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  1. Marianna Lucas

    I love the orange pants! Such a statement piece, and they look so comfy for spring!

  2. Sharon

    I have a similar bag that I got at a flea market a couple years ago and use all the time! I love how trendy they are this season because they are so simple and fun. Kinda flea market chic!

  3. Emily

    These net bags are great evolution from the basket bags that have been so popular in the past few years. They are a great bag for packing on a trip too since they won’t take up much space in your suitcase.

    On a separate note, I am loving these wide leg cullotes! The orange color feel fresh paired with the crisp white. And the metallic sandals elevate the whole look. Great inspiration for the warmer weather!



The miller affect with her Topshop benny string shopper bag

the miller affect showing off the white shopper bag by Topshop
the miller affect talks about the shopper bag

Today’s post is all about these super cute shopper bags that are hitting the market in a frenzy right now! I grabbed this one from Topshop for only $40 and  I am loving it. It will go with everything this Spring/Summer.

I drew my inspo from The Style Bungalow. She always styles hers effortlessly! She told me she grabbed hers on Amazon for only $8 and I couldn’t believe it. It is a bag that was originally intended for shoppers who frequented street markets and fruit stands, but Stephanie made them the ‘it bag’ of the season!

Shopper Bags

the miller affect with the best mothers day gift...The Shopper Bag!

The Miller Affect fashion blogger talks about these gorgeous rope shopper bags!!
The Miller Affect Fashion Blog tells you all about how great the rope shopper bags are by Topshop!

There are TONS of different kinds of ‘Shopper Bags’. I am mainly showcasing the ones that look like nets today! I think they are so fun, like you have a fresh catch in there!

You can still grab this beige straw shopper bag for under $50 at Topshop.com, or the red version at Nordstrom.com! Make sure to head to the bottom of this post to see links to everything I am wearing here, and so many more shopper bags I am loving. I think I am definitely going to have to buy the one for $8 that Stephanie from The Style Bungalow has made so popular! I hope I can pull it off as well as she does!

The miller affect wearing wide leg orange pants from Nordstrom

The Miller Affect showing off casual spring and summer outfit ideas!
The Miller Affect shares how the Topshop shopper bag is great buy!
The miller affect fashion blogger talks about her favorite bag for summer, the rope shopper bag!
The miller affect in a casual spring outfit with pops of color!
The miller affect bring you the rope shopper bag, the perfect handbag for spring and summer!

The Outfit

I paired this shopper bag with an outfit that I thought I would wear while visiting a farmer’s market. Easy breezy pants and a fun ruffled top. Both of these items are under $60 and super comfortable!

Ruffle Top (order a size down)

Wide Leg Pants

Scalloped Sandals

Gold Disc Earrings

Shopper Tote

Here are more shopper totes I am loving for as low as $3!

Photos by Adria Lea Photography

XO Amanda
May 2, 2018 Outfits

The Shopper Bag

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