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  1. Lynn

    Just read this I guess it’s from a year ago. Do you use the the CC cream still for foundation? Or I have seen lately you
    like the Pigment drops with moisturizer? thanks

  2. Bryn Bradsher

    I haven’t tried Clinique products in so long! Thanks for sharing what’s been working for you! Also those pjs are the cutest!

    Xo Bryn

    1. Amanda Miller

      Oohhh you need to try them again! The products are amazing! Thanks so much for commenting babe!! Have a great weekend <3 A

  3. Allison / Joy and Ivy

    I love Clinique and use their concealer, powder and blush! I just purchased their primer as the one I’ve been using isn’t that great – thank you for this post!

    Allison / Joy and Ivy

    1. Amanda Miller

      Yay! Which primer did you get? I use the one for redness but they have a few for different skin types!!

      xoxo A

      1. Allison / Joy and Ivy

        I also got the one for redness as I have combination skin with blotchy redness – I’m hoping this primer will help! Thanks again!! Allison / Joy and Ivy

        1. Amanda Miller

          Great! You are going to love it! Let me know what you think! A

    1. Amanda Miller

      Thanks love!! I just got THE BAG in, and I cannot wait to start wearing it! You will have to give me tips on keeping it clean! xoxo A

  4. Tanya Foster

    Great job Amanda! I do a lot of beauty posts on my site and they are not the easiest.
    xoxo – Tanya

    1. Amanda Miller

      Goodness no they aren’t!! It is easy when you truly wear the product though haha! A

    1. Amanda Miller

      Thank you so much Carrie! I appreciate your comments more than you know!!!

      xoxo A

  5. sydney

    These photos are absolutely stunning!
    xo, Syd

    1. Amanda Miller

      Thank you so much Sydney!! I have an incredible photographer!! xoxo A

  6. Christina Beauchamp

    These Clinique products look fantastic! I MUST try that concealer! And loving your jammies, A! Too cute! These photo are so fun. 🙂

    hugs, Christina

    Christina l Fashion & Frills

    1. Amanda Miller

      Yes, I love Clinique products!! Thank you so much for reading Paula!!! Have an amazing day!

      xoxo A


The Miller Affect posting her morning makeup routine with CliniqueThe Miller Affect in pink 'Summer Daze' Print Pajamas The Miller Affect posting about Clinique's free gift with purchase

Clinique Gift With Purchase

This is definitely the first time I have done this!

I finally wanted to share my morning routine with you today, because right now there is a Clinique Gift With Purchase event going on at Nordstrom! You get a gift (worth $70) with any $27 purchase of Clinique products! (gift pictured below). As if that wasn’t good enough, if you spend $55, you get a full-size 7-Day Scrub ($91 combined value) & who doesn’t need a scrub during Summer?!?!

Free Clinique gift with purchase at Nordstrom

I am not a beauty expert by any means, so I have been putting off posting my makeup routine on the blog. You guys finally asked enough times that I broke down! I am glad that there is now an added benefit for you (the Clinique gift with purchase)!

As most of you already know from this post, I use Clinique makeup. It all started when I met with a PR person for Clinique, and took home some products to try. Up until then I was all over the place between drugstore and department store products.

Most of you guys remember Clinique from when you were in high school, but haven’t tried out their makeup products recently. I am going to break down each product so you have a sense of what it can do for you and your skin.

I have been using the products for months now, so I hope you don’t mind that they don’t look all new and sparkly!

The Miller Affect Using the three step system from Clinique

Pre-Makeup Routine

Since we weren’t doing this in my bathroom, I went ahead and did my pre-makeup routine before this shoot.

First, I use the Sonic System Cleansing Brush with the Clinique Liquid Face Soap and/or the Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm (makes my face feel so incredibly soft).

I then use the Clarifying Lotion. I use cotton swabs to apply this and it is usually pretty gross to see what comes off your face even after you have washed it. This stuff makes sure you get EVERYTHING!  I then finish the process with the ‘Dramatically Different’ Moisturizing Cream.

This three step system has kept my face pimple-free since the first time I started using it (pretty crazy).

Also, a little goes a long way with this stuff. I have the big bottles, but the small ones would still last you a very long time. As you can see here, I have been using these for months, and look how much I still have left!!

The Miller Affect using the 'Superprimer' Face Primer from Clinique

‘Superprimer’ Face Primer

This primer is amazing!!! I told the Clinique specialist that I have a lot of redness around my cheeks AND that my makeup didn’t last long (it wore off within an hour). She then showed me this product. It not only fixed my redness, but now my makeup stays on and looks fresh all day long!

