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  1. Paula

    I didn’t know you managed funds! That is so cool! I work in Finance myself. Yes I am 5’10” and I also have a hard time with finding conservative dresses for my corporate job. A lot of the time they will be the perfect length and then I will wash them and they become unsuitable for work. I will have to look into this one though since you said it works at 5’11”.

    Paula- http://www.livingpaula.com

  2. Alyssa Renee

    This dress is so cute and classy! =)

    Shop My New Online Store Below! =)

  3. preeti

    so jealous of your half day friday! i work 7-5 or 6 everyday womp womp lol! but i love love love this dress on you! may have to scoop it up for myself for work!

    xoxo, Preeti

  4. Alice

    Beautiful dress! I like how this look has a boyish twist to it, probably due to the pin stripe and the black boots. Perfect boy girl tension!

    xo, Alice || a l i c e / T Y P E N U


Amanda Miller wearing a work appropriate Topshop pin-striped dressI love wearing sweaters and jeans, but frankly, I am in business casual clothes 90% of my week. Not sure why I don’t post more work appropriate attire, but I will work on it! When I find a work dress that I love, I will wear it once every two weeks.. on repeat. This Topshop pin-striped dress is a perfect go-to for your 9-5!

A white topshop pin-striped dress with a pink street level tote The Miller Affect wearing a Topshop dress with a pink street level tote from Nordstrom Amanda Miller wearing a white pin-striped dress from Topshop with black scalloped socks and black leather booties The Miller Affect wearing a business attire pin-striped dress and pink tote The Miller Affect wearing black booties paired with black scalloped socks from nordstrom Amanda Miller wearing a white work dress from Topshop with black booties and black socks A pink street level tote from Nordstrom with pink roses

Photo By DallaStyle

I am 5’11, so it is always hard for me to find work dresses, and I am not really a work pants kinda gal. I am usually in either a dress or a pencil skirt. This Topshop pin-striped dress was just too gorgeous to pass up. I love the tie at the waist so you can give your belly as much room as you need ;).

If you had read my bio, you know that I work full time as a Treasury Analyst. This just basically means I am charge of all of my companies funds. Scary thought for my parents haha. I have NEVER been good at funds management but somehow found myself doing it for a career. Does that ever happen with you? That would also be like I was working as a housekeeper. Laughable to my friends who have seen my room or car…

I work long days (9 hours a day to be exact) and a half day Friday so I need to be super comfortable. This dress is soft and the length is long enough to where I don’t have to worry about pulling it down all the time! All in all, this Topshop pin-striped dress was worth every penny, because it is a dress I will have forever and wear a couple of times a month!

The Outfit

Topshop Pin-Striped Dress: Nordstrom (order a size down)

Scalloped socks


Street-Level Tote

Kendra Scott Bracelet

Nars Lipstick: Anita

XO Amanda
January 29, 2016 Outfits

Topshop Pin-Striped Dress for Work

From the Gram


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