Rachel Zoe’s Box of Style

Have you heard of Rachel Zoe's Box of Style? If not..keep reading. If so.. keep reading!!

When I went to NYFW this past September, I scoured the internet to find the perfect dress for two of the parties I had in one night! I have always been a Rachel Zoe fan girl, so I finally (...)


Fall Favorites Under $100

Here are all of my Fall favorites under $100!! I am loving all of the knits and plaids out right now! Just click the corresponding number under the photo to get each item!

PS: HALF of these items are now 25-30% OFF!! Head HERE to shop the sale!

1 I 2 I 3 I 4 (...)


White After Labor Day

The rule that you cannot wear white after Labor Day does not exist anymore.

I actually never abided by the rule in the first place. To me, someone just made it up, and then everyone went along with it.

I love wearing white all year long. Especially all white.

If you really want to blow (...)

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Dramatic Fall Florals

Did you guys notice that florals are trending this Fall?

Usually, when Summer ends we pack away our florals until Spring. This year, we are not only keeping them out, but buying more and more of them!

Moody Florals

I like to call them 'moody florals' because they are usually a different print than we (...)


Instagram Roundup

Here is another Instagram Roundup for you guys! Please remember that you can shop my IG looks at ANY TIME when you go to themilleraffect.com/Instagram <3 (bookmark it in your phone!)

I wore this to meet my good friend for coffee this afternoon! I loved getting to tell her the story of my foster niece (...)


4 Steps to Moisturized Skin This Season

Protect Your Skin

When I was younger I would have never read a post with this kind of title.

I am definitely paying for that now. They always told me, 'Protect your skin. It will matter when you get older." But I had great skin, little to no pimples ever, and the words always bounced (...)