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  1. Anonymous

    Where did you go to karaoke?!

    1. Amanda Miller

      I don’t remember what the place was called :/ we just googled karaoke palm springs! xox A

  2. Rachel

    Aah this looks incredible! We are doing a bach in palm springs this april — do you have the contact info for your photographer? Def need to get some epic photos.

    1. Amanda Miller

      We actually brought a photographer from Dallas with us! Would you like her info? xox A

  3. Imogene

    Wow!! i love the post such a joyful bachelorette – party i like your outfits.

  4. Davida

    OMG So fun!!!!!!!! I need my bachelorette party on this level lol. It will probably be in Ocean City, Maryland, I wonder if Manservants come there?


    1. Amanda Miller

      Haha I am not sure! You can always check!!! Thanks so much for commenting babe! Have a great weekend! xoxo A

    1. Amanda Miller

      Thanks so much Amanda! We really had such a blast! xoxo A

  5. Treasa

    Such great vibes ???? Loved the post

    1. Amanda Miller

      Thanks girl! <3 So sweet for you to read the post and comment! Means so much to me! xoxo A

  6. Janice Morgan

    Now that is a Bachelorette party to remember! Love all your photos …..you all know how to party like a ‘boss’…..

    1. Amanda Miller

      Haha we really do!!! <3 A


As most of you know by now (and may be tired of hearing about), I was in Palm Springs for the first time this past weekend for my bachelorette party with nine of my best blogging friends!

For this post, I just wanted to re-cap what we did, where we went, and the outfits I wore. I know many of you had questions on Instagram while I was there, so I hope to cover all of those as well in this post!

We had tons of amazing vendors supply us with items to make our trip even more amazing. Scroll down to the bottom to see all fun party themed decor we used!

Palm Springs Bachelorette Weekend Re-Cap

Day 1:

the miller affect travel look to palm springs with Bric's luggage and wearing an aspiring retiree sweatshirt by wildfox

Aspiring Retiree Sweatshirt I Jean Shorts (under $100) I Adidas Neo Sneakers (under $70) I Chloe Lexa Handbag I Bric’s Luggage I Le Specs Sunglasses I Gold Watch I Silver Bangle ($12 and looks like Yurman!) I

Our flight landed at 7pm so we didn’t get to the house until around 8! This is what I wore on the plane. People think I am so weird wearing shorts, but when I saw it was going to be 100 degrees there every day I didn’t want to take up any room in my suitcase for a pair of jeans! How fun is this ‘Aspiring Retiree’ sweater? It is extremely soft and lightweight!

Day 2:

The Miller Affect wearing a pom pom Club Monaco top with white club monaco pom shorts

White and Green Pom Top I White Pom Shorts I Hot Pink Sandals (40% off) I Cactus Bag I White SunglassesGold Watch I Silver Bangle ($12 and looks like Yurman!)

We spent the morning exploring the area and finding some good coffee. We also needed to let the neighbors know we were here and brought them each a bottle of wine (in hopes they would let us play music outside, which was actually forbidden in our neighborhood). One man actually said NOPE when we asked if he minded if we played music quietly. RUDE! And the took the wine!!

The Miller Affect wearing a lemon swimsuit from showmeyourmumu

Lemon SwimsuitWhite Sunglasses I Stir Sticks by Studio Noel I Pink Cups from Swoozies I Towels by Kassatex

The Miller Affect using manservants at her bachelorette party

Around noon we started getting ready for Manservants. Have you heard of them before? They are based out of LA and NYC. We actually first heard of them on The Skinny Confidential’s blog re-cap about her bachelorette in Palm Springs. We thought it was such a fun idea. I named one of them Harry Potter. They were soooo nice and respectful. They got us drinks whenever we asked, called in our lunch orders, picked up around the pool area, and even walked around the neighborhood to make sure our music wasn’t too loud! Basically anything you asked them to do! One of the girls got me a ‘cabana boy’ bell that we would ring when we were ready for our next drink! It was super fun having them there even though it was for a short time!

