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  1. Sonia

    I was disappointed by Chinatown, I should have read some more on it.
    We did an architecture & Gastown tour , both enjoyable & informative. Dinner at Season’s in the park is a must!! Loved everything about our hotel L’Hermitage .
    Happy Anniversary & many more!

  2. Yelena

    English Bay area is also a wonderful part of Vancouver. Its a pretty beach, near one end of the Stanley Park sea wall trail, with funky neighborhood vibe.

    Chinatown is close to East Hastings, Canada’s worst skid row area. Avoid East Hastings. Its a sad commentary that socialism ( and BC’s NDP government) can’t easily fix mental health and drug addiction problems. Gas Town borders East Hastings so be careful there too.

    Richmond has great Asian Taiwanese style Night Markets in the summer time. Its a fun vibe with great food.

    Looking forward to your Tofino blog. BC travel tourism should hire you!! 😉

    1. Amanda Miller

      Thanks so much Yelena!

      We actually did the walk from Gastown to Chinatown and crossed East Hastings. We were pretty weary and walked really fast. It wasn’t much different than what we had seen in San Francisco a week ago. It is a worlwide problem that needs help!

      We meant to keep riding to English Bay on the bikes and turned to go back to Cactus Club. Should have kept biking!!

      xox Amanda

      1. Yelena

        Next time!😉

  3. Rebeccca Sweigart

    Just checking on where to find the north face jacket is that you were wearing??

    1. Amanda Miller

      Hey girl! It will linked on Instagram today (so you can find it at themilleraffect.com/Instagram once it is on Instagram or you can wait til Monday and it will be on my Whistler travel re-cap!

      xox Amanda

  4. Rob

    The PNW and whole area is magical in summertime.

    1. Amanda Miller

      Thanks Rob! What is PNW? xox A

      1. Jessica

        Pacific north west!!

      2. Anonymous

        Pacific Northwest. 🙂


Hi friends!

This is the first post from my Canada Anniversary Trip! This guide is based on a 10 day trip. If you have two weeks I would add an extra day on to each place Troy and I are visiting.

We started the trip in Vancouver and spent two days there. Two days was ENOUGH in our opinion. Don’t get me wrong, we loved it. We just think we saw everything there was to see and wanted to make sure we had enough time for everything else on our list!

Read this guide to see how to visit Vancouver in two days.

Vancouver in Two Days


We went June 26 & June 27. It was pretty cold. You definitely want a sweater, jeans, and a light jacket! You can shed the jacket when the sun is out, but if it isn’t you will want it the entire time.

Day 1

We took a 9:15 am flight out of DFW and landed in Vancouver around 11:30am. Canadian customs are super fast so we had our car and were out of there by 12:30! It is roughly a 30 min drive from the airport to downtown Vancouver.


We checked into our hotel at Le Soleil. I picked that hotel because of the location and great reviews online. The rooms were super outdated and frankly kind of creepy. The wallpaper was gold and white stripes and it was on all four walls so it kind of felt like we were in a clown house. Troy kept saying Pennywise from IT was going to jump out at us! Other than the aesthetics, the hotel was great and the staff were super helpful and friendly!

We could walk EVERYWHERE from our hotel! We never had to take a cab.

We got to the hotel before our room was ready. Be prepared for that! Have something you can change into or have your toiletries handy so you can freshen up in the washroom! I applied some quick makeup, brushed my hair, and we hit the streets.

Our first stop was Yaletown, which was around a 15 min walk from the hotel. Super cute part of town with tons of little shops and restaurants. We went to Flying Pig since we were starving! The bartender was AMAZING, the food was AMAZING, and our total experience there was AMAZING.We shared the meat & cheese board and the bolognese. There was some type of maple pie our bartender brought us for our anniversary and it was soooo good (I almost said amazing again, haha!)

the miller affect wearing a j.crew stripe sweater

Stripe Tank I Jeans I Miller Sandals I Madewell Tote

We took a water taxi down the street from Flying Pig to Granville Island. Granville Island is so cute guys! Definitely worth a visit. It is full of street vendors that sell local food and goods. Walk the island and look into all of the shops and stores. Oh, and definitely get your fill of all of the food there!!

We then took the water taxi over to downtown Vancouver and walked back to our hotel. We rested for a bit and got ready for dinner.

We were soooo tired but I refused to miss our anniversary dinner! We took a 30 min cat nap and felt so much better!

the miller affect wearing a beige plunge midi dress from Nordstrom

Dress I Heels I Bag I Earrings I Lipstick (Shirley)

We walked to dinner at Joe Fortes. Troy and I both got clam chowder and split the fresh Halibut. The chowder was great but the Halibut just didn’t have much flavor. Flying Pig was much better in our opinion!

Day 2

We slept in and walked to Cafe Crepe for breakfast. We both ordered Nutella crepes with strawberries and bananas. The ones we had at Sweet Maple in SF were muchhhh better but these were still good!

the miller affect sharing her two days in vancouver itinerary

Sweater (on sale) I Jeans I Miller Sandals I Bag

After crepes we walked down to the Seawall and rented bikes right below the Cactus Club. From there we biked around Stanley Park. It took around 2 hours. It was so much fun and so beautiful. There are bathrooms and concessions along the way. There are also places you can stop and just sit and enjoy the view. PS- make sure you wear your helmet the entire time. A lady actually went right over the wall ahead of us head first into the rocks. She ended up OK THANK GOD. She was up and walking around by the time we got to her.

After the ride we went to Cactus Club in Coal Harbour. We asked for a table by the window or outside with a view. It was definitely worth the 15 min wait! We had a gorgeous view. The food was great too. Troy got the Tuna Poke (torture for me since I can’t eat raw fish right now) and I got the crispy chicken sliders and the lettuce wraps!

After lunch we walked to Gastown (about a 15-20 min walk!) We really wanted to see the Lululemon Lab.. which actually wasn’t that impressive at all :/. Gastown was super cute though. We stopped and had ice cream, coffee, and walked into a bunch of shops!

We then kept walking to Chinatown. It is the second largest Chinatown in North America (second to San Francisco!) It was really cool to see, but the streets we passed getting there were suuuuper sketch. I wouldn’t recommend it. If you really want to see it, ask a taxi to drive through it so you can see it from the car!

the miller affect sharing her Vancouver in Two Days itinerary

Black Dress I Gucci Sandals Sandals I Leopard Clutch I Gold Earrings I Coral Pop Lipstick

We were super tired from walking and biking all day. We skipped a nice dinner and decided to hop into the first pizza place we saw- Red Card Sports Bar. This one just happened to be a sports bar where we got to catch game two of the College World Series! It ended up being a great night and the pizza was actually really good!

Are you from Vancouver? Is there something huge we missed that we should have seen? If so, please add it in a comment below for all of the other people wanting to visit the city!

Make sure to watch for the next guide- Whistler!!

xox Amanda


XO Amanda
June 29, 2018 Travel

Vancouver in Two Days

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