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  1. Dynamite Clothing | The Miller Affect

    […] I found this dress I was looking for cute dresses I could wear to work (read more about my new job HERE). You know me, I don’t like to blend in, so this fuchsia dress was perfect! It is really soft […]

  2. Samantha

    Woo girl I’m tired just reading this. I’m a work at home mom so my struggle is different, but still difficult. I wish I could make a full time income from blogging and that’s my goal for the end of 2016. It’s a full time job with a part time income, so I’m not sure how you do it all! Haha

  3. Christina Beauchamp

    LOVE this post! You are such an inspiration, A! So thankful we’re friends and so impressed by ALL that you handle! You are killing it in the corporate world and in the blogosphere — you go girl!

    xo, Christina

    Fitness & Frills

  4. Amanda K

    Wow! You are one busy lady! Props to you for being able to juggle both work and the blog! I am currently not working, but as you know I am packing and moving in a week, so its hard to fit in blog posts! Love the shoes by the way!

    Amanda || http://www.fortheloveofglitter.com

  5. Valery Brennan

    Can I just say I LOVE your idea of not doing blog work on Fridays or Saturdays? I think all of us need to adopt something like that because it’s easy to let it completely consume your life!

    I need to get inspired by your Pinterest – that’s definitely one area where I’m slacking!

  6. Hailey

    You’re the best of both worlds — beautiful AND smart! I can relate on so many levels. My first job out of college was in finance, and I worked 12-15 hour days… I was miserable. Now I’m in the software/tech industry and my hours are more flexible, but I can never seem to get away from work. I am glued to a computer 24/7 it seems. You are so smart to dedicate time away from all things work related — I need to work on that. On another note, love your outfit. That top is fab!


  7. Mary

    I love reading and hearing what other bloggers do during the day! I actually work in Sports Marketing right now – where did you work / intern? I feel your pain – its hard to balance work, blogging and life all while keeping a smile on your face!


    1. Amanda Miller

      I worked for the Dallas Mavericks D League (The Texas Legends) and I worked for Topp’s! Both super fun! <3

  8. Brooke Webb

    First off congrats on your new role…I’m sure you are rocking those formulas and keeping the numbers in check. 😉 I can completely relate…being a Wife, Mommy, full-time corporate America emloyee, and Blogger can take its toll. It is a lot to manage but doing my very best is all I can do. I think you are doing an amazing job Amanda, keep it up. And I am LOVING these finds from Boohoo…I’ve been browsing their site and love their prices. Thanks for sharing your personal work/life balance juggle.

    Brooke | KBStyled

  9. Victoria Norris

    Dang girl, you are BUSY! Mad props to you for keeping a schedule with such huge responsibilities straight, and succeeding at everything you do! You are such a #GIRLBOSS!
    xx, Victoria

  10. Tanika

    I completely get feeling like blogging and your full time job are 2 jobs! It takes a lot of work and effort to do both. I am also a wife and mommy to a 11 month old little girl. So most nights, I am burning the midnight oil blogging. I just started blogging only a few months ago, but its definitely my outlet and I get so motivated blogging and I am loving where its taking me! Thanks for this post, I live in Dallas also! Such a good city for bloggers too! You look amazing as usual!!

    1. Amanda Miller

      Thanks Tankia. I always admire people who have children and blog. I feel like having a child is already having like 4 jobs. I don’t know how you muster up the strength at the end of the day to work even more! Huge props to you love!!<3 A

  11. Darcy

    Loved this post girl! It is so hard to manage everything! I refuse to come home from work and get straight on the computer… so I normally wait until 7 or so just to keep my eyes a rest haha!

  12. Adaleta

    Holy crap reading all of that gave me a headache. You are really smart (reminds me Mean Girls when she says “so you’re like really pretty”) but wow your day-time job sounds super intense. I work for a tourism marketing company and we build websites, CRM systems, do SEO, email marketing & all of that snazzy stuff for destinations around the world. I’m an account manager so I manage a book of clients and with that comes a bit of travel here & there which is why I travel so much! I have lagged on my blogging schedule but stayed consistent with YouTube trying to get at least ONE video up each weekend and then a second if I pre-filmed or have footage that’s not garbage. I try to keep the editing to a minimal and not overdo it because I need to spend time with my boyfriend and I have a life but I also don’t want to post crap so it’s definitely tough. Good for us! xx

  13. Taylor McLemore

    Talk about an inspiration! You’re killing it right now! I know it might seem overwhelming at times but try to stay positive because it’ll all pay off in the end! You’re doing such an amazing job with your blog and I totally look up to you for blogging advice!! Thanks for always answering my million question emails because clearly you have a lot going on so appreciate the time you take to help me out!! Side note, I love this look and those sunnies, omg amazing!!! xo!


  14. Chandler MacWilliam

    For starters I love your shoes! But wow, You’re such a busy bee….but I’m right there with you…I feel like I’m ALWAYS staring at a computer screen blogging. Sometimes I just need a break from it. I don’t have a job yet but when I move to NYC in 3 weeks I will and I’ll have my hands full!

  15. Kimberly

    You boss must think highly of you to put you in such a responsible position!! Keep your head up be you will get the hang of it, like you always do!! You don’t give yourself enough credit for your smarts!! ?

