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  1. Kendra Broadway

    I was just emailed by my boss saying that I needed to wear skirts/dresses 2” from my knee I will never be able to wear any of my skirts or dresses bc of my height. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Your pics are great, however, your dress is definitely 4-5 in above your knee Even from the top of your knee cap, you might be at 4 inches.

  2. Sabrina

    Do measure from the middle of your knee or top of your knee?

    1. Kelli

      I usually measure from the top of my kneecap.

      1-2 inches above is about as short as I go for work with a pencil skirt as they tend to ride up my thighs a few more inches to mid thigh when I’m sitting. Looser fitting or flared skirts don’t do this though so you can get away with a shorter lengths.

  3. japanese foot

    your solid color heels are THE RIGHT solid color. Great work on putting it together with your outfit 🙂

    Love it


  4. Maddy

    this is definitely a struggle of mine, especially in the dead of summer in Southern California! its hot outside but freezing in the office and I love to walk outside during lunch.

    usually I go by the fingertip rule – or below them. and if its more than an inch above the knee I stick to flats, and do the heels with longer skirt & dresses.

    xo, Maddy

  5. Anonymous

    That example dress is way more than an inch or 2 above the knee…it’s like 3 or 4

    1. Amanda Miller

      Hi love! Yes, it’s three inches. If you read the entire post you will see what I say about flare dresses ;)!! Xoxo A

  6. Allie Mckin

    Yeah to me to short skirts to work is a no no but so many people do it. And if you are tall and a small size it is even more challenging because a size 2 on someone who is 5’8″ is not the same as someone who is 5’4″. Though I think the length you have on is perfect and this stunner looks great on you!

    Allie of ALLIENYC

  7. Lisa

    The dress is so cute on you! I’ve been loving the spotted print, I saw it on you with the spotted scarf, and I think it’s adorable! I looked at the dress online, and the color looks so different!! Do you know if there’s only one color?


  8. Julie Scorse

    Thank you so much for posting this! Being a taller girl it can be challenge when deciding what is appropriate and what is not!




The Miller Affect posting about the right length for work The Miller Affect wearing a spotted flare dress from Loft The Miller Affect walking to work in a spotted dress from Loft The miller Affect talking about the right length for work on Work Wear Wednesday The Miller Affect wearing tan pumps and carrying a black Kate Spade tote The Miller Affect heading to work in a Loft leopard dress and tan pumps The Miller Affect in a leopard flare dress from Loft The Miller Affect talking about the right length for work in this leopard flare work dress from Loft The Miller Affect wearing a spotted flounce dress from Loft

Photos by Mary Summers,  So Then They Say Blog

What is the right length for work?

I am going to keep this week’s Work Wear Wednesday post nice and short. I am so tired from a busy July & August, and my next few days are jammed packed with shoots & events!

I thought everyone knew what the right length for work was, until my sister recently asked me before starting medical school.

Seriously, the picture she sent was of a dress nearly touching her knees, and she kept asking if I was sure that it was ‘the right length?’ When I mentioned this to a co-worker, she told me a story about a friend of hers that wears very short dresses and skirts to work… and thinks it is ok!

These two events prompted this post.

I have been working since I was 16, so I definitely think of myself as an expert in the ‘work wear’ category.

So, what is ‘the right length for work?’

This of course depends on a number of factors, including body proportions (longer or shorter arms), type of dress or skirt (if it flares at the end, you can add another inch or two), and the dress code of the office (business professional dresses and skirts should be even longer than business casual attire).

If you are tall, short, or average height, make sure your dress or skirt is not shorter than two inches above your knee. Business professional attire should be even longer. I would make sure those dresses and skirts are not shorter than one inch above your knee.

I am wearing a dress that actually flares at the end. I give myself an extra inch or two on these, only because in the office the dress will lay down flat and be long enough, but outside the wind will take it up a bit!

I cheat a tiny bit on skirts (because I am 5’11 after all), but I definitely make sure that the skirt is not shorter than 3 inches above my knee!

Not sure that two inches looks like? Grab a ruler or download a ruler app so you can check yourself!

Now put on your favorite work dress that you THOUGHT may be too short. WARNING: if you THINK the dress may be too short IT PROBABLY IS.

For women, it is extra hard for us to be taken seriously in the work place, and to be treated as equal among the men. If you are wearing short dresses and skirts, you are actually putting yourself, AND the rest of us back further.

Being appropriately dressed shows ambition! Make sure your clothes are the right length of work before you head out tomorrow!

PS: You probably saw these heels on my ‘The Best Shoes for Work Post‘. They are sold out in this color, but are still available in some gorgeous new colors (including a new I MUST GET ASAP)!!

The Outfit:

Spotted Flounce Dress (this is an old dress but I linked the website that will take you straight to Loft dresses!  They have some of the best work wear!)

Kate Spade Tote (old style, linked a similar style)

Tan Heels (color sold out, linked a nude pair I LOVE)

NARS Lipstick, Anita

Knot Earrings

Knot Cuff

Crossover Ring

Here some other great options for work!

XO Amanda
August 9, 2016 Work Wear Wednesday

The Right Length for Work

From the Gram


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