she senses and then there is a ritual you do with mud to release the negative energy/spirits. I actually cried when she did mine because it was soooo spot on for me. She talked about my empathy and how I carry the burdens of others too heavily. She said next time something comes my way I should ask myself ‘is this mine’ and if it isn’t I should wrap it up in good blessings and send it back! Such amazing advice for me because I really do let the weight of everyone else’s problems bog me down. I take their problems on as my own and feel everything as if it were my own pain. I already feel sooo much lighter by following her advice! So crazy!

Saturday Night: We had dinner at the Four Seasons in Punta Mita. It was SO INCREDIBLE OMG! Everywhere in Punta Mita is only a 15 minute golf ride away!

Sunday: Pool Day! We had a pool party and they aired up all of our rafts for us. We had an amazing goodbye dinner that night (Filet Risotto) and made s’mores by the campfire after dinner.

We were so extremely sad to leave on Monday (you can imagine why), and just typing this makes me remember what an amazing time we had in Punta Mita. I feel so blessed to have been invited and to be able to experience all of that with some of my closest friends.

*Huge thank you to Rejane for booking this trip for us, to Casa Koko for truly making us feel like royalty, and to Punta Mita PR for showing us around and making our time in Punta Mita extra special.

Outfit Roundup:

the miller affect travel style with grey joggers and pullover

Top I Joggers I Shoes I Backpack I Luggage

Similar: Top I Backpack

themilleraffect.com wearing a purple pajama short set

Pajama Set

themilleraffect.com wearing a red palm one piece swimsuit

Swimsuit I Lipstick

Similar: Swimsuit 1|2

the miller affect wearing a green palm high waisted swimsuit


themilleraffect.com wearing a yellow/orange/white maxi dress

Dress I Shoes I Headband I Bag I SunglassesLipstick

Similar: Dress 1|2 I Headband I Bag I Sunglasses

the miller affect wearing a white off the shoulder dress

Dress I Heels I BagLipstick

Similar: Dress 1|2

themilleraffect.com wearing a mauve ruffle one shoulder swimsuit

Ruffle Swimsuit I Shorts I Headband

Similar: Shorts I Headband

the miller affect wearing a purple/white maxi dress

Dress I Headband I BagLipstick

Similar: Dress 1|2

themilleraffect.com wearing a black/white spotted high waisted swimsuitSwimsuit I Sunglasses

Similar: Sunglasses 1|2

the miller affect wearing a red pattern maxi skirt and black flowy top

Top I Skirt I HeadbandBag

Similar: Top 1|2 I Skirt 1|2 I Headband 1|2Bag

themilleraffect.com wearing an orange maxi dress

Dress, few sizes left in the same color here I Bag

Similar: Dress 1|2

themilleraffect.com wearing a pink tie swimsuit

Swimsuit: Top + BottomsBag

Similar: Swimsuit: Top 1|2 + Bottom 1|2Bag

themilleraffect.com wearing a romper coverup from nordstrom

Cover-Up Romper

Similar: Cover-Up Romper 1|2

the miller affect wearing a solid and striped swimsuit from nordstrom


Similar: Swimsuit 1|2

themilleraffect.com wearing a floral swim top and denim shorts

Swimsuit: Top + Bottoms I Shorts I Earrings I Sunglasses

Similar: Swimsuit 1|2Shorts I Earrings

themilleraffect.com wearing a green palm dress from amazon

Dress I ShoesBag I Earrings I Lipstick

Similar: ShoesBagEarrings

the miller affect wearing a pink/palm print ruffle swimsuit from amazon

Swimsuit I Shorts

Similar: Shorts I Earrings I Hat

themilleraffect.com wearing a red/white striped two piece set

Top I Shorts I Bag

Similar: Two-Piece Set 1|2 I TopBag

the miller affect wearing a pink midi dress and straw hat

Dress I Shoes I Hat I Sunglasses I Bag

Similar: Dress 1|2Shoes I Hat I Bag

the miller affect wearing a blue floral lily pulitzer two-piece set

Top + Skirt SetBag

Similar: Top + Skirt Set, SkirtBag

themilleraffect.com wearing a striped strapless dress

Dress I Shoes I Bag (on sale!)

Similar: Dress 1|2 I Shoes

the miller affect wearing a green palm mini dress

Dress I Shoes I Bag I Hat I Lauren’s: Dress I Bag

Similar: Shoes I Hat I Bag I Lauren’s: Dress

themilleraffect.com wearing a navy dotted two-piece set

Two-Piece SetShoesBag I Natalie’s: DressHat

Similar: Two-Piece Set 1|2Shoes I Bag I Natalie’s: DressHat

themilleraffect.com wearing a white shirt cover up and green palm earrings

Cover-Up I Sunglasses

Similar: SunglassesEarrings

the miller affect wearing a black maxi from NordstromBlack Maxi Dress

Similar: Maxi Dress 1|2

XO Amanda
April 1, 2019 Travel

Our Trip to Punta Mita

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