    1. Amanda Miller

      pshhh you don’t see me here running around like a chicken haha!! love you!! xoxo A

  16. Mary-Katherine

    Girl, I feel you! It’s so hard trying to juggle essentially two jobs, but we keep doing it because we love it! Otherwise I would never want to come home from work after working 10-12 hour days 5 days a week (never go into audit with a big 4 firm haha) and get back on my computer. Plus, since I don’t have that much time during the week, the weekends are when I get most of it done. Luckily I’ve gotten faster so it takes a little less time, but it’s a passion and my kind of fun!

    So impressed with you for juggling both and still being able to take the weekend off!

    xo Mary-Katherine

    1. Amanda Miller

      leaving hearing inspiring stories like this! I don’t know how you do it! Glad we have each other to vent to but also share our passion with!! <3 <3 A

  17. Jamie

    I saw your post on instagram and had to come right on over. I juggle the work and blog life too. My blog is not nearly as busy as yours but I find myself pulling40-50 hours with my office work life, coming home being a mom and wife, then spending a few hours preparing more blog posts, images and content. It’s so hard to juggle but so worth it at times.

    I think it’s important to have time off from both jobs. I try to give myself Thursday – Saturday off, but it usually turns into Friday and Saturdays off.

    Jamie // Hello There, Lady!

    1. Amanda Miller

      Wow you actually have three jobs then.. well I guess 4 total (blogger, job, wife, AND kids). Kudos to you! I don’t know how you do it! Keep up the amazing work!! xoxo A

  18. Jill leffler

    I feel very lazy after reading your post. I have it really easy. I’m a stay at home mom of a 3 year old girl. I run an online fashion jewelry store with my husband. It’s definitely not as busy as your blog so I only work about 4 hours a day. I don’t know how you work that many hours. I would be exhausted!

    1. Amanda Miller

      I am hoping it is only this hard at the beginning. I think many people don’t go this hard, but it just takes them a lot longer to reach their goals! I am a hard worker because I like seeing the instant results!! 🙂



How many of you think you start completely  over in life when you start a new job? I finally had a great schedule down, was stress-free, and started making big moves with my blog. It all got jumbled when I accepted a new job offer. Today I get to share the question you have all been wondering: What is a Treasury Analyst, and what I do to keep myself, and my blog, on track?

IMG_1849IMG_1848white boohoo official embroidered topIMG_1852

What is a Treasury Analyst? I am not sure what Webster’s definition is, and it really is different in every company. I act basically as a cash manager. You can find me somewhere between accounting and finance, but I report directly to the Treasurer. Every morning, I check through our accounts and keep track of the money we had come in and go out the previous day. I also keep track of all of our debt, risk, and letters of credit. Basically, if we run out of money and hit negative, it is my fault. If I see that our cash needs are higher than what we currently have, then I issues borrowings with the bank. I also release all of our payments (wires, ACH, checks) and I deposit the checks we receive. My big project here at my new job is cash forecasting. I have to have three months of actuals (what we spent and made) vs three months of forecast (what we think we will spend and make). This basically involves breaking up line by line and using formulas to get a best guesstimate of what we will need. I have a LOT of responsibilities now that I didn’t have with my old job, so I have been pretty overwhelmed. We are a small company, but a publicly traded one, and I am heavily relied on.

What got me here? I am not quite sure actually! I was a marketing major and had some sports marketing internships right out of college that I didn’t really love. I really wanted to be in advertising and was contemplating getting my masters. Instead, I went to work as an oil & gas admin, then a leasing agent at an apartment complex where I met T (was promoted to assistant manager.. this is when I started The Miller Affect), and then boss I was an admin for hired me back as a treasury analyst (basically the only position he had available). I took it, even though I had no idea what it was, was there for 6 months, and then he became the CFO at another oil & gas company and I followed! Viola! Here I am! Reporting STRAIGHT to the Treasurer! #help

When I get off work each day I head home and immediately jump on the computer, again. If you are a blogger you know this life. If you are not, just know unless you are a really big-time blogger, you can not live off blogging alone. We make our money by sponsorships, and from you guys clicking on our links. Most of us dream of doing it full-time, but we do it because we love it! This is my creative outlet.

Working 12 hours a day is tough and takes it’s toll. I work Sunday-Thursday on my blog and don’t do any blog work on Fridays or Saturdays. In the mornings I wake up, schedule my Instagram posts, and try to link up and/or comment on people’s blogs when I can (this is how you can get more traffic to your own website). After work I write up my post, edit my photos, add my photos to the post, and then try to pin at least 50 images a night. I use Tailwind App, so when I pin them at night I shuffle them and they release throughout the next day when my users are most active (it is magical).

That is my life right now in a nutshell! Do you work two jobs? What is your story? Please comment below so we can help support each other! <3

The Outfit

Top: Boohoo Official (only $26!)

Shorts: Necessary Clothing

Shoes: Forever21, sold out (similar here, here and here)

Sunglasses: DITTO

*don’t forget to sign up for Endless Eyewear and receive one month free with code themilleraffect!*

Purse: ASOS

Lipstick: NARS (Anita)

Bracelets: Baublebar

XO Amanda
July 23, 2015 Outfits

New Job, New Life

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