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  1. Ally Beauchamp

    Love the chunky pink ????
    You look adorable in it! And fun booties too!

  2. Erika Hughes

    This chunky sweater is my fave!!

  3. Penny Carol White

    This one is my very favorite,so pretty and the color is gorgeous!!!!!????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  4. Tory Morris

    This is my favorite!!!!! LOVE the chunky sweater and the color is so fun!! You look adorable in it!

  5. JH

    I love this sweater!!! I keep going back and forth between this one and the first one you posted but it’s so hard to resist a chunky sweater!

  6. Kathryn Wallace

    OBSESSED with this one! Pink + oversized + chunky knit = PERFECT sweater. What’s not to love! ❤️

  7. Julieanne Orr

    The is my favorite by far! Love the color and the shape of it! It’s perfect for fall!

  8. Becca

    I love love love the chunky sweater and you styled it perfectly!

  9. Lyndsey

    Love, love, love this sweater!! The shade of the pink, the “chunkiness” (not sure that is a word ????), anyways it is perfect! ????

  10. raregemfashion

    Number 3 is def my favorite! I love this pink chunky sweater it is so beautiful. I would love to have one. My insta is @raregemfashion

  11. Teresa

    THIS is my favorite pink sweater! I’ve been into the blush pinks for a WHILE but I love this pop of bold color! I’d love to style it with some (p)leather leggings or a mini!

  12. Erin Williams

    Love how you styled this sweater (and all the others)! This one is deff my fave though… Chunky knit + turtleneck + pink?! OBSESSED! Keep killing the style game! XOXO

  13. Hanna

    It was so hard for me to pick the pink sweater I loved the most…but this one just looks so comfy! Obsessed with your style ????

  14. Gauravi

    Love the chunky pink sweater!

  15. KV

    I like the chunky sweater.

  16. Sarah D

    Love it! Great color on you! I want all the pink sweaters now!! Xo

  17. Alyssa

    This pink sweater would do me wonders in the cold NYC winter! I get cold so easily, outdoors and inside. The lab where I work is always so cold! And it would help me to stand out in a sea of black that we tend to wear up here. Love all your posts!!

  18. Sophia

    Love this look! The pink sweater is a gorgeous color and the boots work so well with it ????????

  19. Kelly

    This one! Love chunky sweaters!

  20. Emily

    I am beyond obsessed with this one!! ????

  21. Katie Armentrout

    I love this chunky sweater the most!! Big sweaters with leggings are the best and this color is to die for! ????????

  22. Faryn

    This one is my fave and I love how you styled it with the snakeskin!

  23. Prarthana

    This is definitely my favorite from the series! Its such a pretty shade of PINK <3

    Anh and looks SUPER comfy . So excited for fall and chunky sweaters!!!! Fingers crossed!

  24. Emily D

    Soooo many cute sweaters for the fall!! I absolutely love this dark pink one!!!

  25. Hannah Andrews

    This sweater is my fave! Although I love the light pink one as a close second! They are all so amazing and so great for fall! And they all look beautiful on you!

  26. Allison A.

    I have loved every one of the pink sweaters! I like all the shades of pink and think pink looks beautiful on you. Your snakeskin boots are so cute!! Very hard to choose a favorite sweater but I am thinking I would choose this fuschia chunky knit one. One of my girlfriends adores pink and is going through chemo for breast cancer. If I won I would like to give this sweater to her. Something fun to cheer her up! Thank you so much on the opportunity on your generous giveaway.

  27. Andreina

    This is my favorite in the series! It will be great for thanksgiving travel from Phoenix, AZ to Hershey, PA. I’m all for put together traveling looks (but they HAVE to be comfortable) and this will be perfect for it!

  28. Shayne Thompson

    LIVING for this sweater! The color is so perfect for Fall. You can never have too many chunky sweaters, especially when they are as cute as this one!

  29. Megan

    This hot pink sweater I’d definitely my favorite! Love it because I just had a baby and it would be flowy enough for me to feel completely comfortable in. Plus the color is just amazing!

  30. Elisa Fiala

    This was a very hard decision but I have to say I love this sweater the best!!???????????? #3. First, I loved #1 but then you posted #3 and I fell in love! ????

  31. Carly

    Love this one so much

  32. Madelyn

    This is my favorite, by far. I love this shade of pink, I love the boxy/chunky shape. I would wear it with distressed skinny jeans and booties, half tucked in. I think it would also be great with some gray dress pants and black heels, for the office. And with leggings and slippers for lounging at home!

    Thanks for this fun series….not only am I excited to have a chance to win, but I truly enjoyed the blog posts and the Intsgrams posts…I love seeing how you style outfits and I look forward to future posts!

  33. Mikayla Beebe

    Love, love, love! I NEED this pink sweater!

  34. Katie

    Love love this look! The boots are such a cute addition to this already fab sweater.

  35. Lauren Rosnick

    Lovelovelove! ????

