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  1. Kirsten DeYoung

    I want all of these for my pool this summer!


Hi friends!

I am going to break my trip to the Dominican Republic down into two parts since there is just so much to talk about/feature!

When it comes to the Majestic Elegance Hotel in Punta Cana, I want to talk about the pool and beach today and will cover the rooms, restaurants, and overall hotel next week!

The Pool at the Majestic Resort in Punta Cana:

last0008 last0002 last0009

If I were to rate this pool from a 1 to a 10, it would be a 10. The pool is so gorgeous and never ending.

Even though it was Spring Break, we never had troubles finding chairs.

They had a rowdy side- with a pool bar, and a quite side (also contained a bar but you had to get out to access it.)

On the rowdy side, you can frequently find foam parties (not even lying) and my sister and I finally tried it on our last day and had an absolute blast.

On the quieter side, you can play pool volleyball and/or just lounge around in pool floats.

They had a lot more activities throughout the day and a schedule board where you could see exactly what was happening there throughout the day.

They did have poolside rooms available, so if you get a room on the ground floor you get your own cabana and can just jump right into the pool!

The Beach at the Majestic Resort in Punta Cana:
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If you come out of your hotel room around noon each day, you may have a hard time finding chairs on the beach during busy season. It is definitely hard to find chairs in the shade unless you put your towels down from 9-10am.

The beach portion of the hotel is massive, since the hotel in itself is actually two hotels combines (Colonial & Elegance.)

There are always tons of people walking the beach, so the view from your chair is nearly always obstructed, but it is definitely hard to complain about that!

The beaches in Punta Cana are usually covered with seaweed. They did a really good job at this hotel of cleaning it out. There was definitely still seaweed on shore and in the ocean but not as much as we have seen at some other hotels in the Dominican.

Being in the sun on the beach is perfect because of the breeze, but you can actually get a bit chilly in the shade on an overcast day.

The beach also had activities each day that you could participate in and/or watch.

The sand was super soft and the sand volleyball court on the beach is amazing! Definitely one of the best ones we have seen! We only played one day though… we were lazy!

Swimsuits and Cover-Ups from the Trip:

The Miller Affect wearing a white bathing suit cover-up from Nordstrom
The Milelr Affect wearing a sage green one piece bathing suit from Nordstrom
The Miller Affect wearing a black Becca Swim cover-up from Everything But Water

Top Photos:

This sage green one-piece suit is so flattering and the braided detailing on the front and back is so pretty! It is nice and stretchy and comes with padding (yes please!)

The green sunnies are some I picked up for my last trip, but they never get old! I love the color and the retro vibes! They are mirrored and the mirror on them is slightly yellow!

This white swimsuit cover-up is a MUST guys!! It is so pretty and soft and will go with everything!

I grabbed this structured straw tote from Amazon and we basically used it every day! I also bought some poms and a glue gun so I can deck it out when I get some time!

These Hermes sandals are actually pretty uncomfortable :(. I was soo hoping I would love them since they are so dang pretty! I am going to keep wearing them to see if I can get them to give at all!

Bottom Photo:

The detailing on this black swim cover-up is too amazing to explain. I love that there is an entire line dedicated to the design! You can get tons of swimsuits in the same style!

This pom pom fedora is super fun and will definitely be a great purchase for Spring/Summer.

Lastly, you are going to see a lot of this ‘Going Places’ pom tote since it is so amazing! It also comes in a colorful print with a different saying on it so don’t forget to check that one out as well!

The MIller Affect wearing a white one piece becca swimsuit
The Miller Affect wearing a white pineapple caftan from Lilly pullitzer
The Miller Affect wearing a blue vitamin A swimsuit from Wala Swim

Top Photo:

Adria and I are in matching suits from Becca Swim! I wore the white one piece since my wedding is now two months away and Adria wore the stunning blue version!

Bottom Left:

How cute is this white caftan cover-up from Lilly Pulitzer? It has pineapples all over it! I love how it covered everything but you didn’t get too hot in it!

