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  1. Cassie Rae

    Good for you, travel while you can! Where to next week? Have fun!

    1. Amanda Miller

      Off to San Fransisco again next week for work and then from there Vegas!! <3 xox A

  2. Sharon

    I too love Kate Spade! I’m loving those floral sandals on you with the blue dress. it’s a great combo. Your photos are beautiful, it looks like you had a great time. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Amanda Miller

      So sweet Sharon! Thanks so much! I love everything Kate Spade too!! xoxo A


Whew, this has been one crazy summer!

Ever since I took this blog full time I have had a huge want/need for travel. I can hardly be home for four days at a time without getting stir crazy. This world is just too big and I just don’t feel like there is enough time to see it all!

So far this summer I have gotten to see some pretty cool places and do some pretty fun things. I had my bachelorette party in Palm Springs, a friend and I went to Switzerland for 10 days, and I got to get married in Banff, Canada. Since then I have been to Napa with some friends and now I am only here for a week before I jet off again.

Being able to work while traveling is a huge blessing that I will never take for granted. I am pretty sure this will stop as soon as we start a family, but for now I am going to just keep landing and taking off again until I have to stop.

Summer Travels with kate spade new york

The Miller Affect talking about summer travels with kate spade new york The Miller Affect wearing a beige candace tote from kate spade new york The Miller Affect wearing a chambray tiered dress from Kate Spade The Miller Affect wearing a layered chambray dress from Kate Spade

Whenever there is  a trip on the horizon, I always check out katespade.com for new product arrivals. They always seem to have something that goes perfectly with my destination. Did you see this adorable cactus bag I took with me to Palm Springs?

Between clothing, handbags, and accessories, kate spade new york has you covered for all of your summer travels.

I knew this kate spade new york chambray dress would be perfect for the Napa backdrop. These tiered levels of chambray brought out all of the pinks and purples in all of the flowers we saw lining the roads. If only Dallas had the climate for those beautiful flowers!

Here are some more fun kate spade new york pieces to pack in your suitcase:

These embroidered slides were so comfortable and kept my feet feeling great throughout all of the wine tours we got to experience. When traveling, it is so important to have a comfy pair of shoes. Blisters can ruin your entire trip!

Here are some more comfy yet still super chic shoes to take with you on your trip:

The Miller Affect wearing a chambray swing dress from kate spade new york
The Miller Affect wearing a chambray dress from kate spade new york
The Miller Affect wearing kate spade new york in napa california
The Miller Affect wearing embroidered sandals from kate spade
The Miller Affect wearing pink slides from kate spade
The Miller Affect with a porcupine keychain from kate spade

This kate spade new york Candace handbag was also perfect for the trip. I kept my camera, phone, and all of my makeup in it. It is nice and sturdy and has tons of room inside for all of your belongings. It also comes with a strap that you can wear as a crossbody or on your shoulder to give your arms a break.

If you look closely you can see my porcupine key chain- so cute! I feel like it really brings all of the pinks together! Kate spade new york always has the most unique items that will definitely end up being conversation starters on your trip.

Here are some more handbags and accessories I am loving for traveling:

Next time you are booking a vacation make sure to check out kate spade new york. Grab some travel accessories and clothing to get you through your stay!

Here are a bunch of amazing travel accessories that kate spade new york has to offer:

My Outfit:

kate spade new york chambray dress

Candace Handbag

Embroidered Sandals

Floral Earrings

Pink Watch

Porcupine Keychain

XO Amanda
July 25, 2017 Outfits

Summer Travels

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