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  1. Lisa

    I definitely will need to bookmark this page 😉 You’ve got it all covered!!! Maybe also an umbrella!? You did such a FABULOUS job on this post!!


  2. Megan Morrison

    OMG I am so obsessed with you! <3

  3. Bryn Bradsher

    This is the cutest post!! I love all of your selections and I am obsessed with the pool floats! So fun!

    That black bikini looks totally amazing on you!

    xo Bryn

    1. Amanda Miller

      Awh thanks so much Bryn!! Have an amazing week <3 xoxo A


There are ten swim essentials you need for Summer, and you can grab them all at Nordstrom!

Top Ten Swim Essentials You Need for Summer:

The Miller Affect wearing a white swimsuit from Nordstrom and sitting on a gold swan pool float The Miller Affect wearing a black swimsuit from Nordstrom wearing a straw floppy hat and sitting on a swan pool float

1. An awesome pool float.

How cute is this massive swan float? I could float around on this all day! It took me hours to browse through the Nordstrom pool floats, but landed on this one when I realized gold will never go out of style! If you are a lounger, I also linked some of my other favorites below! I think the unicorn float may be the next one I purchase.. it is just too unique (pun intended!).

Amanda Miller wearing a white swim bathing suit cover-up from Nordstrom Amanda Miller wearing a crochet white cover-up from Nordstrom The Miller Affect wearing a white bathing suit cover-up from NordstromThe Miller Affect wearing gold steve madden 'Werkit' Gladiator Sandal (Women)

2. A white swimsuit cover-up.

When I look for swimsuit cover-ups, I want something that I will be able to ALSO where to breakfast when I am on vacation. There is nothing worse than having to throw on shorts and a top, go to breakfast, and then go back to the hotel and change into your cover-up and suit! You should NEVER have to work that hard on vacation! I always make sure I have a white cover-up that will go with everything!

I had to run out and meet my dad to grab something outside of my apartment and he told me he loved my dress! He didn’t even realize it was a cover-up YAY! This white cover-up is GORGEOUS! I love all of the lace detailing and the way it flows. All of the cover-ups below are under $100!

3. A pair of gold sandals.

I say gold because gold is so versatile. I actually own these gold gladiator sandals from Nordstrom in two colors (black AND gold). Gold sandals will go with any suit you are wearing, as well as any dresses you pack for your trip. I have a pair of scalloped flats from Nordstrom that I wore every night when I was in Cabbo!

The Miller Affect wearing a black swimsuit cover up from Nordstrom The Miller Affect wearing a black convertible cover up from Nordstrom The Miller Affect wearing a black convertible swimsuit cover-up

4. A black swimsuit cover-up.

Black also goes with everything, and you definitely want to have a black cover-up for the Summer! It helps on those days when you aren’t feeling so great about all of the pizza you had the night before.

This black cover-up is convertible, which means you can wear the straps in TONNNNSSS of different ways. You can also make the back of the cover up look different every time you wear it! It is also jersey print, which is super comfortable! I always get tons of compliments when I wear it and it looks new to my friends every time.

5. A straw beach tote.

Beach totes are a must! You need to have something you can throw your tanning lotion, sunscreen, speakers, headphones, magazines, books, lipgloss, cell phone, bottled water, etc. Yes… I may go a little overboard when packing for the beach!

I like having a super cute tote that will start a conversation! I linked this tote below, but also linked some fun colorful ones. Nordstrom has such an amazing selection of straw beach totes!

The Miller Affect wearing a white bikini from Nordstrom and holding a multi-colored beach towel Amanda Miller wearing a white bikini from Nordstrom and a striped beach towel The Miller Affect wearing a white bikini from Nordstrom and holding a multi-colored beach towel

6. A great beach towel.

I love the different colors in my towel, but there are so many great beach towels to choose from at Nordstrom. I linked all of my favorites for you below! I love how big they are making them now. You can use them for your pool/beach chair, or you can use them for a picnic!

7. A white swimsuit.

I love wearing white swimsuits in the summertime. White swimsuits look great, but make sure you cover all of your goodies if you know what I mean! Always dip the suit in water before tearing tags off (make sure it isn’t see through). This white suit has amazing mesh detailing that you won’t be able to resist!

8. A great pair of sunglasses.

Whether you are wearing black, white, or some out-there-crazy color swimsuit, Nordstrom has your eyes COVERED! I Bought these brown sunnies for only $12!! The black Ray Bans are a little more, but they are so classic! I am also loving the mirrored sunnies for summer.

The Miller Affect wearing a black swimsuit and a straw floppy hat The Miller Affect wearing a black convertible bikini The Miller Affect wearing a BP straw floppy hat from Nordstrom The Miller Affect wearing the L Space 'Lizzie' Halter Wrap Bikini Top from Nordstrom The Miller Affect posting about the top ten swim essentials for summer from Nordstrom

9. A black swimsuit.

Ok, I think you get the point. Having a pair of black and white suits and cover-ups is basically all you need. You can mix and match and throw on whatever colorful accessories you want with them!

This black suit is my FAVORITE swimsuit so far this summer! I love all the different things you can do with it! It doesn’t have pads, but the lining is PLENTY thick enough that you won’t have to worry about it! It is a MUST HAVE for your next beach trip!

10. A floppy hat.

I am pretty obsessed with This black suit from Nordstrom, and it is under $30!! I want to wear it everywhere, is that OK? You have to grab it before it is gone!! A great floppy hat is a necessity for summertime!

Nordstrom has everything you need for swimwear, so you can pile up your cart and check out without ever having to leave the site! I hope you agree with these top ten swim essentials, but if not, comment below with what you think I should add!Shop my looks above, or visit HERE for even more fun Nordstrom swim essentials.

To see more fun stuff from Nordstrom, visit my Morning Routine with Clinique Post, or my Workwear Wednesday- From Day to Night with Bobbi Brown post!!


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*I partnered with Nordstrom for this post, but all purchases & reviews were my own*

XO Amanda
June 7, 2016 Outfits

Top Ten Swim Essentials with Nordstrom

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