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  1. What's New With Amanda Miller + Link-Up | The Miller Affect

    […] As stated in my Multi-Tasking and Spring Cleaning posts, it is important to get organized. I definitely make time for friends and family, but it […]

  2. Amanda K

    This dress is so cute! Thanks for all the great tips! I definitely need to get more organized when it comes to making blog posts!

    XO, Amanda | http://www.fortheloveofglitter.com

  3. ellesees.blogspot.com

    staying organized is such an important key and aspect to being successful! that dress is amazing. 🙂

  4. Karen Farber

    Love this outfit and your tips! I’ve been trying to get more organized, but it can be challenging to break those bad habits. I was able to organize my apartment, but am still working on organizing my blog schedule. Love the idea of writing down the due date for a sponsored post, that would really help to keep on track!


  5. Nora Minassian/Jacket Society

    Such a cute and fun dress and I love the location of where you shot the photos! Looks amazing!

  6. Betsy Burleson

    This cherry dress is adorable and looks fabulous on you!!! I love trying to stay organized. I’m actually pretty good at it. But with a family, 2 kids, helping my husband with his business and blogging, things can easily get overwhelming!!! Great tips that can help us all!
    XOXO Betsy

  7. Emily Cole

    Amanda this dress is so gorgeous on you!! Like seriously I am obsessed with how feminine and lady like it is!

    Such great tips on being more organized! I am literally the worst at this, but I am really trying to get better because when you have a blog on top of everything else in life it is definitely important to be organized.


  8. Blair + Kait

    Great tips! And LOVE that dress!

    Blair + Kait
    THIS + THAT | thisandthatbloggers.com

    1. Amanda Miller

      thanks girls! Cannot wait to meet you on Thursday!!

  9. Kishina

    Beautiful and lovely dress! Your style is impeccable. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Amanda Miller

      Thank you so much Kishina! What a wonderful compliment :):)
      xoxo A

  10. Karen

    Awesome organizing tips! I usually dont use the WordPress scheduler. For some reason, when it posts, it doesnt always work. I think I just need to update my blog! haha… And you look super pretty in that dress! Glam Karen

  11. Brittany Buie

    You’re so stinkin cute! I love this whole post. I am, actually, in the midst of spring cleaning and organizing. We are moving in a month and I am getting rid of so much clutter! I want fresh beginnings and these tips are perfect! Thanks love!


  12. Mae

    LOVE this post! I’ve been all about getting organized lately and I love your tips. I pre-schedule basically ALL of my blog posts and it is life changing. I’m not to the point where I’m weeks ahead or anything, but even just scheduling it a few days (heck, even one!) in advance makes a big difference!

    xo, Mae // Mae Amor

  13. Caroline Ciener

    This outfit is so adorable!! Also, I am super OCD so spring cleaning is totally my thing, this post is spot on thanks for sharing!!


  14. Monica

    Love this post! So very motivating for me! I’m definitely on the verge of chaos! And love this dress! So glam!

    Monica / The Styled Wife

  15. Elle Spann

    1) That dress is adorable on you 🙂
    2) I so need to clean out my closet…thanks for reminding me (it’s BAD)
    3) I need to schedule my posts as well! I just need to read up on how to do it for Squarespace

    xoxo, Elle
    Southern Elle Style

    1. Amanda K

      Elle, is Squarespace an app on your phone?

  16. Brooke Webb

    Love this dress and such great tips! Do you use the weekly planner or the academic planner? These are so cute and I love all of the prints/designs that you can pick from. I have got to get much better about keeping things in a planner, especially as it relates to my blog. I love the tip about scheduling posts…I have tried that via Blogger and for whatever reason, when I go to check and see if my post is up, it didn’t get posted as scheduled. I need to figure out what I may be doing wrong through Blogger. Thanks for the tips!

    Brooke | KBStyled

    1. Kishina

      Hi, Brooke! I’m on blogger as well and the same thing was happening to me…ugh! Well, I figured out that if you schedule your post for whatever date and time you like, you must then hit publish. Your post will not publish until the date and time you have set. Hope this helps 🙂

  17. Adaleta

    Lovely jewelry & I like that see-through bag. Not to mention the adorable dress you’re wearing! I hope no trains were coming as that would be scary. All in the name of a good photo haha! xx

  18. Grace Liang

    Love this flowy dress so much! I just did some spring cleanups but there are so much I need to finish. I love organize things and make my life a little bit easier too. Very useful info!