The Miller Affect wearing a white Vava by joy han dress in palm Springs

White embroidered bell-sleeve dress (50% off)  I Brown Camera Bag I Blue Fringe Earrings I Wine by Macauley Vineyard

On Friday night we had the most amazing dinner at Trio. I would highly recommend making the stop there while you are in palm Springs. I had the pot roast and it was so delicious! This white embroidered dress is so stunning and it is half off right now, so grab it in your size while you can!

Since Friday night was pretty chill, the girls surprised me with a lingerie shower! I had no idea! So sweet <3. They also had a game where they had asked Troy like 50 questions and I had to see how many answers I could match him on. Whenever I got it everyone else had to drink and vice versa. I think we killed it. Pretty easy since most of the answers were ‘Ice Cream’ haha!

Day 3

The Miller Affect wearing a khaki ruffled skirt from LOFT

Khaki Ruffled Skirt I Orange Mules I White Top I Scarf Watch I Cult Gaia Handbag I Karen Walker Sunglasses

On Saturday morning we made another coffee run! How amazing is this turquoise door? I wonder if Troy would ever let me have one?! This ruffled skirt is gorgeous and is on sale this weekend for 40% off (so are the shoes!)

The Miller Affect wearing a pink free people jumpsuit at The Parker Hotel in Palm Springs

Pink Jumpsuit I Gold Sandals I Gold EarringsKaren Walker SunglassesCult Gaia Handbag

For lunch we went to Norma’s at The Parker Hotel. The hotel was so beautiful but we did not have the best experience at lunch. We had just shot some photos at the famous pink door (see the shoot here), so we were already pretty hot. It was 105 degrees outside. Yes, it gets that hot in Texas but it hasn’t yet so we weren’t very acclimated. Our photographer nearly had a heat stroke. We go the restaurant and our table was OUTSIDE!!! We were hot from the very beginning and never cooled off. Halfway through our meal everyone kind of looked up and we all agreed we needed to get inside asap. We had to ask for to go boxes for everything. I definitely want to go back again, because the tuna salad sandwich really was to die for!

I wore this gorgeous Pink Jumpsuit to the lunch because I knew it would go so perfectly with The Parker’s orange door! It also comes in white if you aren’t a pink fan!

The Miller Affect wearing a cobalt blue Kore swimsuit in Palm Springs on a rainbow funboy pool float

Cobalt KORE Swimsuit I Funboy Rainbow Float

The Miller Affect and friends in Palm Springs on a rainbow funboy pool float

Wearing Hats by Olivia

The Miller Affect and friends wearing Hats by Olivia

Wearing Hats by Olivia I Pool Floats by Funboy

Due to the weather, we were either in the pool or in the house. It was too hot to lay out or just sit outside in general. I spent most of the day in the pool hanging out on all of our amazing Funboy pool floats! This rainbow one was so fun since it could fit a bunch of us, but they also just came out with one that looks like angel wings #swoon! This pyramid photo may look fun and all, but all of us on the bottom were dying!

The Miller Affect wearing a sequin free people romper in Palm Springs

Gold Sequin RomperGold Sandals I Henri Bendel Mini Handbag I Kate Spade Sunglasses

The Miller Affect and friends in palm Springs

On Saturday night we ate at 533 Viet Fusion and I think it was all of our favorite meal from the weekend! So good! I had pad thai and a bunch of different lettuce rolls. Definitely a must! This old station wagon outside of our house was everyone’s favorite backdrop. We took so many photos with it!! Oh and for the group photo, our photographer told us to act like a boy band. We found out Lynlee was a true gangster during this shoot, haha!

After dinner we went to a karaoke bar and had a complete blast! Everyone that sang was so good and the bars close at 1 there or we would have been there all night!

A lot of you Dm’d and asked for a less expensive, but similar romper. I looked everywhere and found a few that may work for you! I liked them here:

Day 4:

The Miller Affect wearing a blue high waisted kiini suitThe Miller Affect and friends wearing Kiini swimsuits from Everything but Water

Kiini Swimsuits I Pool Floats by Funboy

The miller affect wearing a palm print romper by show me your mumu

Palm Print JumpsuitHot Pink Sandals (40% off) I Cult Gaia Handbag I Ivory Beaded Earrings

The Miller Affect wearing a white maxi dress from lilly pulitzer

White Maxi Dress I Turquoise Earrings I Straw Clutch

On Sunday we were all on the struggle bus. We didn’t leave the house until 4pm and that was to get lunch/dinner. We sat around by the pool all morning and drank a lot of gatorade and water!

