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  1. Maggie

    Speaking of last names… Are you thinking of changing the blog’s name because you won’t technically be a Miller anymore? Just curious!


  2. Courtney

    Thanks for this post! I am getting married in November and we are house hunting after the holidays. I’m just a few months behind you, so reading your posts helps me not to get so stressed out. You’ll find the perfect house when the time is right. At least, that’s what I keep telling myself. Keep your head up!

    1. Amanda Miller

      Ugh and you just helped me too!! We will find something, I know it!! Thanks for the sweet comment babe! xoxo Amanda

  3. Kimbo

    Next time you’re in etx, do the name change! I was in and out of the SS office in 10 min! The worst part is changing it on every thing else…. just do it little by little, acct by acct! I can’t give you advice on the house thing.i compromised and still kick myself for it. And I think he does too! ???? Can’t wait to follow along while you’re at acl!!!

  4. Miranda

    I really love this outfit! I ordered all of the pieces. ???? It’s a good thing I already had the boots!! And I did notice that something was different with your pics recently, but couldn’t put my finger on it. But I really like what you’ve been doing!! Thanks for always giving such attainable fashion inspiration ????????

  5. Jennifer Bliss

    I love your IG and blog. I’m a physician and live in scrubs–but I love fashion! I don’t have the time or mental capacity to style myself….so when I need help for events I look to your IG! I’m going to ACL next weekend (btw, what does a 30-something wear to a festival?! ).

    My fiancé and I decided to build our dream house, as the hunt was frustrating and over priced. I hated the idea for paying a crazy amount for an older house that I’d have to renovate and hire a decorator when I could spend the same and just build a new house to our specifications. It made every part of the process super fun and very much “us”.

    Your new style of photos look great! Thanks for all the fashion inspiration:)


    1. Amanda Miller

      Jennifer, you are so so sweet! Thank you! And I haven’t even started shopping for ACL either but I would imagine there are millions of photos online to give us some inspo! And I know ASOS carries some amazing festival attire too! We would love to buy a house! The problem right now is land in Dallas and us wanting to be in something within the next few months :(. Maybe one day! xoxo Amanda

  6. Keyondria

    Love this outfit on you Amanda! Quick question will you still be doing Wedding Wednesday post? Can’t wait to see photos from your wedding.

    1. Amanda Miller

      Thanks love! Well my photographer is sending the photos off to be published on wedding sites which means until someone picks it up I cannot post it on my end :/. Hopefully soon!! xox Amanda

  7. Shannon Mahaney

    I waited about a month to change my name after getting married. I lived in Florida at the time and it was pretty easy to get things changed over quickly.

    As for house hunting, we just bought our first home so I know exactly what you guys are going through! If I have any tips to keep you sane while house hunting it would be to be patient and understand that no house is perfect. You make it perfect as you live in it. I know you guys will find the right home that speaks to you.

    I love what you’ve been doing with your photos lately! One reason why I love following along with your blog is your Instagram paired with it. I love when you do try-on sessions and share your travels. (Your Fashion Week Insta Stories gave me life!)

    Keep it up, Amanda! 🙂

    1. Amanda Miller

      Sooo sweet thank you so much Shannon! xoxo amanda

  8. Nina

    It’s so funny that you mentions the new photos and looks. As I was looking at the last few posts you’ve made o noticed that I was loving your photography more and more and you had a different “look”
    I really enjoy it and I think it’s the right track!! Keep it up.


  9. Sharon

    Your blog is looking great. I have noticed a little change in the editing of your photos, like a deeper less vibrant look, in a good way (?). With sales and products I think it’s hard for a fashion blogger to really stand out. I especially love your outfit. I love neutrals.


