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  1. Marcus Coons

    Thank you for talking about how you can always buy a romper that is a little bigger than what you need so you can feel free to move in it. I can see that taking the time to assess your likes and your style can help you spend your money on the right clothes that can help you feel comfortable. Personally, I would want to make sure I do some research on the top brands out here so I buy quality materials and designs that will help me look great in a romper.

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    […] see, I have really been crushing on rompers. This one comes in a great color and can be dressed up! The Miller Affect Blog has a great post about how to choose the perfect […]

  3. Katherine

    I’ve never purchased a romper, but tried a few on that I surprisingly like. Maybe this summer will be the year that I finally commit.


  4. ellesees.blogspot.com

    awesome tips–just what I needed for this latest trend!

  5. Rachel

    I am obsessed with rompers and yours is so beautiful! And what a great setting for your photos, they look beautiful!

    xoRachel at To Hell in a Handbag

  6. Victoria Galindo

    Great advice! Really I am such a fan of your blog. You look amazing and your romper is too cute. Have a great weekend!


  7. Adaleta

    What a lovely set of photos. All of your pictures look so professional & cute! xx, Ada

  8. Brenda

    This is such a great informative post (and it also cracked me up!!!) – thank you! I absolutely love that you had a little advice for everyone. You look stunning in this outfit!

    À LA PLAGE style

  9. Mary

    This is amazing! It looks fantastic on you – I love the crisp white! Thanks to you I now own or am about to own, another romper 🙂 Sportsanista

  10. Katey

    Fabulous! Rompers are huge right now, and I agree that they can work on anyone. It’s just finding the right one. The white is such a classic look!

  11. Brooke Webb

    Okay, this romper looks amazing on you…the flowy fabric looks beautiful on your frame and the back is gorgeous! I LOVE rompers but I have curves so I have to be careful about the fit. And, can we talk real here…it is hard to go potty! I think they need to invent a romper that is more potty friendly! 😉 Have a great weekend!

    Brooke | KBStyled

    1. Amanda Miller

      Haha my mom is a swimmer so she taught me how to make it work like you would if you were wearing a one piece bathing suit!!

  12. Carrie

    Beautiful post! I think so many people are afraid of rompers b/c they don’t feel like they can pull it off…they just have to find the right one! The white one is perfect on you! So so pretty!

  13. Erika Bazaldua

    Simple and gorgeous. Every woman needs this advice for this piece.


White Romper from Nordstrom
Everyone is on the romper train and they are never going out of style. I am tired of hearing “I could never wear that” when talking about a romper. Designers spend COUNTLESS hours making sure their rompers are flattering on everyone (you just have know what to look for). 

Leith High Neck RomperWhite Leith Nordstrom RomperWhite Romper, NordstromPink Kendra Scott EarringsClare V Foldover Clutch

Rompers are hard to pull off, for anyone. Make sure you think about these things before you purchase and when they all stack up you will have a masterpiece!

What to look for:

1. Color/Design: well, duh! Is this the color for you? Not the color that may look good after a little sun. I am talking about the color that ALWAYS looks good on you! If you are just starting out, get a solid color. Smaller petite girls need to add some stripes or prints, but keep the designs small. Tall & thin? Try finding rompers with some bows or ruffles for that extra fun & feminine effect!

2. Length: What length shorts would you normally wear? Now add an inch (ESPECIALLY if it is a flowy one like this romper). You don’t want the chiffon flying up and ‘Peek A Booing’ someone behind you! If you are petite, go with something a little shorter in order to elongate your body.

3. Size: Tall and thin: I am 5’11 and I don’t want it hugging me in the front.. if you know what I mean… so I always go one size up! A medium gives me more room to move around.  Lucky for this body type, flowy or form fitting works for you. Do you have a pear shape? Go a size up also! It will give you plenty of room for your curves and you can always throw on a bandeau if the top is a little too baggy and shows your bra. I like flowy rompers, like the one I am wearing, for pear shapes. You should also look for something with an embellished top so that it draws more attention up there instead of areas you don’t want to point out. It will compliment your curves in a good way. I feel like rompers are made for small petite girls! Small petite girls need form fitting rompers. Plus-Size? You can definitely rock a romper too! Just make sure it gathers at the waist in a complimenting way and you can also throw on a blazer and a long necklace if you want to elongate your body.

In the end, you really just need confidence. If you believe you can rock it, then everyone else will 100% believe you can too. Head HERE to check out a bunch of different rompers you can choose from!

This romper was the first romper that I have ever worn that my mother actually liked! She loved how flattering it was on me and the back is to die for! White rompers/jumpsuits are the best because the world is your oyster (you can wear whatever accessories you want)! If you love rompers, you can also check out this post on getting a Show-Stopping Romper. I hope this helped and I hope you go buy a  romper and ROCK IT! If I didn’t list your body type and you have questions, please list them in the comment section and I will definitely answer them! xoxo A

The Outfit:

XO Amanda
May 1, 2015 Outfits

rompers for different body types

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