These white and gold jack rogers sandals are so comfortable that I basically slipped them on every time I was leaving the room! Excited to wear them all spring/summer too!

These pink mirrored sunnies have always been my favs and are definitely a must!

See the details on the suit by scrolling down further!

Bottom Right:

This blue suit from Wala Swim is so stunning. It does not come with padding but the seams on the top help cover everything for you! It is also super supportive! A couple of colors are on sale right now in this same suit!

This black caftan cover-up is an absolute favorite of mine and comes in so many other colors!

You will be seeing a lot of these mirrored sunnies this summer since they go with everything and I love they way they capture everything you are looking at!

The Miller Affect wearing a pink Hinge coverup
The Miller Affect wearing a shell Mara Hoffman swimsuit
The Miller Affect wearing an orange bikini from becca

Top Photos:

This pink off the shoulder cover-up is succchhh a great price and it is so incredibly soft! I wish I could wear it by itself but it is a little see-through! Still a must for swim season! I am going to grab it in white for my upcoming trip to Florida!

This colorful pom tote is to die for. It basically goes with everything since there are soooo many different colors on it!

I grabbed this seashell swimsuit from Mara Hoffman recently because I thought it was so perfect for the beach! It fits like a glove and the material is so soft! I am excited to try more of her suits now! I love the shells on this one and walked the beach trying to find some seashells to shoot with it, but found these cool trees instead!

These cute pink sunnies have gotten so much use lately!

Bottom Photo:

This is the picture I took with my sister when we got to the hotel on day one! Isn’t she the cutest?

Adria is wearing a black and white crochet halter suit, one of my favorite fedoras, and of course the ‘Going Places’ beach tote!

I am wearing a creamsicle color bikini (which I also own in blue), my new ray ban sunglasses, and this fab pom beach tote!

The Miller Affect and her sister wearing lilly pulitzer bathing suit cover-ups
The Miller Affect wearing a reversible suit from Nordstrom
The Miller Affect wearing a black side tie cover-up

Top Photo:

Loving these Lilly Pulitzer cover-ups! I am wearing a fun striped off the shoulder coverup with tassels and Adria is wearing a beautiful maxi! We both got stopped throughout the week when we were wearing  both of these <3.

I am wearing blue mirrored aviators and Adria is wearing some super cute pink round sunnies!

Bottom Photos:

This reversible suit is the cutest thing I have seen. It fits so well and the lace-up sides are amazing! Make sure to click through to see the palm print on the other side of the suit! Helllo two for the price of one!

I now own this cover-up in black and in white! I love the ties on the side and how light and breezy it is! Plus, you can’t beat the price for a suit this cute!

I am wearing my new animal print slides (feels like walking on clouds) and my favorite fedora hat!

The Miller Affect wearing a black suit from 6 shore road
The Miller Affect wearing a red caftan cover up from Nordstrom

This black swimsuit from 6 Shore Road is such a dream! I hope you watched on my Instagram Stories during the trip on all the different ways you can wear it! Definitely a must have suit! I love that it is high-waisted because it kind of works as spanx and the wrap at the top give you plenty of coverage! The back is completely open!

I paired the suit with this red caftan from Nordstrom. No idea why it looks pink on Nordstrom’s website, because this is definitely the ‘Rouge’ color! I checked my orders to make sure!

The Miller Affect wearing a swimsuit from Old Navy
The Miller Affect wearing a teal floral one piece swimsuit from 6 shore road

I grabbed the black suit on the left from Old Navy because the entire suit was $20! Actually every suit on their site is soooo cheap! You can mix and match so many different colors and styles too! I think this black top is sold out, but it comes in other colors/prints as well!

The aqua floral swimsuit on the right is probably my favorite. I got it from 6 Shore Road and has the prettiest floral print on it. I picked it to wear for my Herbal Essences campaign since they are all about being natural!

XO Amanda
April 11, 2017 Travel

Swimsuits from My Trip to the Dominican

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