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You guys always request these trend alerts so you can stay on top of the game each season and I love doing them! Today’s trend alert is all about classic sneakers. You will see that sneakers will be styled and worn even more than boots and booties this fall and winter for the first time.

Why you ask? We have grown so accustomed to dressing comfortably this year. We just have less to get dressed up for but are still wanting to get out and about to run daily errands, meet friends for quick coffee chats, and go on fun weekend road trips. These activities all require sneakers!

Classic Sneakers

When shopping for any kind of shoes, DSW is always a go-to for me. I usually look there first before browsing anywhere else. You can find everything you need and all of their shoes and you can’t beat any of their prices.

Today’s post is specifically about all of the amazing Reebok sneakers you can grab at DSW. When thinking of classic sneakers Reebok immediately comes to mind. I wore out a pair of Reebok sneakers in middle school and I wish I still had them!

trend alert: classic sneakers on themilleraffect.com the miller affect sharing classic reebok sneaker options at DSW the miller affect wearing nylon sneakers from reebok

The Reebok Nylon sneakers I am wearing in this post are one of the most comfortable pairs of sneakers I have ever owned. The nylon makes them super stretchy so they conform to your feet and it also makes them insanely light. I feel like I am bouncing in them (which is everything to me right now at 8 months pregnant!) I cannot wait to style them with more leggings and sweaters this fall/winter!

When you purchase your Reebok’s at DSW  you will be getting quality shoes, amazing customer services, and incredible prices! Here are a few more Reebok options at DSW that I have my eyes on. Simply click on the shoe to get it’s details:

Shop all Reebok options HERE and get ahead of the classic sneaker trend today.

xox Amanda

XO Amanda
September 23, 2020 Outfits

Trend Alert: Classic Sneakers

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