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  1. Sarah McClanahan

    I’ll have to try this! Mine are awful & ive never done anything with them because I don’t know how. Also what color is your lipstick? I love it!

  2. Lindsey

    Your brows look SO good! I’ve always struggled with mine as well and I recently purchased an Anastasia kit and it’s amazing. There’s a reason why she is the brow magician! ?

  3. Jenn Lake

    Great tutorial, lady! ???

  4. Maureen

    I have the same problem. Thanks for providing a solution!


My eyebrows were a constant struggle growing up.

Every time I would get them waxed they would get skinnier and skinnier and more and more arched. I assumed that was just how they were supposed to look… until people started telling me otherwise.

Yep, I have had my fair share of internet bullies, and most of the mean comments were about my eyebrows. ‘Did you know your eyebrows give you a saddish expression?,” was just one of the comments.

I decided to book a counter appointment at Nordstrom with Anastasia Beverly Hills. Whenever it comes to beauty how-tos and advice, I always head to Nordstrom. You may have seen this Clinique post, where I learned how to really do makeup. It was all from heading to Nordstrom and actually watching professionals at the Clinique counter take me step-by-step through the routine.

I left Nordstrom feeling like a new person after Anastasia fixed my eyebrows. Now, I want to show you exactly what they did in case you have been looking for a good brow tutorial!

How to Get Feathery Eyebrows

Feathery eyebrows is definitely the Fall trend. The more natural looking the better. Here is a step by step tutorial on how to get them!


-I am working on growing them out more, but in the meantime I have to fill them in. Did you see the photo above? This is where my eyebrows should come out to. I get these marks by taking an eyeliner pencil and putting it straight up from the inner corner of my eye. Then by putting it to the middle of my iris straight up (this is where the top of your arch should be), and then by taking the eyeliner pencil from the corner of your eye straight out. You can see this better by looking at this photo below.


-Now that I know where they should be, I use the Anastasia Pro Pencil to draw lines on where it needs to be filled in (see below). *Disclaimer: I ONLY did my right eye in this post so that you can see the contrast between the two

TheMillerAffect-Beauty-17 TheMillerAffect-Beauty-21

-Then I use the Anastasia brow pen and use actual brush strokes to fill everything in. Make sure you do the strokes the way your eyebrow hair is actually going. Go with the hair and create soft, small lines. Fill in the entire area (including the area you have hair and the area that you do not have hair.)


-After the brow pen, grab the Anastasia Brow Wiz. This one is my favorite. With the same brush strokes, use the pen and fill in ONLY the parts without hair. This creates very natural looking eyebrows.

TheMillerAffect-Beauty-39 TheMillerAffect-Beauty-47

-After you have drawn in your eyebrows with the Brow Pen and the Brow Wiz, you will want something to give you the feathery look. For this part, I grab the Laura Mercier Brow Dimension Gel. I was told by the Nordstrom beauty consultant that this is the best product to get feathery eyebrows (the look that is trending right now)! Just use the gel to fluff up your eyebrows a bit!

TheMillerAffect-Beauty-50 TheMillerAffect-Beauty-52

-You are almost done, I promise! Now you will want to get rid of those concealer lines. Just use any brush, I use this flat Anastasia brow brush, to blend it all in.


-Once you are finished blending it in, you can go back over any parts that need to be filled in more or less! How crazy is the difference now between my right and left eye? See these photos below with both eyebrows done:

AmandaMiller-sweater-15 AmandaMiller-sweater-7

-I have a lot of work ahead of me on getting my eyebrows to where they need to be. I need A LOT MORE hair. My consultant recommended this Brow Enhancing Serum. It is only $38 and it is proven to grow hair super fast, like Latisse but without the $200 price tag.

Here are all of the products I used below. If you have any more questions on this feathery eyebrows tutorial let me know!! Head to your nearest Nordstrom for a brow makeover, or purchase the items you see here and try it out yourself!

TheMillerAffect-Beauty-12 TheMillerAffect-Beauty-13TheMillerAffect-Beauty-82

*This feathery eyebrows tutorial is sponsored by Nordstrom. All opinions are my own and all products were purchases by me*

XO Amanda
September 4, 2016 Beauty

Fall Beauty Trend- Feathery Eyebrows

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