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  1. Rachel White

    Love these behind the scenes posts, Amanda! Thanks for sharing! I adore all of your looks!



  2. Terra Roisin

    Thank you for sharing a recap of this year’s rsthecon! Loved your outfits! It was fun following along while it was going on too. I imagine one of the best parts is seeing other bloggers that you connect with regularly on Instagram but live in different areas. I’m new to fashion blogging (7 months) and now brand new to the rS family, but looking to attending someday!

    Fifteen Minutes to Flawless

    PS Thank you for the article sometime back with tips for getting accepted into rewardStyle…it really helped!

  3. Kirsten DeYoung

    I love your style girl! and am obsessed with your try on sessions! Keep up the amainzg work and I’m glad you’re finally feeling better!

  4. Maddy

    Amanda I loved the silver dress you wore the last night! it worked so well with your tall frame. I wish my 5’3″ self could pull it off but there is no way haha.

    xo, Maddy

  5. Lindsey Lutz

    You looked adorable the whole weekend, and Troy was just too cute. Great seeing you! I hope you feel better. Today, I am on the struggle bus FOR REALS! See you in September!

  6. Lauren

    Thanks so much for sharing a recap of the conference! Love getting to see what it was all about and also following behind the scenes on Insta. So sorry you weren’t feeling well! You still looked fabulous!
    xoxo, Lauren | Midtown Magnolia

  7. Tanya Foster

    Beautiful pics for your recap post. Loved getting to see you. Hope you feel better soon sweet girls!
    xoxo- Tanya:-)
    http://www.Tanya Foster.com


Good Morning!

Let me just start off saying the rewardStyle Conference was a little different this year than last year (see last year’s post here and here) because I am siiiick.

I woke up Friday morning with a sore throat. I thought it was just from talking more than usual but it progressively got worse and on Sunday I spent the entire day in bed or on the couch.

With that said, this year I had to miss most of the classroom sessions and really only came up to the hotel when I had brand meetings or for the lunches and parties. The lunches and parties were hosted by major brands and I did not want to miss the chance to see the decorations and all of the stops each brand pulled out!

I am not really sure HOW MANY people get invited to this conference every year. They say it is the top 200 butttt I imagine they invite the top 500 and then about 200 of us can actually go. Just keep working on your blog and you will definitely get there some day!!

Day 1 of the rewardStyle Conference:

Check In:

The Miller Affect wearing an off the shoulder mlm top for check in at the rewardStyle Conference

Check in is so fun because you get to meet and greet everyone arriving to the hotel as well as talk to all of the rewardStyle consultants! I love seeing all of my blogging friends from out of state as well as meeting new friends that I recognize from Instagram.

Sole Society Pool Party

the miller affect wearing a free people hot pink island set The Miller Affect wearing a hot pink set with dolce vita sandals and a nannacay bag The Miller Affect wearing a straw nannacay pom bag and tortoise number one sunglasses The Miller Affect at the Sole Society party at the rewardStyle Conference

Hot Pink Set (also comes in brown) I Lace Up Sandals I Tortoise Sunglasses I Nannacay Pom Purse

This was set up to look like we were in Tulum! It was so pretty but oh my goodness soooooo dang hot!! We were all fighting to find shade and drinking the jalepeño margaritas pretty heavily since they started actually serving them frozen!

After the party a bunch of friends and I headed to dinner at Dolce Riveria in the Harwood District (sooo yummy if you are in the mood for some amazing homemade pasta!)

Day 2 of the rewardStyle Conference:

Banana Republic Lunch

The Miller Affect and dallas blogger friends at the rewardstyle conference The Miller Affect wearing ann taylor gingham pants

My Outfit:

Christina’s Outfit:

Lynlee’s Outfit:

Brooke’s Outfit:

Banana threw the cutest picnic lunch at Shake Shack! They rented the entire place out for two hours and set up the area with picnic blankets and sunflowers galore! No one can go wrong with hamburgers! I have worked with Banana Republic a couple of times and I am currently working on a summer campaign with them. It is sooo cool getting to meet with the girls I have been corresponding with in both NY and Cali!!

Brand Meetings

I had one brand meeting on Friday with Lolë! So excited to potentially work with them within this next year! Their brand stands for Live Out Loud Everyday! They have super cute workout and athleisure clothing and most, if not all, of their clothing comes from recycled materials.

Bumble Cocktail Party

The Miller Affect wearing a DVF Jumpsuit

Have you guys every used the app Bumble? They spoke at the rewardStyle Conference and hosted Friday night’s cocktail party! The atrium of the Crescent Hotel was covered in bright yellows. My only complaint was that it went by way too fast!

After the party my friends and I all went to Manny’s to fill up in Queso and tacos! By then my throat was hurting pretty badly :/ I woke up Saturday morning struggling with the concept of getting out of bed.

Day 3 of the rewardStyle Conference:

Like I said, Saturday was rough. I didn’t even manage to get a picture of what I was wearing during the day. For reference, I was wearing a grey sweater with a black lace bralette, leather mini skirt, and white adidas sneakers!

Brand Meetings:

on Saturday I met with Topshop, ASOS, and Sole Society! I wear their clothes all of the time so it was so great to be able to talk to them one on one and see what they were looking for from me this coming year! Get ready for some fun posts featuring those brands!

Topshop Lunch:

The Topshop lunch was so beautifully done and the food was delicious! Half of the people in attendance had to sit outside and a cold front had come through that morning. Topshop got emergency blankets for everyone- so sweet!

Finale Party:

The Miller Affect and fiance at the rewardstyle conference finale party The Miller Affect wearing a silver halston heritage gown The Miller Affect wearing a long silver metallic gown from Halston Heritage amillero79-15 The Miller Affect in a metallic gown from Nordstrom

Troy was such a trooper and got dressed early with me so that we could snap these photos together! Right after these were taken we ran to dinner for a good friend’s birthday!

The rewardStyle Conference Finale Party was hosted by the LiketoKnow.it team to celebrate the new app launch. The events team at rewardStyle NEVER disappoints. They night was full of fun and surprises and lots and lots of dancing!

That is a full recap of the rewardStyle Conference from my second year! Can’t wait for next year!

xoxo A

XO Amanda
April 24, 2017 Outfits

rStheCon Year 2 Recap

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