We went to the Draughtsman down the street from our house to eat and it was pretty fun. They have tonsss of different beers and we all got different flights. After lunch/dinner we walked to a super cute ice cream shop! The ice cream melted as soon as we walked outside.

Day 4:

 The Miller Affect wearing a white red carter lace romper

White Lace Romper (60% off!) I Cult Gaia Handbag I Pink Earrings

The Miller Affect shooting at the Saguaro Hotel in Palm Springs

See more of the Saguaro shoot HERE

The Miller Affect wearing a burger tee from showmeyourmumu

Burger Tee I Shorts I Adidas Neo Sneakers I Bric’s Luggage I Chloe Handbag

Monday was our last day but our flight wasn’t until 2 pm. We woke up early to pack and headed to the Saguaro Hotel. I lovedddd it! So bright and colorful and apparently they have tons of pool parties. You can see more of that shoot from yesterday’s post here!

Gifted Products

We had some pretty amazing gifted products that made my bachelorette weekend perfect. I want to thank each vendor separately for their contribution!!

The Miller Affect home away house in palm springs with funboy pool floats


See photos of the entire house that HomeAway provided for us in Wednesday’s post HERE.


Thanks so much for filling our pool with all of these fun floats!! I think Frankie the Flamingo was everyone’s favorite <3

Hats by Olivia:

Olivia owns an Etsy shop and makes the cutest hats for any occasion! Check out all the different styles and sayings you can choose from HERE.

Studio Noel:

Studio Noel Stir Sticks

Studio Noel is also an Etsy shop and they are doing all of the signage for my wedding! She offered to make these stir sticks and they were the most amazing personalized touch to the weekend. Some had a cactus on it, some said ‘Let’s Chill’, some had our individual names, and some had my hashtag #lastthrillerformiller <3.

Seersucker Gin & Vodka

Need I say more? Loved having the vodka there for all the times it was too hot to drink anything unless it was on ice!


Swoozies decorations for bachelorette party

Thanks so swoozies for all of the decorations! We used all of the fun cups you provided and we looovedddd the cactus plates and napkins! So perfect for Palm Springs! We hung all the banners outside and it made the pool have a definite party atmosphere! Oh, and the little men you sent us to hang on our cups was one of the highlights of the trip! My guy’s name was Brad!

Whispering Angel:

Thank you so so so much for all of the rosè! We went through those bottles sooo fast because it was so delicious. We saved the magnum bottle for last, but then it again it was also the hottest day so it lasted maybe an hour haha!

Macauley Vineyards:

I think you found some new loyal customers. Your red wine is one of the best I have tried! Thanks so much for sending the red, white, and vintage wine bottles. We drank wine every night.

Kassatex Pool Towels:

Kassatex pool towels

Such fun and pretty colors in your pool towels! We didn’t even have to fight over the colors because we loved them all! Loved how big and cozy they were! Thanks so much for sending!


You guys… too much fun for sure! Cannot wait to throw another even in LA or NYC so I can order Manservants again!


Simply delicious and one of the best servers I have ever had. I will always remember your divine food and customer service.

233 Viet Fusion:

Yum Yum Yum! So good if you are in the mood for Thai! Thanks for being so great to work with! Definitely coming back!

Everything But Water:

You guys are always the best. We are all so in love with our Kiini suits that you sent. I still cannot believe I left my white one at home and had to borrow Christina’s! I was so excited to be the only one in white!!

bouqs florals


You guys made our living space look (and smell) amazing!! The arrangements were so beautifully done! Thanks so much <3

Thanks again to everyone (friends and retailers) for making this past weekend unforgettable!!

Love yall, xox Amanda


XO Amanda
May 26, 2017 Outfits

Palm Springs Re-Cap

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