  36. Cecily Hennigan

    This sweater is my FAVORITE!!!! Such a beautiful way you wore it! Totally obsessed ????????

  37. Victoria True

    I’m absolutely in LOVE with this sweater and how you styled it! Gotta love a chunky knit for fall in NYC!

    I love reading your blog and watching your Instagram try on sessions! Such awesome outfit ideas and style tips! Love it!

  38. Shayna

    I just love the chunky knit sweater. I love the color but I love the price even more. I really appreciate it when you shocase affordable items. This one looked so awesome on you especially with those snake skinned boots. Thanks for inspiring daily with your fashion. You’re such a kind soul as well. I always watch your instastories and you come across as very authentic & real. Keep it up ! Looking forward to more fabulous Fall looks. Happy Friday babe and it’s the 1st day of Fall ????????????????????

  39. Paulina Ríos

    Love love this sweater! ❤️ The color is perfect for this new season

    1. Amanda Miller

      Hey girl! You won this giveaway! Can I have your email and Instagram Handle so that I can announce?!

      xoxo Amanda

  40. EKP

    Favorite by far!!! So amazing

  41. Cheyenne nguyen

    My favorite sweater so far???? I love the vibrant color and slouchiness… my fav!!

  42. Savannah

    This color is fabulous!! It’s definitely my favorite out of all of them!

  43. Sheetal Paulson

    This one! Love how vibrant it looks and seems perfect for fall!

  44. Alex

    I love this sweater so much!! Counting down the days until it’s cool enough to rock chunky sweaters like this in Nashville

  45. Samantha

    LOVE this one!!! My fave for sure!

  46. Samantha

    Love love LOVE this sweater! The color is amazing!

  47. Natalie

    You look so chic in all of them but I love this sweater the most!! It can easily be dressy or casual. #4 came in a close second because it seems like it’ll be light enough to layer! Bring on the cooler weather!

  48. Bobbie

    This sweater is everything! Love the color & the bulky look. Need this in my life *heart eyes*

  49. Katie

    This is my favorite!! It looks so luxe and cozy!!

  50. Megan Preuett

    This pink sweater is my favorite so far! It looks so cozy!

  51. Brooke Thibodeaux

    Oh for sure my favorite! Definitely recreating this look soon!

  52. Han

    Definitely my favorite!

  53. Kayla Summers

    Obsessed with this sweater and the snake skin boots! Love all of the free people pieces for fall!!

  54. Jessica

    This is the most exquisite pink! I definitely need this in my life. I love the first one you posted as well from Free People, but I think I am just going to buy this one because I can’t wait!

  55. Jackie dakin

    Definitely my favorite! Love chunky sweaters because I’m from the northeast and hate the cold! I also love this beautiful magenta color and the fact that I could wear this with leggings.

    Super obsessed with the half pony in this pic as well- so fun!

    My Instagram handle is @jackiedakin. Thank you 🙂

  56. Donya Allen

    This sweater is my absolute favorite! It looks so flattering and cozy, I would never take it off :’D

  57. Katie B

    I live the color of this one! The jewel tone is ????????

  58. Ilana

    Legit obsessed with this look ????

  59. Ashley Melson

    This one is definitely my favorite! This deep pink/fuchsia color is just so pretty, andI love how chunky and slouchy the fit is. I feel like I would live in this!

  60. Meaghan Kinnane

    Pink chunky sweater – AMAZING ????

  61. Hailey

    I never really wear much pink but your posts are making me want to try and experiment with it! I love this dark pink sweater and I love how you paired it!!

  62. Heather

    Love the love this chunky sweater! My favorite fall trend! And love it in fuchsia!

  63. Kelsey Lanaux

    THIS ONE!!!! I love how rich and luxurious this color is – I LOVE rich colors for the fall – and try to steer away from black since I’m usually pairing them with jeans or leggings (although I still need to invest in the Spanx leggings from post #1!). That pink is perfect for leggings or jeans (of any wash)! It also leaves enough room for eating all my favorite fall comfort foods! 😉
    It also looks comfy enough to go from couch lounging to date night in a snap!

    I loved this series! Thanks for sharing Amanda!

  64. Hanna

    This is a close tie with the first sweater, I love this one for every-day! What size did you order?

  65. Olivia Weinkauf

    I love this outfit (especially love this series bc pink is my fav color to wear)! So effortless and so cute! I love how inexpensive the jeans are and the boots add an awesome pop to it! I also love doing my hair the same way so this outfit is one I’ll be wearing on repeat this fall! Thanks for the inspiration! 🙂

  66. Renee Parenteau

    Heyyy! This is by far my favorite sweater! I like the deeper pink and the slouchy fit. Also those boots are killer!

  67. Lindsey

    The snakeskin booties are killer! I love this outfit, but I think I am still dying for the first mock neck sweater. Pink is essential ????

