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  1. Sharon

    Wow, I wish I did all of my Christmas shopping in one place. My nephews have a long list of toys luckily I didn’t have to step foot in a toy store.

    1. Amanda Miller

      Haha you are a great aunt! My niece has enough toys.. she just needs more clothes (my specialty!) xox A


The Miller Affect and niece wrapping gifts from Marks & Spencer The Miller Affect giving her niece a pink purse for Christmas The Miller Affect wearing penguin pajamas from Marks & Spencer

Hi Friends! I hope you are all having an amazing weekend.

The holiday season has crept up and it is JUST AROUND THE CORNER! Do you still have some gifts to buy? Don’t fret, I found a store that will cover everyone on your list!

I teamed up with Marks & Spencer today to show you some of my favorite holiday gift ideas!

We are actually going to be in Mexico until Christmas Eve, so I had to buy everything and have it wrapped up pretty quickly. Thankfully, Marks & Spencer has FREE Rush Shipping in the US from the 9th-15th!

Here are some of my favorite gifts from Marks & Spencer for him, her, parents, siblings, etc!

For Him

the miller affect with a blue v neck cashmere sweater from Marks & Spencer
The Miller Affect giving her husband a blue cashmere sweater
The Miller Affect with plaid house shoes from M&S

Troy is fairly easy to shop for. He actually has amazing taste in clothes and loves receiving them as gifts. He would actually rather me shop for him!

He recently told me he needed some more sweaters. He has tons of shirts but not enough sweaters to last him through these cold-weather seasons!

Cashmere Sweater

Marks & Spencer has the most AMAZING selection of cashmere sweaters! If you saw this post HERE then you know I already own a couple of them myself.

Men are sometimes picky about necklines. Troy prefers a v-neck and luckily Marks & Spencer carries both v-neck and crew neck cashmere sweaters.

The best part? THEY ARE ONLY $147!!! Seriously the best gift you can give him! I am excited just knowing how excited Troy will be when he opens his sweater! I bought the blue one to match his eyes, but Marks & Spencer has 10 other colors in the v-neck cashmere sweater!

Cashmere Sweater

House Shoes

Oh and Troy loves slippers (house shoes!) I can just gift him a new pair of house shoes on special occasions and he just thinks it is the most amazing gift ever haha! Pair these plaid slippers with the cashmere sweater and you are done shopping for him! Such a relief, right?

Plaid House Shoes

For the Kiddos

the miller affect niece wearing marks & spencer for kids

The Miller Affect and niece hanging christmas ornaments from Marks & Spencer
The Miller Affect with a M&S bauble
The Miller Affect wearing a pink heart purse from Marks & Spencer
The Miller Affect wearing an oatmeal cashmere sweater from Marks & Spencer

My sister warned me not to give Emmy her new purse until Christmas Day but I couldn’t resist. Sure enough, once she put it on there was no getting it off of her. She threw a big fit about it at nap time and when she woke up she immediately put it back on… where it stayed for the rest of the day!

This heart purse will make any little girl in your family happy! Girls love playing dress-up and being ‘just like mommy’. This specific purse is fluffy where the heart is and it is really easy to open and close (which is so important for a two year old!) Now we just need to get her some pretend makeup to go in there!

I also got her this adorable unicorn dress that comes with the grey tights she is wearing! She LOVES unicorns. She was actually a unicorn for Halloween last year and then she was a princess riding a unicorn for Halloween this year.

Needless to say, Marks & Spencer has an amazing selection for kids!

Pink Purse 

Unicorn Dress w/Tights

Unicorn Socks

For the Pup

The Miller Affect talking about dog toys for stocking stuffers

The Miller Affect sharing dog toys from Marks & Spencer
The Miller Affect with dog toys from M&S

Let’s not forget about the pup! While Troy and I don’t have one yet, we like to treat the other dogs in our family as our own! This is Jackson, my sister’s dog that she rescued a few years ago. He is such an amazing dog and loved his new dog toys from Marks & Spencer!

My parents actually do a stocking for their puppies. Do you? See all the fun toys you can throw in there HERE.

Duck Toy (sold out but similar HERE!)

Sausage Toy

Gifts for Your Parents

The Miller Affect with an initial coffee mug

The Miller Affect giving her mom a cashmere scarf from Marks & Spencer
The Miller Affect talking about gift for Parents

My dad always says ‘I don’t want anything.’ But, if you still want to get him something, refer to the ‘For Him’ above! He would appreciate the cashmere sweater for sure, but he would also LOVE the house shoes!

See the full range of Men’s items at Marks & Spencer HERE.

My mom is a little trickier. She usually has things on her list, but I like to surprise her too. This year I got her this L mug (her name is Linda) and this cashmere scarf.

Marks & Spencer has an amazing selection of cashmere accessories and my mom was complaining in Paris that she didn’t have a warm scarf!

Pure Cashmere Scarf- under $100

Coffee Mug

the miller affect with a wreath from Marks & Spencer

We also always gift Christmas decorations every year and this year I bought them this wreath from Marks & Spencer. Isn’t it gorgeous? See their wide range of Christmas decorations HERE!


Gifts for In-Laws

Since we got married this year, we are giving Troy’s parents framed photos from our wedding! Marks & Spencer has some really beautiful picture frames (see HERE!) If you are out of ideas this year, give your in-laws a pretty framed photo! You really can’t go wrong there!

Gifts for Your Siblings

The Miller Affect talking about House shoes from Marks & Spencer

Last but not least we have the siblings.

We do an ornament exchange with Troy’s brother and sister-in-law. Marks & Spencer has a really great selection of Christmas tree ornaments and we are STILL trying to pick one out! I really love THIS ONE with the little fox on the top!

See all of their ornaments HERE.

My sisters always tell me what to get for my brother-in-laws (easy peasy) but again, see the ‘For Him’ above if you are having a hard time finding something!

My sisters and I aren’t doing gifts this year because of the Mexico trip, but I went ahead and grabbed these house shoes, leather gloves, emergency kit, and this puzzle to put in their stockings!

Stocking Stuffers:

Grey House Shoes

Leather Gloves

Emergency Kit


Hopefully I covered everyone on your list! Marks & Spencer has everything you need when it comes to holiday gifts or Christmas decorations! You can get it all on their website and take advantage of their FREE RUSH SHIPPING from now to the 15th!

Happy Holidays!

xoxo Amanda

*This post is in partnership with Marks & Spencer and Shopping Links. These gifts were picked out by me and all reviews are 100% my own. Partnerships like these make The Miller Affect possible.

XO Amanda
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