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Amanda Miller posting about a new wallet from gigi new york The Miller affect holding the city wallet and carrying the mini taylor tote from gigi new york The Miller Affect in a grey swing dress and holding a pink phone wallet The Miller Affect holding a pink phone wallet from gigi new york The Miller Affect posting about the gigi new york city wallet launch The Miller Affect holding the pink city wallet from gigi new york The Miller Affect holding a pink embossed leather wallet and a purple embossed leather tote The Miller Affect in a gray swing dress from Amazon The Miller Affect talking on her iPhone and holding her new pink leather phone wallet The Miller Affect ordering some food at the counter with her new pink embossed leather wallet from gigi new york The Miller Affect in a grey swing dress under $30

Just Keep Swimming

Who else is constantly on the go (insert hand raised emoji here)?!

Remember the movie with Sarah Jessica Parker titled ‘I Don’t Know How She Does It?’ Well, that’s what people say to me over and over and over again.

How do I answer? I can’t. I have no idea how I do it. Retention is not my strong point. Someone recently asked how Fashion Week was. I responded, ‘I actually don’t remember.”

I work off a check list, and when the task is complete I rarely remember how it was complete! Do you guys every get from point A to point B while driving and then think , “How and the world did I get here!?” That’s my life in a nutshell.

I don’t like to complain…. I have an amazing life! I know some people manage to juggle way more than I do!

With that said though, I am definitely ALWAYS on the go.

I wake up, head to work, go to a blog meeting or errand at lunch, back at work, run to a blog event or meeting after work, shoot photos, shop for outfits, write blog posts, etc. It is one tangled web most of the time that I sometimes always manage to get myself out of.

The best accessories for being on the go? WALLETS & WRISTLETS!!!!

The City Wallet by Gigi New York

You have seen me where Gigi NY tons of times before, whether you realized it now. See Gigi posts here, here and here to name a few!

When Gigi New York came to me about launching a product, they actually sent me about 50 different items I could choose from to launch. Out of the 50 items, only two were wallets. I immediately went for ‘The City Wallet’.

Why? Because I noticed that you could put your cell phone in the wallet. I like to grab and go whether I am at home or at work. Having a place to clip my phone into makes life soo much easier. I can just grab the phone/wallet and head out the door!

I especially love The City Wallet for work. I usually like to run downstairs to grab coffee in the morning, and I am always eating outside or in the tunnels downtown for lunch. I love that I can just grab the wallet and leave my purse. Most of the time my purse is so dang heavy!

This phone wallet is sooo affordable!! It is under $200 and comes in 4 different colors! It also comes with an attached strap so you can make the wallet a wristlet!! With a wristlet, you can actually make it more of a clutch and carry it with you to different events!

Grab it below now, or enter to win a free wallet on my Instagram page this weekend!!

My Outfit:

The City Wallet

Mini Taylor Blackberry Tote

Grey Swing Dress (under $30 and comes in 14 colors)

Adidas Sneakers

Cuff Bracelet

Tassel Earrings (old from H&M, similar here)

NARS Lipstick, Anita

*Photos by Mary Summers, So Then They Say Blog*


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