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  1. Emma

    Just discovered your blog! and LOVE. This post is great! So many cute things! (Ahhh!)

    1. Amanda Miller

      Awh thanks so much love!!! xoxo A

  2. Adriele

    Ok, I’m from Kansas so I had no idea what Riffraff was until this post, but holy crap this stuff is CUTE. I need all of it in my life and I LOVE that Blair Waldorf quote. GG is the best and I miss having such a “fashion-y” show on tv.

    Fantastic post!

    Stopping by from the Confident Twosday link-up!


  3. Adria Church

    I bought the pens YESTERDAY! Thanks for the recommendation I can’t wait for them to come in.

    Our conversation:
    Amanda: Did you see my new planner? I got these awesome pens.
    Me: (interrupting) I have to use pencils because my appointments change so much.
    Amanda: (with a smirk on her face) turns the pen around and erases the ink right off the page
    Me: Speechless! SOLD!

    1. Amanda Miller

      haha I could have just told you they were erasable at the beginning but that would have ruined it! -A


riffraff home decor

Most of you know by now that I recently moved into a new apartment. I have been gradually sprucing it up (very little by little) and started with my desk. My desk is one of the most important pieces in my room because 1. it is where I go to feel inspired and 2. it is where I spend MOST of my time at home. I still have a lot of work to do, but I am loving it so far, all thanks to Riffraff! Here is a list of the pieces that make up my desk:

hello gorgeous pillowbando agendasomeday, today, never folderwhat would blair waldorf do?bless this hot mess mugthe kindness box

Most people think of Riffraff as only a clothing boutique, but when I walk in my eyes are immediately drawn to all of their decorations. I usually leave with 1 item of clothing, and about 5 Riffraff home decor pieces! Riffraff is a boutique, so what you get from them probably won’t be in everyone else’s home! That is the part I love the most! Let me break down some of my  favorite pieces for you!

  1. Ban.do Planner ($20)- This is probably my favorite Riffraff home decor item so far! I mean, the very first page has STICKERS!! Haha you are NEVER too old for stickers! It also has some cool holidays on there, like National Ice Cream Day, that other planners don’t have listed. On random days it tells you to follow your dreams, keep your head up, do the tango, etc! They are sold out on the Riffraff site, but if you click the Bando link, you can find it in another location.
  2. Ban.do Post-Its ($13)- I mean, how insanely cute are these?? I want to stick them everywhere! Sometimes you will even catch them on the screen of my computer! Also sold out at Riffraff but available at another store. I need that thumbs up post-it in my life!
  3. Bless This Hot Mess Mug ($15)- Haha this mug just makes me laugh. Lately I am definitely a hot mess. I have been traveling non-stop and will be gone 10 out of the next 20 days #help! Riffraff has tonnssss of great mugs in their store! They work with Etsy shop owners (which is amazzzzing)!
  4. Volcano Candle– I originally thought I wanted all gold and ONLY GOLD in my bedroom and apartment, but recently have LOVED the mixed metals trend. I thought this silver candle would be a perfect accent for my desk. They also had black and gold as well! It smells so amazing that I barely ever burn it because I want it to last forever. I guess I could just go get a new one, huh? I linked the same scent, but in a different jar that I am definitely buying next!
  5. Hey There Gorgeous Pillow– Lastly, pillow are a major part of the Riffraff home decor! They have some AMAZZZINNGG pillow in their store. I almost got one that was long and thin and said #selfie haha! I might have to go back for it. This one was just too pink to pass up <3! This pillow is sold out, but if you follow the link you can find tons of similar pillows!

Riffraff: Make sure to follow them on Instagram to see their latest supply of goodies! You can also shop their clothing selection HERE (they have an amazing selection), and use the code MILLERAFFECT for 10% off HOORAHHHH!!!

Other items on my desk that are not from Riffraff:

What would Blair Waldorf Do? ($8, and 15% off with code THEMILLERAFFECTBLOG) I grew up with Gossip Girl and it could be the reason I got into fashion (definitely have always had a girl crush on Blake Lively, she is amazzzing and is a fashion icon). This print was a gift from a friend, but she is selling them so follow the link to purchase!!

Toss Kindness Around Like Confetti– This print is from The Kindness Box. Haven’t heard of it?? You HAVE to check it out! It is amazing and can spread so much love and joy!! You buy a box to send to a friend in need or just to someone for a birthday present or to tell someone you love them!

Erasable Gel Pens– Guys, I am not lying when I say these will change your life. I write and scribble all over in my planner and by some miracle, you can just erase it all away!! If I were you, buy them in BULK! Current obsession by far!

Snugg Laptop Case– My Macbook Air is resting on it’s Snugg case. This case is so cute and comes in tons of different colors! I just slip my Macbook into it and throw it in my tote everywhere I go!

Jensen Record Player- I love listening to records while I work. Frank Sinatra, Michael Buble, and Nora Jones help me concentrate a little harder I think ;). The one I own is on sale for $45 and works amazing. It is the #1 seller on Amazon!

Mini Champagne Bottle Candle– enough said! Comes in a set of 3 and works great as a gift! I actually JUST got it for my birthday this past weekend!

Gold Wall Flower– These are from Casa! It comes in a set of 3. The medium one is on my coffee table and the large on is on my wall in the entry way!

The Desk– The actual desk is from IKEA and only $140 🙂 My boyfriend put it together in 2 hours!

Enjoy <3

XO Amanda
September 1, 2015 Articles

Riffraff Home Decor

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