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  1. Kristyn Kilcullen

    i love this entire look and need those earrings in my life!

  2. Anna

    I struggle with the exact opposite issue so I completely understand the struggle. Such a great brand to focus on the skinny calf! You look absolutely fantastic and I love the pop with the tassel earrings! XO


  3. Christina Beauchamp

    These boots are perfection on you! And so is that dress! Love that the skinny calf boots are meeting a need!

    xo, Christina

    Fashion & Frills

  4. Taylor McLemore

    Girl I’m right there with you, I was called chicken legs my entire life!Kids can be so cruel! I’m pretty short and petite still and it used to be a nightmare for me shopping but you’re right these days store have stepped it up and it’s easier for me to shop too. Sometimes I don’t think people realize that being thin isn’t something to be self conscious about but it can be. You’re a beautiful women and I know you were an adorable kid! I totally need to check out Skinny Calf! Thank you so much for sharing!


  5. Rachel

    I wish I could say had that problem but only being 5’3 and having been a cheerleader/dancer in high school left me with muscular calves. That site is amazing for you though!

    xo Rachel
    To Hell in a Handbag

  6. Audrey

    always adore your style… still need to order those earrings!!

  7. Mary

    This is soo great and its about time! Its such a great concept and so many people need it! Thanks for sharing! Love learning about new things!


  8. Jessica

    OMG you are too cute and I love this entire outfit!!

  9. Cameron Proffitt

    Girl, you are hot. Everyone wants to be tall and thin like you! I’m also tall and HATED it growing up. None of the boys liked me because I towered over them. I wore flip flops to dances in high school because I was so embarrassed to be taller than everyone. Now I love being tall and wish I had a couple of more inches on me.

    Cameron Proffitt

  10. gabriella

    This getup is adorable! I love it’s transitional nature. I live in Boston and in the spring/fall seasons, no one really knows what to wear. Plus, the boots are adorable! Glad you found a better fitting pair!


  11. Darcy

    Love this! I think it is so great that new stores and brands are popping up that accomodate for different things like this as opposed to a “one style only”!

  12. Valery Brennan

    I definitely never had an issue with being too skinny, it was the opposite for me haha. Kids are ruthless though, and we all know they get it from adults! Those boots are gorgeous and I’m so glad that now there are companies that cater to all sizes – some for curvier girls and some for skinnier girls! We all need love! haha

  13. ellesees.net

    you look fab!! this is such a great idea!

  14. Anonymous

    This dress is the cutest and those earrings! ‘m obsessed with this whole look!

    Hannah Shanae

    1. Amanda Miller

      Yes!!! They are made for more petite women for sure!

  15. Elle Spann

    girl, you are beautiful!! people are mean. that’s awesome about that brand. I love niches that come out of necessity. I have a couple tall, skinny friends who have this issue too, so I will share it with them.

    Southern Elle Style

  16. carrie

    So great to hear about this company. I can never find boots that fit my legs just right…ever!
    Beautiful pics!
    CS Gems

  17. Briana Anderson

    FAB look!! Loving that dress and those earrings! Black, white and turq is one of my favorite combos!
    xx Bri

  18. Adaleta

    LOL at the note your little boyfriend sent you, that almost sounds like a pick up line in terms of how bad the note is. Thanks for sharing the story – you know I love to read those 😉 You look fabulous as always! xx, adaatude.com


skinny calf, striped dress, leather boots

One of the best things about Fall & Winter are the boots, don’t you agree? Finding the right pair is nearly impossible for me. If they are knee high they are way too big around my calves, but if they are ‘over-the-knee’ they never quite making it there. I am 5’11, so I need the shaft to be at least 23-25 inches. Today I am going to talk about the former problem, or rather the solution.

design darling turquoise tassel earringsstriped dress, skinny calf boots, denim jacketblack kate spade tote, striped dress, denim jacketskinny calf leather boots, kate spade totedesign darling turquoise tassel earrings

Photos by: Sandra Omielanczuk

Have you heard of Skinny Calf? The founder was tired of not being able to find boots that fit her legs, so the website was created. I am so grateful for it! My calves fit snug as a bug in a rug in these boots! Skinny Calf releases new boots all the time to keep up with the trends. The boots I am wearing here also come in brown, but there are many more designs available on the website.

I have always been skinny. I know you are rolling your eyes, but my middle school days were a nightmare. I was bullied so bad that my parents had to move me to a different school. I was called sticks. One of the ‘popular’ girls told the entire school that I stuffed my bra. The school was very small, so word got around fast. I had my very first boyfriend at the time (or what you would call a boyfriend when you were in 5th grade) and he broke up with me in a note that read, ‘Just sitting here learning about history, and baby, your’e history’. It is actually pretty comical when I think about it now. It was hard for me to find clothes that fit. My jeans would be long enough and then I would be flooding a week later.

I don’t really have that problem anymore. Stores have come pretty far since then. I can find jeans that fit and now, thanks to Skinny Calf, I have another place I can shop for boots.

I guess I told you the story because I didn’t want you to think I was whining about being skinny. I love being skinny and know I am blessed. But it took me until after high school to feel that way. I think we have all had things we have struggle with and have overcome.

Do you have a story? Speak up and share it below!

The Outfit

Boots: Skinny Calf

Dress: Impeccable Pig, similar HERE

Socks: Nordstrom

Purse: Kate Spade, sold out but love THIS ONE

Earrings: Design Darling

Denim Jacket: LOFT

Bracelet- Kendra Scott

XO Amanda
October 1, 2015 Outfits

Skinny Calf

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