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  1. myglammpro

    I have used this product & I can say its awesome 🙂

  2. Ms. Kaela

    Looking beautiful.
    Love the lipsticks shades.

    1. Amanda Miller

      Thank you love! Miss you! xoxo A

    1. Amanda Miller

      Thanks so much Paula!!! <3 <3


The Miller Affect posting about her four favorite pink Lipstick Shades for FallAmanda Miller wearing an ivory Olivia Palermo top and distressed jeans from Nordstrom The Miller Affect posting about her four favorite pink Lipstick Shades for FallThe Miller Affect's five favorite pink lipstick shades for Fall

Well, I can finally say it… HAPPY FALL!!

Today officially marks the first day of Fall, but it is currently 100 degrees in Texas. Whyyyyy!?!!?

Everyone thinks that you need to change your lipstick shades in the Fall to darker colors. That is actually opposite of what is trending this year! Bright, bright lips are trending, so I am showing you how to stand out in my favorite shades of PINK lipstick for Fall!!

When I am shopping for lipsticks I always head to Nordstrom! They have such a wide array of colors and brands and there is always someone handy to help you out. Once I find a brand I love, like NARS, I shop online and grab all the new colors when they come in! If you try out the color and don’t like it on you, you can just ship it back or take it into the store for return or exchange.

Nordstrom carries my favorite beauty brands, and I love that they can ship me the lipsticks within three days or I can order online and pick them up in the store!

Four Favorite Shades of Pink Lipstick for Fall:
The Miller Affect wearing her favorite Fall Lipstick: Anita by NARSPink Fall Swatch from Nordstrom

1. Anita. Anita is my favorite lip shade color OF ALL TIME. It also happens to be what started my love affair with NARS lipsticks! I used to work as a leasing agent for an apartment complex and a resident who lived there worked for NARS. He brought us all a tube of Anita when it first came out and I was in love.

I would describe NARS lipsticks as very smooth, moisturizing, velvety and rich. They also stay on forever!!

Anita is mix of light pink and nude. It is just a very subtle, natural touch, but I get sooo many compliments on it!

Here are some other posts where I am wearing Anita: 1 I 2 I 3 I 4 I 5

The Miller Affect talking about Mac's Rebel lipstick for Fall2

2. Rebel. Rebel is a Mac lipstick I am SURE you guys have heard of! It is that perfect shade of purple we all lean towards in Summer and Fall! It also has a hint of pink in it, so I pair it with my favorite pinks all the time.

Rebel might as well be a matte or lip stain because that stuff does not come off throughout the day! It is one of the only lipsticks I own by Mac so far, and I just keep on getting it when I run out! I am pretty sure it is flattering on everyone!

Make sure your lips are nice and moisturized before putting Rebel on. If you are prone to dry lips, you may want to stick to a NARS, Bobbi Brown, or Chanel lipstick as those tend to be a little more velvety!

Here are some other posts where I am wearing Rebel: 1 I 2 I 3 I 4 I 5

The Miller Affect wearing Chanel Lipstick for Fall, #43 La Favorite A swatch with #43 Chanel's La Favorite for Fall
3. La Favorite, #43. Have you guys ever tried Chanel lipstick? When you read ‘Allure Velvet’ you better believe it! It honestly feels like velvet on my lips, such a cool sensation!!!

It is super moisturizing, doesn’t clump, and stays on forever!!

La Favorite is what I grab when I want more of a bright coral shade with a tint of pink. This color is trending right now and pairs perfectly with some naturally looking makeup (think blush and nude colors so that the lips really pop).

*La Favorite is a new shade that I got a couple of weeks ago! Will add links once I wear it in more posts!

Amanda Miller wearing Bobbi Brown Rose Blossom lipstick for FallBobbi Brown Rose Blossom from Nordstrom
4. Rose Blossom. Last but not least, if you are looking for the perfect pink that you can wear with absolutely anything, will look great on everyone, and will keep your lips looking amazing all day… go with Rose Blossom from Bobbi Brown.

I have had this lipstick shade the longest and it is always in my purse. It is just the perfect shade of pink. It is nice and rosy so you are never overdoing it.

I recommend Rose Blossom for work, weddings, showers, etc.

Bobbi Brown makes incredible makeup products and their lipsticks are no exception. It feels great on my lips and stays on for a long time. I usually pair it with this gloss, also from Bobbi Brown.

Here are some other posts where I am wearing Rose Blossom: 1 I 2 I 3 I 4 I 5

Well there you have it, my four favorite shades of pink lipstick for Fall!!!

Please leave a comment below with your favorite, and which color would you like to see next!!!

The Outfit:

Olivia Palermo Top

Distressed Jeans (under $50)

Lace Up Heels

Gray Tote

Kendra Scott Earrings

*Photos by Beckley & Co

*thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this beauty post. All opinions and purchases were my own.



XO Amanda
September 22, 2016 Beauty

Favorite Shades of Pink Lipstick for Fall

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