  68. Brittani

    Ah why are these all SO cute? I am living for these pink sweaters!!!

  69. Alicia

    My favorite is from Monday thus far! Loving the snake ???? booties????????

  70. Susan I

    Once again seems super comfy but like so many of the others who have commented, I am partial to day 1.

  71. Sami

    I love all of these, but day one is still my favorite! It looks so mod to me 🙂

  72. Alicia

    My favorite thus far is the first sweater!

  73. Megan Wise

    I love chunky sweaters but I think #1 is still my favorite!

  74. Stephanie Atwell

    I am so torn now! I loved day 1, so different with the high neck but I love this cable knit sweater! Such a classic style sweater with a twist!

  75. Kim Kelley-Bibby

    I am loving these snakeskin booties! I would never have thought to pair with a hot pink top/sweater. Love it!

  76. Bao Frey

    Ooohh this one almost rival the FP on the first day of the serie… almost ???????? Love all of them! ????

  77. Clare

    Girl! I’m falling in love with pink sweaters now…how many is too many?!?! The mock neck is still my favorite!!!

  78. Crystal

    I love all 3 sweaters!!!! Pink is my all time favorite color!!! I would have to say the first one is my fav!!! They all look great on you!!!

  79. Kelsey Hunter Lanaux

    THIS ONE IS MY FAVORITE SO FAR!!! I LOVE this deep pink color – seems like such a rich fall feel.

    I have a feeling this is going to be #1 on my list!

  80. Sharon

    I love the jewel tone of this sweater and the chunky knit texture. I actually could really use this sweater in my closet for some color and change. I’m dying to start wearing all the sweaters I have been ordering but it’s going to be 85 degrees here today and I think it’s the first official day of fall, how crazy! I ‘m enjoying this pinks series, it’s super cute and fun to read.

  81. Brittany Carollo

    I need all of these sweaters!! Number 1 is still my favorite but this once comes in a close second! <3

  82. Amanda Gnaedig

    I think my favorite pink sweater so far is from Monday! It looks soooo soft and I love the neckline.


The Miller Affect wearing a chunky free people sweater for her pink sweater series

The Miller Affect wearing a pink chunky sweater
The Miller Affect wearing a pink Swim Too Deep Pullover Sweater from Free People
The Miller Affect carrying a grey Alternate Image 1 Selected - Topshop Sarah Studded Mini Tote BagAlternate Image 1 Selected - Topshop Sarah Studded Mini Tote Bag Alternate Image 2 - Topshop Sarah Studded Mini Tote BagAlternate Image 2 - Topshop Sarah Studded Mini Tote Bag Alternate Image 3 - Topshop Sarah Studded Mini Tote BagAlternate Image 3 - Topshop Sarah Studded Mini Tote Bag Alternate Image 4 - Topshop Sarah Studded Mini Tote BagAlternate Image 4 - Topshop Sarah Studded Mini Tote Bag Main Image - Topshop Sarah Studded Mini Tote Bag 55 (1) Sarah Studded Mini Tote Bag from Topshop
The Miller affect wearing snakeskin booties from Nordstrom
The Miller Affect wearing dark wash skinny jeans under $40 from Nordstrom

I hope you are loving this series! Leave a comment below with your favorite so far!

Today’s look is allll about chunky sweaters. I am pretty obsessed when it comes to chunky sweaters and I wait the entire year to be able to wear them again. They can be worn with pretty much anything and sometimes I like to just curl up on the couch in them.

Pink Chunky Sweater

Here is ANOTHER sweater you can wear with leggings! Tomorrow is actually the only sweater I wouldn’t recommend with leggings. If you read the last two posts you already know how much I love leggings.

This pink chunky sweater actually comes in three other colors as well. You can grab it in ivory, black, or navy. I just thought the pink was so much fun!

These snakeskin booties from Free People can be worn with all of the pink sweaters this week if you are looking for some versatility. They are really comfortable and are a great pair to add to your Fall/Winter collection.

The Outfit:

Pink Chunky Sweater

Jeans (under $40)

Snakeskin Booties

Topshop Mini Tote Bag (only $50!)

The Miller affect wearing a hot pink chunky sweater from Free People

The Miller Affect wearing a Topshop grey mini tote
The Miller Affect wearing a chunky turtleneck sweater from Free People
The Miller Affect wearing dark denim jeans from Nordstrom
The Miller Affect wearing a pink chunky sweater
The Miller Affect wearing free people snakeskin booties

More Chunky Sweaters:

Here are some more chunky sweaters I am loving right now:


-to enter, make sure you are liking all of my photos on Instagram featuring a pink top
-come back here Friday and leave a comment on the post with your favorite top!
1.Pink Mock Neck Sweater
2.Pink Thermal Top
3.Pink Chunky Sweater (this post)
*Don’t forget to check out my Instagram Stories for different ways to style these tops!

XO Amanda
September 21, 2017 Outfits

The Pink Sweater Series -3

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