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  1. Maggie

    That’s definitely a great goal – I’m in the same boat! I want to buy a house this year so saving up is a must. Please let us know your progress!


    1. Amanda Miller

      I have so many friends with your same resolution Maggie!! Good luck, let me know when you do end up buying one!!! xoxo A


huge loft sale, loft chunky blue sweater

I hope you aren’t getting bored yet, because I love talking about resolutions. Don’t they just make you feel good? Like a call to action almost. I feel like I have a goal, something to work toward. Too bad statistically only 8% of people are successful in achieving their resolution. 8%!!!!!! This is where you guys come in!

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Photos by DallaStyle

Hopefully you are following me by now on Instagram and Snapchat (themilleraffect). I would LOVE to be called out if you see or hear of me doing something that completely goes against one of my resolutions! I need your help! I want to be in that 8% this year in at least one of these resolutions!

Resolution #3- Save More Money

OK, so this will be a tough one because you guys will see me posting all of my stuff and think ‘how in the world is this saving money’? I want to be realistic here in my approach. I will actually be putting all blog money ASIDE this year, into a savings account. That means, I will only have my regular salary to depend on. Thank goodness I booked my flight to London before Jan 1 ;).

Why? Because blogging full-time IS my ultimate goal here, and I know I cannot do that without having at least a full year saved up beforehand. Either that, or to find a job that I am truly passionate about (I have put in my resume and am hoping to hear back soon about a potential opportunity). In order to save more, I obviously need to work a little smarter. Yes I said smarter (work smarter, not harder). I need to get my cookies in a row, and the closer in a row they get, the better I should do blogging wise this year!

Last year was my first full year blogging and it was such a whirlwind! As good as it was, I need to make AT LEAST 30% more this year in order to really think about blogging full time. I am a Treasury Analyst, so I made myself a cash flow, and did the math. I will DEFINITELY let you know at the end of each quarter, how I am doing on this goal!!!

I have two more resolutions that I will cover this week, but here is another look at the last two I mentioned:

  1. Spend more time with loved ones
  2. Cook More

The Outfit

Sweater: LOFT (order a size L if you usually wear a S, and a size XL if you usually wear a M)

Jeans: Nordstrom

Purse: Nordstrom
Boots: H&M

Lipstick: Bobbi Brown, Old Hollywood

There is a HUGE LOFT SALE going on right now and I thought I had to share it before it is gone! 60% off all items on sale. Which means, the item went on sale.. now it is sitting in the sale tab, and boom, you get an ADDITIONAL 60% off that!!! I went in there and literally bought 6 sweaters for less than $100! Then I came online and realized I missed out on tons more amazing sweaters that weren’t even offered in the store!! Here is a collage of all of my favs from the sale! Just click on each item to get there! <3


XO Amanda
January 6, 2016 Outfits

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