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  1. Kaylee

    Hi, I have to ask…can you share where you got that blouse you styled with the lemondrop loafers? The black with multicolored print? Thanks!

    1. Amanda Miller

      It was from Free People but that was taken a long time ago so I am not sure if it will still be available :/ xox A

  2. Heather Fitch

    I love me a good pair of comfy flats! Hallelujah! Thank you for sharing, and you look amazing by the way. I was not so lucky with my pregnancies! lol


  3. Ruth Josey

    I’m so glad to read this. I love the look of the Rothys and the concept but wondered if it was all just hype. They look great and you’ve styled them well 🙂


  4. Ruth Josey

    I’m so glad to read this. They’re so cute and one always wonders if they’re comfortable. Thanks for sharing and you’ve styled them well 🙂


  5. Kathy

    How was sizing of these loafers? The reviews often say size 1/2 to one whole size up.

    1. Amanda Miller

      They fit true to size for me! I always wear a size 7 and got a 7 in both of these!

      xox Amanda


the miller affect wearing a lemondrop loafer from Rothy's

The Miller Affect wearing a black free people blouse
the miller affect talking about comfortable shoes during pregnancy
the miller affect wearing leopard flats from Rothy's

This is why I LOVE MY JOB!!

I get to try out brands I have never heard of and then share the greatness with you guys!

When I got an email from Rothy’s asking if I would like to try out their shoes, I immediately said yes. Not because I needed more shoes in my life, but because I love what I saw online.

Why I Immediately Fell in Love with Rothy’s

1.Rothy’s shoes are  made from recycled water bottles. I am all about sustainability and Troy and I have been working on our recycling efforts more and more each year.

2.I thought The Flat, The Point, and The Loafer were all super stylish. It was hard for me to choose between the three and then it was super hard to choose what color/print I wanted. I loved all of the new jewel tones for fall. I ended up grabbing the Lemondrop Loafer and the Mocha Spot Loafter and am so happy with my decision!

3.They are machine washable- whaaaaaat?! This threw me! I couldn’t believe it! You can just throw it in your washing machine! That is soooo important when it comes to any flats because you usually wear them without socks.

4.They offer free shipping and returns= hoorah!!

After I ordered them and actually got to wear them I ordered two more pairs in The Point. Why? Because they are the most comfortable flat I have ever worn- and I need all the help I can get right now during this pregnancy!

the miller affect sharing the benefits of wearing shoes from Rothy's

the miller affect wearing leopard loafers from Rothy's
the miller affect fall style
the miller affect wearing the comfiest flats
the miller affect wearing a mini priscilla crossbody from Brahmin
the miller affect wearing loafers made from recycled water bottles
the miller affect wearing an embroidered free people blouse
the miller affect wearing diff sunglasses

The Most Comfortable Shoe

I have worn them roughly 12 times in two weeks. If I have put on heels or booties for something then I immediately slip these on when the event is over. I have worn these to run errands, to brunch, for a couple blog shoots, and to so much more. I never want to take them off.Basically they are the only shoes right now that give my back some reprieve!

My sister keeps seeing them on me and keeps trying to take them from me! She is used to me giving her clothes but I told her I am hanging on to these for as long as I can!

I hope you guys try Rothy’s for yourself. Here are a few of the colors/styles I am loving right nor for Fall:

I am so excited for you to try these out! You are going to be so obsessed! I love that I got to wear these for a couple of weeks and then share my findings with you guys. It is what makes me love my blog SO MUCH! We get to explore these incredible brands together!

Shop all of Rothy’s styles HERE.

xox Amanda

Photos by Adria Lea

*This post is sponsored by Rothy’s. All items were picked out and styled by me and all opinions are 100% my own. Partnerships like these make The Miller Affect possible.

XO Amanda
September 10, 2018 Outfits

Rothy’s- The Most Comfortable Shoe Out There

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