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This Father’s Day is extra special. It is Troy’s first Father’s Day and a day for both of us to be extra thankful for our own fathers.

Yes, my mother obviously had a lot of influence on me growing up, but my father brought his own parenting style to the table. They co-parented and BOTH have molded me into exactly who I want to be as a parent.

Since Mother’s Day has come and gone and I have already told my mother exactly how much I appreciate her, it is now my dad’s turn.

I partnered with Shinola to help pick out the perfect Father’s Day gift.

My Father

Growing up we were never in need. Sure, we wanted things (and my parents taught us how to work and make our own money to buy the things we wanted), but we were never in NEED. They both worked very hard to make sure of that.

They never had a lot of extra income to spend on themselves, and if they did they saved it. They never bought themselves anything fancy. They also never asked anything from us. I am sure they had plenty of things they wanted, but when we asked for a list from them for a birthday or holiday they would simply ask for our company.

My dad has an especially giving heart. In college we would come home to visit and when we left we would always find a $20 bill or more in the cupholder. He has ALWAYS put our own wants above his own. Recently my sister’s and I all went on a cruise together and my dad gave my older sister money for us to use on the trip. When we called him to thank him he said, “You’re on speaker phone and your mom doesn’t know I gave you that yet!” Haha!

He is always driving to San Angelo to help his own father with whatever he needs as well. He is a completely SELFLESS person. Yes, if there was one word to best describe him it would be SELFLESS.

I wanted this year’s Father’s Day to be special so that he would really understand how much he has done to shape me as a person, and as a parent. I can only HOPE to be half the parent he was to me. I hope Miller grows up to be as kind, gentle, selfless, caring, patient, accepting, understanding and loving as her grandpa.

My sister and I went to Shinola at North Park Center to pick out a gift for him. They have the most beautiful leather goods and watches.

My dad has desperately needed a new watch for the past 20 years or so. The one he owns breaks all the time and you can hardly see anything through all of the scratches. We knew we wanted to give him a new watch, we just didn’t know which one to get! Thankfully the manager at Shinola was so nice and helped us pick out the perfect watch for our dad!

Shinola Father’s Day Gift Ideas

shinola father's day gift idea

We walked past (but made her to check out) all of the travel kits, wallets, messenger bags, journals, etc. to get to the watches. We couldn’t stop staring at everything and I had to lightly touch a few of the bags because the leather just looked so soft (and it was!)

See the full collection of great Father’s Day Gifts from Shinola HERE. They rounded up everything for you to make it super easy for you to shop!

There were so many beautiful watches to choose from. On the back wall they even had a ‘Make Your Own Watch’ board so that you could completely customize the watch.

Before going in I had done my research. Shinola’s watches are manufactured in America and come with a lifetime guarantee. This was especially important for us since my dad is always working outside and never takes his watch off.  He is also an experienced scuba diver, so we needed a watch that he could wear while diving.

That, and a lot of help from the store manager, is how we settled on one of Shinola’s timeless watches from their Automatic Collection. We bought him The Lake Superior Monster Automatic 43mm.

This particular dive watch has a depth rating of 1,000 ft and is made with anti-reflective sapphire crystal which helps prevent it from breaking and scratching. It is perfect. It is exactly what he needs and deserves and we cannot wait to present it to him!

Shinola has a watch for every dad out there depending on their own lifestyle. You can view their full watch collection and pick out the one that would be best for your own dad.

If your dad isn’t in need of a new watch, you can choose from one of their other classic Shinola Father’s Day gifts HERE.

Start shopping at Shinola today to get your gift in time for Father’s Day! Here are some more of my favorites below:

father's day with shinola on themilleraffect.com

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xox Amanda

Photos by Adria Lea

*This post is sponsored by Shinola. All opinions are my own and the gifts were picked out by me. Partnerships like these make The Miller Affect possible.

XO Amanda
June 7, 2019 Outfits

Shinola Father’s Day Gift Ideas

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