The miller Affect wearing a suede miniskirt with a white sweater

The Miller Affect wearing black over the knee boots from stuart weitzman
the miller affect wearing a black givenchy handbag
the miller affect wearing a brown black nyc suede miniskirt
The Miller Affect wearing a white tie sleeve sweater from Nordstrom

Lately with Amanda:

  1. Hey guys, Amanda Pollard here. Well, I guess legally I am still Amanda Miller because I haven’t gotten around to the whole name change thing yet. I heard it is quite the process so I have been avoiding it like the plague. How long did you guys wait before you changed your name?
  2. House hunting is SO HARD especially when you are as picky as we are. I am fine with being out of Dallas proper in order to get the home we want. Troy insists on being five minutes to everything. He is willing to give up a lot on a house if it is in the right location. We are at an impasse. Month to month is expensive at our current place, but we can do it for as long as we need. We want to find the perfect house and understand we aren’t in a rush. We did find a couple of places we loved only to find out they are in a horrible elementary school district. Yes, private school is an option but it is also really expensive! Please pray for us as we continue this journey!
  3. I am going to HOPE FEST on Saturday here in Dallas at Happiest Hour and I would loooveeee to see you there! It is going to be such a fun event! Happiest Hour will be rented out and there will be a band and everything. Tickets are $60 and they support an amazing cause. Buy your tickets HERE! I will be in jeans and booties with a cute top (country casual!)
  4. I am heading to ACL (Austin City Limits) next week! Cannot wait to take you on that trip with me! I have never been to a music festival that big so I am really excited! Will any of you be there? Maybe we can have a meet up! I will be with Lynlee Poston (@lynleeposton), Dede Raad (@dressupbuttercup), and Emily Herren (@champagneandchanel).

The Miller Affect wearing an ivory tie sleeve sweater with a tan suede miniskirt

The Miller Affect wearing black thigh high suede over the knee boots
The Miller Affect carrying a black medium givenchy tote
The Miller Affect giving you a life update on house hunting and blogging

Lately with The Miller Affect:

  1. I am trying out a completely new style of photos and outfits. I wanted to stop looking like every other blogger out there. Have you guys noticed anything different? If so, what do you think?
  2. I FINALLY hired someone to help me! Her name is Briana and she is my older sister’s best friend from High School. She is helping me with emails, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and so much more! Lifesaver! I just wish she lived in Dallas so I could see her more! Check her out on Instagram at @brianamac13.
  3. The Shopbop Sale started today and I have created a new SHOPBOP FAVORITES tab under SHOP on my menu so that you can see everything I purchased so far from the sale! Don’t forget to also check out my Instagram Stories this week to see some Shopbop try-on sessions! Use code EOTS17 at checkout to grab 20% off orders under $500 and 25% off orders over $500!
  4. Need help figuring out how to shop my posts from Instagram? You can find them at themilleraffect.com/instagram at all times. Just click the photo once you get there and the links pull up beside the photo. Or, have you downloaded the new @liketoknow.it app (located in the app store?) Once you download it you can screenshot any of my photos on Instagram and then when open your app you will find all of my outfit details within 5 seconds. It is like magic and sooo easy to use! It has all of your favorite bloggers on there too so you can shop all of your favorites within the same app.
  5. Congrats to Paulina Rios for winning my Pink Sweater Series! She won the chunky knit turtleneck sweater! Thank you to everyone for entering. I will be doing another giveaway (for a $500 handbag) next week so don’t miss it!

The Miller Affect wearing an ivory bell sleeve sweater from Nordstrom

The Miller Affect wearing a suede miniskirt from Blank NYC
The Miller Affect wearing a suede mini skirt with black suede over the knee boots

The Outfit:

White Tie Sleeve Sweater– sooo incredibly soft and love the length (you can also wear it with leggings)

Suede Miniskirt – So in love and it also comes in black!! Great price for the quality as well!

Black Over the Knee Boots– I have had these forever it seems like. I am a little over 5’10 so I have to get the ‘All Legs’, but if you are shorter I would recommend going with the ‘Highstreet‘ or the Steve Madden pair that I also linked below!

Black Givenchy Handbag– I wear this thing with everything!!!!! Best investment piece for sure. Adds an element of ‘cool’ to every look

Lipstick– I have been loving this Baby / Pale Soft Pink color from Bobbi Brown. It is so natural looking and goes on so smooth!

The rest of my makeup is from Sigma Beauty and you can see everything I used in THIS POST.

XO Amanda
September 27, 2017 Outfits

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