  19. CS Gems

    Great advice Amanda and beautiful dress!
    Carrie and Stacy
    CS Gems

  20. Anna

    Love these tips! I do many of the same things – including organizing my closet by items and color! And I just adore this dress on you! XO



Chicwish Cherry Dress

Getting organized is not just a blogging tip, it is a tip for everyone, and spring cleaning doesn’t have to just apply to your home. As soon as we let things spiral out of control in our lives it can affect work, friendships, relationships, etc. I am so unorganized, so this is something I struggle with daily. I am partnering with Chicwish and many other brands to bring you these outfits, and having so many partnerships can create chaos. I have really had to change some bad habits lately. 

Spring Cleaning, ChicwishSpring Cleaning, Illesteva Clear SunglassesClear Clutch from Oasap
Cherry Dress Chicwishclear clutch oasap, kendra scott cuff

Organize your closet: I like to put all dresses/skirts/jumpsuits together and organize them by color. You usually know what color you want to wear and it makes it easier to grab and go. I also separate all of my work clothes from my casual attire. There is no point for me to look through tons of white shirts in the morning to find the one white shirt I can wear for work.  Some people choose to flip their hangers around to keep up with things they haven’t worn (they put them facing one way and turn them around once they have worn the item), or you can put a little ribbon on the hanger and take it off once you have worn it. Then you can get rid of everything you didn’t wear once the season it over. When it comes to buying new clothes: if I am out of hangers I have to give something up in order to put the new item on the rack. Shoes: I put all of my flats together in one of those drop down shoe holders that hang from your closet, and I put all of my heels (by color) in the built-in shelves in my closet. When it comes to spring cleaning, I just take every single item out of my closet and sort them by “wear all the time”, “never wear”, or “has sentimental value”. Taking everything out helps you get re-organized and really helps you sort out what you want to keep vs give away (please don’t ever throw things away, there are people out there who would die for those old sneakers).

Organize your schedule: I use May Designs to keep a tight schedule. I keep those adorable planners with me 24/7. This has helped me to avoid double booking, and to make sure I am setting off my blogging collaborations at the correct time. Many times shops will send me items that have to be posted within seven days so it is very important that I write down when the item came in and when the deadline to post would be. I go as far as color coding to make sure I know if the event it personal or work related (something I can skip vs. something that is mandatory). Spring cleaning your schedule means you need to start giving up that one thing you have been doing that is bogging you down/stressing you out. Don’t over book and make sure you are leaving enough time for friends and family.

Organize your workspace: Whether it is at home or at work, it is super important that your workspace is organized. You need to know where to be able to find things as soon as someone asks for them. I am doing my new apartment in all white so I bought these for my desk! Spring cleaning: recycle old magazines and go through all those papers that have been piling up! File away or fire up the shredder!

Organize your blog posts: WordPress.org has this amazing thing called a scheduler. Believe it or not, many people do not realize you can actually schedule your posts to go off the next day, or THE NEXT WEEK. I love getting a few posts together and then letting them go throughout the week (especially if I know I have nightly plans). This completely relieves all of my stress during the week. Then, when you think of other items you want to add you can just go in and plug them in. When you don’t have posts saved you constantly think about getting home to set them up and it can ruin your day or night. Sometimes things come up and you can’t even do a post, or you are up until 2 am working on one. For those of us with full-time jobs as well as blogging, you cannot afford to do this. As stated in my Spring Multi-Tasking post, multi-tasking and stress actually damages your brain. Spring cleaning blog tip: make sure you start scheduling few posts to go off beforehand and see how much it changing your daily life. How to schedule: Just hit EDIT next to PUBLISH IMMEDIATELY. You can then change the date and time of your post!

Screen Shot 2015-05-10 at 7.52.26 PM

The Outfit- If this doesn’t load immediately please refresh your screen :):

Don’t forget that you can sign up for Endless Eyewear! For $19 a month they send you numerous pairs of sunglasses (that you pick out)!! These are some I have on loan right now! Get one month free using this link: ENDLESS EYEWEAR ONE MONTH FREE

XO Amanda
May 11, 2015 Outfits

Spring Cleaning – Getting Organized

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