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  1. Iesha

    Great recap! Again, it was great being able to actually meet you in person!

    oxo, Lesh

  2. Ashlee

    Love this recap! Sounds like an amazing few days (besides the cold)!

    All the best,
    Ashlee @ cobaltchronicles.com


February 2016 new york fashion week

Where do I even start with my trip? For those of you who don’t know, a couple of weeks ago I went to New York and London for Fashion Week. If you had told me two years ago that I was going to be traveling to Fashion Week and sitting in fashion shows I would have definitely not believed you. Life is crazy though, and it has brought me to a point I could have never dreamed of! This last February was one of the most memorable months of my life. Here’s why:

New York Fashion Week- I have all of my tips on how to get into shows in this post, so here I am just going to talk about what all I did this past February in New York for Fashion Week.

The night we arrived we immediately changed and went to a Chromat party. It was basically just a club, so we got to dance and loosen up before the big week! This is a photo of the CRAZY bathroom at the party!

Day One- Let me start this by saying IT WAS FREEZING. I will probably NEVER go back to New York in February. We were only outside for a minute each time, but it was enough. The windchill alone was -15 some days while we were there. Pair that with snow and ice and I am OUT.

On Saturday I had Lacoste in the morning. It was such a great show, but the raincoats were definitely the highlights of the show for me. I especially loved this hot pink one! For the show I wore a Lacoste sweater, a fur coat, a navy flare skirt, some navy plaid tights, and some baby blue booties!

After Lacoste we had the Shopstyle event. We got to grab a bag from Gigi NY, and borrow whatever we wanted for the week. I borrowed an amazing Self Portrait dress, which I wore on Sunday.

We had to leave Shopstyle a little early and head to the Leanne Marshall show. The dresses were so beautiful, but this camel gown was by far my favorite! I wore a vintage Wildfox sweater full of emojis, black wide-leg pants, red heels, and my new black Chloe handbag.

After Leanne Marshall we had a happy hour with Sole Society. Have you heard of them? I LOVE their shoes and accessories! This happy hour turned into dinner and dessert, so by the time we got home I completely crashed.

Day Two- I tried to stay in as much on possible on Sunday. We did go to brunch and then to the Maybelline lounge. at the Maybelline lounge I had my makeup and eyebrows done and was then ready to seize the day. I wore this gorgeous red Self Portrait dress all day and just tried to stay warm with a black fur coat.

After the lounge we headed to the Vivienne Hu show and it was beautiful!

This may have been my favorite day because we then had dinner with Paige and Hailey from The Middle Closet, who I completely adore! Make sure to check out their blogs! It is always so great to finally get to meet bloggers face to face!

Day Three- I was completely sick. I stayed in bed while Sage and Kristen ran to the Tommy Hilfiger show. I seriously regret not getting my butt out of bed for the show, but I ended up sleeping until around 12 pm.

I then packed up my bags, met the girls in Soho, and we did some shopping at French Connection. After that, we flew out to London! See the London post next Monday (you DON’T want to miss it!!)

As always, I go to Fashion Week for the people and connections. I love being inspired by the fashion, but the people are what make the trip memorable to me. Here are the amazing connections I made this trip:

Sole Society

Gigi New York

French Connection

The Middle Closet


Yumi Kim

new york fashion week with lacoste

Lacoste Show


Leanne Marshall Dress


Wildfox Sweater


Self Portrait Dress

XO Amanda
February 29, 2016 Fashion Week

February 2016 New York Fashion Week Recap

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