The New All-Day Nike React

the miller affect talking about the new colorways of the nike react

the miller affect wearing an olive linen blazer
the miller affect wearing the nike react from Nike

You guys know I work out for about three months at a time. Or a year..

But, no matter how little I work out, I still find myself stocking up on athleisure clothes. More like hoarding. It is basically all I wear during the day since I work from home and constantly have to run out for quick errands.

I constantly find myself reaching out for sneakers and tennis shoes instead of sandals and heels. I just want to be comfortable! Plus, I feel like the ‘casual’ look is definitely trending right now. Everything is more casual. Wouldn’t you agree?

Nike React in New Colorways

the miller affect talking about the amazing new colors of the Nike React

the miller affect wearing an olive linen duster from nordstrom
the miller affect wearing the nike react in Light Cream/Lemon Wash/White
the miller affect wearing the comfortable Nike React

Nike just released their Nike React in new colorways. I had never tried the Nike React before they reached out, but now I cannot get enough! Seriously, sometimes these collaborations change my life, haha!

A little about the Nike React (compared to the Nike LunarEpic Low Flyknit):

  1. The Nike React is 11% softer. It feels like my feet are surrounded by a silk pillow.
  2. The React is 13% bouncier. These will literally make you want to skip while you walk. They seriously make you want to keep walking. You will seriously want to just GO! I know it is hard to believe but they feel like moon shoes (remember those?!) If you watch my Instagram stories you can see that I am jumping. I can’t jump. These make me want to head to the volleyball court right away and show off my new ups haha!
  3. It is 5% lighter- making it one of the lightest incredibly-cushioned shoes you can buy!! Guaranteed guys! You could pick this up and chunk it down the street if you wanted. I mean you won’t want to because then you’d have to hop on one foot to grab it but this at least shows how light they are!
  4. More durable. Can last over 500 miles! I mean I cannot even run 1 mile right now but this means A LOT for all of you runners/walkers out there!
  5. The React conforms to your foot, basically making it feel like you are wearing a sock. Your foot and the shoe become one.

Read more about the Nike React benefits HERE.

You can run as far as you want in these or you can pull them on and run errands around town in them. They can be used for both! This means you can basically chunk all of your other sneakers/tennis shoes. After you try these on you won’t need anything else.

Plus, they are slip ons! So easy to slip on and off, but while they are on they conform to your feet!

I have been testing these out around town and forget that they are on! Now I am excited to wear them to the gym- YES I am heading back to the gym!

Ultimate Support-

the miller affect wearing jean shorts and an olive blazer

the miller affect talking about the most comfortable tennis shoes
the miller affect wearing a cognac leather tote from fossil

I was in a bad car accident when I was 15. I broke one of my legs and the way it broke caused it to be shorter than the other by nearly an inch. Most tennis shoes and sneakers leave my knees and back hurting by the end of the day. THESE DON’T! They are so bouncy and lightweight and I feel great wearing them!

If you suffer from the same problems or are just looking for something with more support- GRAB THESE! You will not be disappointed!

Buy the Nike React:

Buy the Nike React, test them out around the house. If you don’t love them, send them back! I promise you will though!

Here are the different colorways now available on They are true to size and I am wearing the Light Cream/Lemon Wash/White!

Photos by Mary Hafner

xox Amanda

*This post is sponsored by Nike. All reviews and opinions are 100% my own. Partnerships like these make The Miller Affect possible.

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