As you can see, the primer is actually yellow (crazy, huh). This is what combats the redness. Don’t worry, it doesn’t appear yellow on your skin at all. I used every single time I put my makeup on!

Amanda Miller using hydrating Clinique CC cream and Clinique Blended Face Powder & Brush

‘Moisture Surge’ Hydrating CC Cream Compact Broad Spectrum SPF 25

After the primer, I add my Clinique CC Cream. I use CC Cream because I have pretty clear skin. You can definitely use something thicker if needed. They also have this CC Cream in a bottle if you would rather put it on that way! The sponge feels amazing on my face, and the cream goes on smoothly! If you buy the CC Cream, you will have enough for the Clinique Gift With Purchase (YAY)!

Blended Face Powder & Brush

The CC Cream will not always match your skin tone. I bought these products pre-Spring and pre-Cabo. When I got back, I found my CC Cream was too light for my face. Instead of going out to buy more, I just used a darker powder that I was already using as a bronzer. I also use it on light spots throughout my face (I have a really bad one above my left eye that I use this powder for).

The Miller Affect applying Clinique 'Cheek Pop' Blush

‘Cheek Pop’ Blush

Before I found my new favorite blush, I only wore NARS’ Orgasm blush. I thought it was the only thing out there for me. Now, this Clinique Cheek Pop Blush is the ONLY blush I wear! It’s hard to compete with a blush that lasts all day long (plus I LOVE the color). The color I have is #13 Rosy Pop. It gives my cheeks the perfect pink glow!

The Miller Affect Morning routine with Clinique + a free gift with purchase

‘All About Shadow’ Eyeshadow Quad

This eyeshadow quad is great. I know I was supposed to remove that sticker in the mirror, but I decided to keep it. Like I said, I am no beauty expert. This sticker constantly reminds me where I should put each color!! I use the brown palette because I like a more natural look, but I am definitely ready to branch out and try the other colors!

Quickliner for Eyes Eyeliner Pencil

This eyeliner goes on so smoothly and doesn’t smudge! It will last me all day even through bad allergies. Again, I buy it in brown for a natural look, but it comes in other colors as well. I am also showing you their liquid liner here. It has a nice thick brush which makes the application so easy!

‘High Impact’ Extreme Volume Mascara

Need I say more? I think the name of the product speaks for itself. This is my favorite mascara right now, and it makes me want to try out all of their other mascaras to see what else I could be missing! They also have a a bottom lash mascara! Genius!

The Miller Affect applying 'Just Browsing' Brush-On Styling Mousse from Clinique

‘Just Browsing’ Brush-On Styling Mousse

This eyebrows styling mousse is MUCH NEEDED and I have to apply it every day. I have super thin eyebrows which makes it important for me to thicken them up a bit with makeup. I love this tinted eyebrow gel. You can order according to your hair color, and you apply it just like any other eyebrow gel/mousse.

The Miller affect wearing the Clinique airbrush concealer

Airbrush Concealer

This is my favorite Clinique product! I apply it at the very end every time. I love the way it illuminates my eyes (the color is actually called Illuminator). It really gives my face a bright look that is especially needed RIGHT after I wake up! It hides all those dark circles throughout the day. I usually always have it with my in my purse for a little pick me up when needed!

The Miller Affect wearing Long Last Glosswear from Clinique

Long Last Glosswear

Lastly, to go with my all-natural look, I apply lip gloss. Clinique has tons of colors in their Long Last Glosswear. It stays on forever and gives my lips a kissable shine ;)! It also goes perfectly with their matte lipstick, which I also wear when I am going out or doing a shoot. I linked my favorite color (Petals) below. If you get both, you will already have enough for the Clinique gift with purchase!!

The Miller Affect wearing Clinique Makeup. Get a free gift with purchase nowThe Miller Affect wearing Clinique Makeup. Get a free gift with purchase now The Miller Affect bedroom featuring a white 'Allie' Duvet from Nordstrom The Miller Affect jumping on her bed wearing a pink pajama set and gray robe

All Photos by Angie Garcia

Well there you have it. See photos above for the end result! I love how Clinique makeup looks fresh and natural, while making me feel beautiful! I definitely don’t plan on going back to anything else anytime soon. I highly suggest trying these products for yourself!!

Don’t forget about the Clinique gift with purchase! Right now you can get a gift (worth $70) with purchase of $27! Nordstrom also has free shipping, so you don’t want to miss this offer!

Other Items In This Post:

Allie Duvet Bedset

Allie Shams

Pink Pajama Set

Gray Robe

* Thank you to Nordstrom and Clinique for sponsoring this post. All purchases were made on my own, and all reviews and opinions are my own *

XO Amanda
May 18, 2016 Outfits

My Morning Routine with Clinique

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