Galentine’s Day Dresses

Happy Monday guys!

I am back with my best blogging friends to share our favorite Galentine's Day dresses! Each of these will be perfect with a night out with your friends OR with your significant other.

If you haven't seen our group posts before, head HERE now to catch up and to meet my friends!



Pajama Party Ideas

Hey guys! My goofy friends and I are back to bring you a few pajama party ideas for this holiday season!

We love any excuse to get together and I am sure you and your friends are the same way. Plus, no one can turn down a chance to put on their Christmas pajamas!

Pajama (...)

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What to Wear on Thanksgiving

Who all has a 'Friendsgiving' every year?

This was maybe my second time to ever do it and I had such a blast!

Today's post is all about 1. What to wear on Thanksgiving 2. Fav Recipes 3. Host Gifts and 4. Tablescaping

1. What to Wear on Thanksgiving

As you can see from photos (...)


What to Wear to a Pool Party

I know the N Sale has us all thinking of Fall right now, but Summer is DEFINITELY not over (especially in Texas) && especially not for me since currently I am in the Dominican Republic ;).

We still have many more pool parties left before we have to hang up our suits for sweaters and (...)


Rompers for Different Body Types

So excited to bring you this post today! I get together with these girls ALL OF THE TIME. They have become some of my closest friends. We are usually always in a completely different outfit that usually flaunts our own unique styles. We all decided we wanted to have a romper challenge. If we all had to go to an event wearing a romper, which one would it be, and why. Today I am so happy to introduce you to my friends, and to give you an inside look on rompers for different body types - the Dallas Blogger's Edition!…