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  1. Mallory

    You’d probably prefer the north side vs south. They have great hotels and better food on the north side! Plumpjack Squaw Valley is amazing !

  2. Courtney

    North Tahoe is definitely the best of the two!! Kings Beach, Incline Village, and Tahoe City are all so lovely and where most everyone who lives in San Francisco with me, has second homes or goes for vacation. Truckee is a super cute town up North too. Definitely recommend you going back to North Tahoe in the summer – it’s so beautiful!!!

  3. Kathy

    I was fortunate to live in Tahoe (Incline Village) for 30 years! The North Shore is so much nicer than the South. No casinos! If you go back please check out Tahoe City or Incline. Absolutely beautiful. After 30 years of snow I am now retired in Scottsdale and I love the heat -)


This is going to be a short and sweet post because Troy and I didn’t stay in Lake Tahoe for long and we didn’t do much while we were there.

Lake Tahoe

south lake tahoe

View from the gondola on the way up to Heavenly*

cascade falls hiking trail

Picture we took during our hike to Cascade Falls*

Day 1

We flew into Reno and from Reno it was a beautiful hour long drive to South Tahoe. There is also another way to go around the other side of the lake that takes much longer but apparently you can see the lake the entire drive. You can only see bits and pieces of it when you drive the fast way from Tahoe.

We rented a car because it was only $18 a day through Budget and we knew we would want one for hiking and exploring. If you go during the winter and aren’t comfortable driving in those road conditions, there are shuttles that will take you out to South Tahoe from the airport.

From there we checked into The Landing Hotel. We heard great things about it and it had good reviews online. It was located right on the lake so you could literally walk onto the beach from the hotel. They also have a shuttle service that will take you everywhere within a mile and a half distance (ski lifts and casinos are all in that reach!)

Each room had a fireplace but the logs were fake so it wasn’t a real fire. We were pretty bummed about that! There is nothing like the crackle of the wood and the smell of a fireplace when it is snowing outside.

The bathroom had heated floors and a heated toilet seat, which we LOVED!!

The first night we just had dinner at Jimmy’s at our hotel. It was really good and has a great view of the lake. Everyone staying in Tahoe can eat there. Then we just drove around South Tahoe and explored a bit.

south lake tahoe

View from the beach in South Lake Tahoe

before hiking cascade falls

About to start the hike to Cascade Falls! This is a lookout at the other side of the street when you park for the hike.

Vest I Tee I Leggings

attempting to hike up cascade falls in April

Me attempting to hike up Cascade Falls in tennis shoes in April

Day 2

On the second day we slept in, went shopping for gloves, and then went on a hike. The hike was called Cascade Falls. You just park at this pretty overlook and then cross the street to start the hike. We went at the beginning of April, so the first half of the hike had A LOT OF SNOW.  I was wearing really slick tennis shoes so Troy had to help me out a lot.

I would definitely recommend bringing hiking shoes to Tahoe if you plan on hiking- which you should! The hike up to the falls was amazing and the waterfall was beautiful. You can a few views of it before you are literally at the bottom of the falls looking up!

We ate at Beacon on the way back to the hotel. It is also right on the lake and a really fun spot! The bar was jammed packed so we sat in there and just soaked in the atmosphere with a great view of the lake. They are known for their Rum Runners.

We then spent a few hours that night walking around the casinos. There are only a couple of good casinos in South Tahoe- Harvey’s and Harrah’s. Troy and I like to play blackjack and do a few slots!

the miller affect taking a picture in the snow in Lake Tahoe

Trying to capture a picture in the snow!

Cardigan I Jeans I Tee I Slingbacks

south lake tahoe in april

The trees were so beautiful after the snow!

Day 3

It snowed all day on Day 3! Troy and I bought tickets to take the gondola up to the top of Heavenly Mountain. It was so much fun!! Food and drinks are super expensive up there and it is cafeteria style. I would grab a couple drinks but skip the food! There were tons of skiers up there with the fresh snow so it was really fun to watch. They also have this huge obstacle course for the kids to do in the summer if you aren’t skiing. Still worth the trip up! There is a pretty lookout halfway to the top so you can jump off and get some great photos!

the miller affect and husband troy pollard

Heading up to the top of Heavenly Mountain!

Sunglasses I Jacket (old from Lole!)

View from the top!

Day 4

We went back on Day 4! Super quick, fun trip!

Sorry we couldn’t be more helpful! It was super cold and snowy so we didn’t get to hike as much as we would have liked. Just google ‘Hikes in South Tahoe’ or just ask a friendly local! They are all so nice and willing to help.

When it comes to restaurants we really didn’t eat at a bunch of spots. Just Jimmy’s and Beacon and then whatever we could walk to (and I wouldn’t suggest any of those places!) I don’t think you go to South Tahoe for the food!

I am sure it would be soo much fun but really busy during the summer. At least you could go on some dinner cruises or booze cruises and lake out at the beach on the lake. You could also do a lot more hiking.

In the Winter the only thing to really do there is ski! Troy definitely wants to go back to ski!

Let me know if you have any questions!

PS- I didn’t know anything about North Tahoe and that’s why we went with South Tahoe. Have you guys ever stayed in North Tahoe?

xox Amanda

XO Amanda
May 3, 2018 Travel

Our Stay at Lake Tahoe

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