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  1. Natalia Herrera

    Hello Amanda, can you share with me the brand of the second outfit with the sweater/jacket that is blue with brown tones. Thanks!!

  2. Kyle

    So frustrating that you posted a picture and did not source the items you were wearing. Particularly the taupe boots, bag, jacket. Please! Tell us where to get these items! Thank you!

    1. Amanda Miller


      So sorry you are frustrated. Usually I try to post everything for you guys but this post was put together last minute and I just didn’t have enough time. The boots are talked about and linked throughout the post, the bag is a Chloe Lexa bag and the jacket is Blank NYC and can be found at Nordstrom.

      xoxo Amanda

  3. Liane nguyen

    Hi, where did you buy your brown handbag? I love it.

  4. Liane nguyen

    Where did you get rhe brown/taupe handbag?

  5. Miranda Davis

    I read this post when you published it, and this is the third time I have referred back to it! Thank you so much for this post. I am barely 5’1” and your suggestions for boots for us shorties are so helpful. It’s pretty funny when you look at the pics of suggested boots for tall vs. petite girls because the majority of the pics for tall girl boots are heels and the petite girl boots are flats!! ???? But I really enjoyed this post and look forward to more like it.

    Thanks so much,

  6. Jennifer Hazen

    Hi Erin

    So excited to find a tall fashion blogger !!! yea!!.. I’m 5″9 130 and find it difficult to find clothes that fit.. Do you have a link to the clothes in your post?
    Thanks so Much

    1. Jennifer Hazen

      Sorry Amanda .. Typed wrong name!!!

  7. Katie

    I would love to see more tall vs petite posts! I am 5 11.5” and often have a hard time with shirts and boots!
    Loved this post! Thanks for the help

  8. Rachel / Trixie

    Fun article! Loving all of these tips 😉

  9. Sharon

    Amanda, I love this post. I had not read Erin’s blog before but will be now. This really was spot on for me because I love your blog for inspiration but often buy some of your looks and they are all wrong on me (I’m 5ft, 95lbs). I really like these photos because they show two girls in one look. Thanks for sharing, Happy Monday!


the miller affect talking about over the knee boots for tall women
Tall Boots, How to Wear Over the Knee Boots _ Fashion Blogger, Erin Busbee, Busbee Style-6

Happy Monday friends! I have a great week of blog posts coming your way, starting with one that is long overdue!

I am partnering with fellow blogger Erin Busbee today to give you tips on wearing over the knee boots for tall vs petite women!

Over the Knee Boots for Petite Women:

Tall Boots, How to Wear Over the Knee Boots _ Fashion Blogger, Erin Busbee, Busbee Style-30Tall Boots, How to Wear Over the Knee Boots _ Fashion Blogger, Erin Busbee, Busbee Style-1

Do you guys follow Erin from Busbee Style? Her blog is full of amazing information and tips. You can find a lot of great ideas and help for moms, home decor inspiration, how to style different colors of shoes, travel tips, etc. She has really inspired me to put more thought and work into my own blog posts.

She is also big on YouTube! Her videos are super fun to watch and I learn something every time I watch them. I especially love the one she did recently on casual outfits ideas for moms in the Fall!

Oh, and did I mention she is super sweet and super stylish?

Her tips on over the knee boots for petites are AMAZING! This is information that I know some of you guys have been looking for and really need. Some of you always say ‘love those boots, but they would look horrible on me.’ Now you can see exactly how you should wear them and what you can wear them with!

I never try to talk about things I don’t know, and that is why you never hear me talking about tips for petites! I love that Erin can come in and help me out on this category!

Make sure to head HERE to read all of Erin’s invaluable tips on wearing over the knee boots for petites!

Here are some of my favorite over the knee boots for petites:

Over the Knee Boots for Tall Women:

the miller affect wearing brown marc fisher over the knee boots for tall women

the miller affect wearing thigh high brown otk boots
the miller affect wearing black all legs boots from stuart weitzman
the miller affect wearing a striped loft poncho with black over the knee boots

Over the knee boots are easy to wear when you are tall, but really hard to find! Most of the shaft heights don’t work for my legs. Most hit right at the middle of my knee. These Stuart Weitzman boots that everyone loves so much are actually too short on me!

So when I talk about tips on wearing over the knee boots for tall women, I am talking about tips on finding the actual boot that is perfect for your height.

I am 5’10 1/2 and I look for a shaft height of 25″ or over! I know that if it is 25″ it will be long enough that if I were to bend my legs that the boot would still cover my knee. 24″ will also work, but your knee may show when your leg is bent!

Erin also talks about petites sticking to monochrome when they wear OTK boots in order to make you appear longer/taller. When you are tall, you can play around with prints and experiment with mixed patterns! It is so fun to wear patterned tops or shorts with OTK boots!

I loooove wearing my OTK boots with a dress or mini skirt. You can see the latest look like this HERE on my blog from last week! Find a dress that hits at the thigh with enough room between the top of the boot and the bottom of the dress for a definite wow factor!

Wearing your over the knee boots with a skirt or dress will draw tons of attention to your legs. Wearing them with some shorts and tights or jeans will draw attention to the boots!

Looking for OTK boots for a wider calf? Check out sites like Long Tall Sally or search wide calf on sites like Neiman Marcus or Nordstrom!

If you do not like drawing attention to your height or to your legs, then OTK boots probably aren’t for you! If you are wanting to slim up or legs, or draw more attention to them, then definitely try OTK boots!

Here are some of my favorite over the knee boots for tall women:

My favorite pair of all time is my black All Legs boots from Stuart Weitzman. They are pretty expensive, but I have had them for over three years and if I divide the cost of the boots by the amount of times I have worn them it would be around 50 cents per wear. They have held up so great and they don’t scrunch at all on my leg! Definitely something to consider putting on your Christmas list this year!

Let me know if you would like to see more of these tall vs petite posts! Erin and I would love to do more for you guys!

xoxo Amanda

XO Amanda
October 2, 2017 Outfits

OTK Boots: Tall vs. Petite

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