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  1. Yelena

    Amanda, you are our best Canadian travel and tourism advisor and promoter! 😉

    Yes, Canadian winters can be on the tough side: long and cold. Winter starts in November usually and lingers till April. Montreal is usually 0 to -30 degrees celsius during winter. Brrrrr! Bring your parka and long underwear! Come in February for one of the Winter Festivals.

  2. Ashley Melson

    We just got back from Vancouver/Whistler and are only about 40% joking when we say we want to move there now! Completely obsessed!

  3. Nalunga Loy

    It was a nice event, Amanda you enjoyed

  4. Lindsay & Whitney

    OMG this event looks amazing!! What an incredible experience. And wow, Lole makes the cutest activewear and clothing! We are going to have to try out these yoga jeans too! :):)

    Lindsay & Whitney

  5. Shannon Mahaney

    This looks amazing! I’ve always wanted to go to a large outdoor yoga event. Their clothes are so cute too!


Many of you know that I was in Montreal last weekend, but a lot of you don’t really know why.

I went to Montreal for the Lolë White Tour, and had one of the best weekends of my life!!!

I am about ready to move to Canada! After a wedding in Alberta and then an amazing weekend in Quebec it has been super hard to deal with the heat here in Dallas. My husband doesn’t think I can take the winters in Canada though… and he knows me best.

Already planning a girls trip to Vancouver now. That is where everyone in Canada keeps telling me to go!

About Lolë

Lolë (Live Out Loud Everyday) is an activewear apparel company that currently started in Montreal but is opening new stores across the US yearly. Do you have one in your area? Find out here!

Lolë believes that wellness is a lifestyle, and uses recycled fabrics for a lot of their clothing- which I LOVE!

They don’t just sell activewear. They also sell jeans and other athleisure wear. What is athleisure? Athleisure definition: casual, comfortable clothing designed to be suitable both for exercise and everyday wear. My husband had never heard the term but I basically live in athleisure wear every day.

Here are some of the outfits I have worn lately that are from Lolë. You won’t believe how versatile these pieces are!!

The Miller Affect wearing a Lole dress and poncho vest

Olive Dress I Sleeveless Poncho I Tan Booties I Moreau Paris Tote


Black Pants (made of 87% recycled water bottles) I Grey Top I Olive Bag I Black Ray Ban I Adidas Sneakers

The Miller Affect wearing lole activewear

Pink Tights I Pink Tank I Black Sneakers I Black Sports Bra I Black Water Bottle

Yoga Jeans I Black Swimsuit I Leopard Pumps I Chanel Wallet on a Chain

White Top I White Bra I White LeggingsWhite Tennis ShoesSunglasses

Yoga Jeans I Grey Cardigan I Brown Sandals I Brown Reversible Tote I Tortoise Sunglasses I Duffle Bag I Suitcase

Lolë White Tour

The Miller Affect at the Lole White Tour in Montreal The Miller Affect doing yoga at the Lole White Tour The Miller Affect wearing all white at the Lole White Tour The Miller Affect and thousands at the White Tour in Montreal The Miller Affect and friends doing yoga with Lole The Miller Affect in old town Montreal for the Lole White Tour The Miller Affect and friends wearing white for the Lole Montreal event

The Lolë White Tour was so incredible. Lolë hosts the White Tour in Canada every year in Toronto and in Montreal. You can check the schedules here.

So many people signed up in Montreal that they had to break it up into three sessions. Each session had around 5,000 people in attendance and everyone was in all white.

Doing yoga and meditation amidst so many others was such an incredible experience. It is so hard to put into words. You just feel so in the moment, so grounded, so at peace. You all move at the same time, breath at the same time, etc. Just such a special thing to be a part of.

The White Tour made Troy want to get back into yoga and it made me look up all of the different mass yoga events they have around the country. I will definitely be back for this next year. I know they also did a White Tour in Toronto so I may have to try that one!

Have you been to a Lolë White Tour event? If so, I would love to hear about your experience! Please leave a comment below.

My White Outfit

White Top

White Bra

White Leggings

White Tennis Shoes


Watch the video for the White Tour HERE! It is so amazing to see everyone doing yoga in unison.

Other friends in the photos above: @laurenkaysims, @thechicseries, @juliet, @jesskeys

Photos by @tony_f

Lolë Top Products

Lily Tote Bag

I actually have this bag and I use it now whenever I travel. It is perfect if you take a bag to the gym or if you do yoga regularly. It has a spot in the front for you to slip your mat into.

Packable Jackets

Lolë gifted me four of these packable jackets and I am sooo excited! They are so warm and comfortable and will also go great under heavier jackets for super cold temps. You can easily pack them up into a little bag that you can use on the airplane as a pillow= yes please! Perfect for those of us who always have zero room in our suitcases. They don’t weigh anything and they don’t take up any space.

Oh and they are water resistant, wind resistant, and there are about 10 colors to choose from!

Lolë Water Bottle

These water bottles are so amazing. They will keep your drink hot for 12 hours and cold for 24! They also have leak-proof caps and a non slip grip base. I have one in white and one in black and have been carrying them with me to my workouts ever since I got back!

Make sure to check out Lolë’s full website and browse through their new arrivals. Follow them on Instagram for daily inspiration and to keep up with what they have in the works!

*This post is sponsored by Lolë. All outfits were put together by me and reviews of the clothing and experiences are 100% my own. Partnerships like these make The Miller Affect possible.

XO Amanda
August 22, 2017 Outfits

The Lolë White Tour

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