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the miller affect hiking with her Fjallraven backpack from backcountry wearing her patagonia pullover from backcountry
the miller affect wearing a red fleece patagonia pullover from backcountry sharing her forsake hiking boots from backcountry

Red Patagonia Pullover I Black Prana Leggings I Coal Beanie I Backpack I Boots I Socks I Tumbler

Our Boot Collection from Backcountry

Troy and I had such an amazing time hiking in New England during our road trip last week. This hike was on the morning of our second day where we actually got to hike the Appalachian Trail! How cool is that? We actually set Miller down and let her walk (without help) a few steps so that she can go ahead and check it off her bucket list too!

If you read THIS POST or THIS POST then you already are an expert hiker and you know that Troy and I shop for all of our outdoors/activewear gear at Backcountry. They just have EVERYTHING there so why even bother looking anywhere else?

One of my favorite things to shop for at Backcountry is shoes. They have such a wide assortment of shoes and you can find just about anything you need from sandals to snow boots.

Some of my favorites include:

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the miller affect and husband wearing head to tow
the miller affect and husband sharing their favorites from

Troy and I both picked out new boots for the trip and they are probably our favorite purchases from Backcountry to date! I had limited space in my suitcase so I loved that these Forsake hiking boots were also really cute and looked great with all of my outfits that I brought. In fact, they were the most requested item from the trip from YOU GUYS! So many messages about them!

I love the fun laces, which make them look cute with your hiking gear but even cuter with jeans and a chunky sweater. They were so comfortable for the hike and just a great shoe all around.

Troy never took his Danner boots off the entire trip. He kept forgetting that they were hiking boots and just wore them with everything. He NEVER took his old pair of sneakers off so I knew he really loved these Danner boots to wear them instead every day! He just kept talking about how lightweight and comfortable they were. I am so glad he found a pair of boots he loves for the outdoors! They will really come in handy when we move to Colorado.

I think we will be adding to our boot collection from Backcountry each season. We can’t help it! They just have too many amazing pairs! Here are a few others we have our eyes on:

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the miller affect sharing mens hiking gear from backcountry husband wearing his patagonia jacket from backcountry
the miller affect husband sharing his patagonia hiking pants from backcountry

Jacket I Pants I Beanie I Boots

Troy and I are in head to toe Backcountry gear here. They have everything you need to hike, work out, explore, etc. We both love Patagonia and Backcountry has the most amazing selection. Troy grabbed this Patagonia puffer in Logwood Brown. He calls it ‘warm but flexible’. He is a golfer so everything needs to be stretchy and breathable for him. It was also really easy to travel with. It weighs practically nothing!

He is also wearing Patagonia pants that can also be worn on the slopes, along with matching Coal beanies (we both have one, they keep your ears so warm!)

I am wearing a Patagonia fleece, my usual Prana leggings (I have a few pairs of these. They are so great for working out), my Coal beanie, a Fjallraven backpack (my new obsession- currently wanting THIS ONE), and some warm socks. It was warm going up but super cold once we got up to the top. The fleece kept me warm but I had to put these thicker socks on warm up my ankles and feet!

As you can see, Backcountry has EVERYTHING you need to get outdoors this Fall/Winter -including everyday lifestyle-, especially in the shoe department.

I went ahead and linked some more of my favorite shoes for Fall from Backcountry including some boots you can add to your own boot collection below! Happy Shopping!

Use code AMANDA15 for 15% off your first purchase at (exclusions apply)



xox Amanda


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