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  1. Katie

    Such a great recap! Two things: 1) I love your posts and pics with your niece. They are so sweet!
    2) please consider going to Mobile, AL for Mardi Gras one year. It is such a different and better experience! Not many people know this but it is actually the home of Mardi Gras in the US and they have a much more family friendly Madi Gras. It is so clean, safe and well organized! You will have so much fun!

    1. Amanda Miller

      Oh I love that idea and I have never been to AL!! Thanks so much! xox A

  2. Kimberly Emge

    I love this post! It’s fun to look back on all the exciting things you had going on last year!

  3. farimah taghavi

    Hi Amanda, I really enjoy reading your post and love your outfits! How did you come up with all the outfits at the beginning of your blogging. I’m look into fashion blogging and made me wonder how did you budget at the beginning ? Thank you



Work Update-

In January I had a major work change. I had been working on The Miller Affect for two years while also having a full time job as a Treasury Analyst. It was exhausting!

In January of 2016 I realized I couldn’t do both anymore, but right before I quit I was offered a retention bonus to stay at my job for another year. Troy and I prayed about it for awhile and eventually realized it was the financially responsible thing to do, so I stayed. During 2016 I worked 12-14 hours a day. I didn’t have much time for Troy, family, friends, or fun.

On January 2nd, 2017, I walked in to the office and immediately turned in my two week notice. It felt amazing and I was so excited to see what I could do with The Miller Affect once I could give it all of my attention!

Quitting was definitely hard to do. Blogging is just a risky business in general. We are always wondering when this ride will end. But I was working way too much and my quality of life wasn’t that great. I never got to spend any time with Troy and I felt like life was quickly passing me by. I had to pick the one job I was most passionate about and take the chance.

Life Update-

I moved in with Troy! Eeeeek!


We spent NYE in Las Vegas and took the rest of the month off. I had to move and organize my business now that I was home full time.

Top Posts

Favorite blog posts from January:

LOOKING AHEAD– Our engagement photos.

LATELY WITH AMANDA MILLER– I just love this outfit!

Top Instagram posts from January (based on LIKES):


Work Update:

I started taking a Lightroom class at night to learn how to edit my own photos.

Life Update:

My sister and brother-in-law adopted Emmy, who is the light of my life. See her adoption video HERE. You can follow her on Instagram HERE. I promise she will bring a smile to your face every single day (my sister posts Instagram Stories daily!!) One of the best days of my life.


In February I went to Isla Mujeres with Troy and my parents (I didn’t do a blog re-cap of that trip for some reason :/). We love the island so much and plan on going back this summer to swim with the whale sharks. You fly into Cancun and take a 25 min ferry ride to the island. It has white sand beaches and you can rent golf carts daily to get you around the island. There is so much to do there and the town is so bright!

At the end of the month I had the opportunity to go to Mardi Gras with Harrah’s (see that post HERE). It was such a cool way to experience New Orleans and everything that Mardi Gras is about! I don’t think I will do it again (crazy crowded), but I would definitely recommend going if you have never been to New Orleans!

Top Posts

My Favorite Blog Posts:

WHAT TO PACK FOR THE BEACH– I think we BOTH loved this post! Top viewed page for the month.

HOW TO REGISTER FOR YOUR WEDDING– This was all about our experience registering for the first time!

Top Instagram Posts:



At the end of March my sister and I went to the Dominican Republic. It was just a chance for a sisters trip and to grab some beach pics while we were there (she is also my photographer!) See that post HERE! We were there for 10 days. We love the Dominican Republic. That was my fifth time to visit.

Top Posts:

My Favorite Blog Posts:

STEP INTO SPRING WITH ANN TAYLOR– I just love working with Ann Taylor and this was my very first collab with them!

WHAT TO WEAR TO A MUSIC FESTIVAL– This poncho from Free People is one of my favorite purchases from 2017! I loved this shoot with my photographer Mary Hafner!

Top Instagram Posts:


Work Update:

On the 20th we had the rewardStyle Conference. I didn’t have to travel for it, but it is a weekend long event and a lot of people and stay at the hotel where the conference is held! It was so much fun this year! See that post HERE. It is a great time to see all of my friends who live in different states and I get to meet one-on-one with brands. This year I got to meet representatives from Lolë, ASOS, Sole Society and Topshop.


I was in the Dominican Republic until April 5 (see March above for more details).

On the 13th I left for Virginia to see my little sister, who goes to Medical School at Liberty University. I loooove visiting her. There is so much to do around Lynchburg and it is so beautiful there! I do not have a re-cap from that trip :/.

On the 27th I went to 30A, Florida for a blogging trip. It was sooooo much fun (I could have stayed there for a month!) See those posts HERE and HERE. We stayed at a house for the first part of the trip and then at a resort for the second. I would definitely recommend going to 30A, Seaside, Rosemary Beach, etc for vacation this coming year and the end of April is a great time to go!

Top Posts

My Favorite Blog Posts:

CLINIQUE BIY AT NORDSTROM- I mean have you seen this drops? They are life changers! I am a huge Clinique fan so it was so fun working on this project with them and getting to shoot it at the beach

SHOPBOP FRIENDS AND FAMILY SALE PICKS– I just really loved my outfits in this post haha!

Top Instagram Posts (4 out of 5 are from my Florida trip!):



I got back from Florida on May 3 (see April above for more details on this trip).

I left for Palm Springs for my bachelorette party on May 18th! It was one of the most amazing weekends! I went with all of my blogging girlfriends and we had the most beautiful house provided by Home Away. See that post HERE. If you have never been to Palm Springs PLEASE GO! Just check on what times to visit first. In May it was already incredibly hot!

I went to East Texas on May 26th to spend Memorial Day Weekend with my best friends for my second bachelorette party/weekend! It was so relaxing. We went out on the lake every day and hit up some of our favorite restaurants & bars in Tyler, TX. My parents live on the lake so whenever I need a super relaxing weekend I head out there.

Top Posts

My Favorite Blog Posts:

THREE OLIVE LOOKS YOU WILL LOVE– One of my highest viewed blog posts of all time! You guys LOVEEDDD these olive looks!

TUESDAY TIPS, PAY YOUR INTERNS– My very first post in my Tuesday Tips series!

Top Instagram Posts (my top month on Instagram in terms of likes and comments):


Life Update-

What can I even say about June. June was the best month of my life. I married my soul mate and best friend!! Troy and I were married on June 26th. There are sooo many wedding posts up already. You can view them all HERE.


From June 1-June 11 I traveled throughout Europe. I started in Milan, Italy, then went to Lake Como, Italy, then all throughout Switzerland, to St Annecy, France, and then back to Milan. I broke that trip up in a few posts. See them HERE, HERE, AND HERE! One of the most incredible experiences of my life! Ready to see more of Europe for sure! I went with a girlfriend from my Treasury Analyst job. She is the best to travel with! When we weren’t sightseeing we would sit and have a glass of wine and read. I loved it!

On the 22nd Troy and I left for Canmore & Banff, Canada, where we got married! Probably our favorite place on Earth. If you have been there you know why and of course it has an extra special place in our hearts because of the wedding. See those posts HERE and HERE.

Top Posts

My Favorite Blog Posts:

FINALLY, A BRA THAT FITS– Favorite because this bra is the BOMB and I wear ONLY Third Love bras now. I actually have the Third Love lace bra on as we speak haha! It is so comfortable!

JIMMY CHOOS AND WEDDING SHOES– Showing you my wedding shoes in this post with a pretty white dress!

Top Instagram Posts:

I would LOVE to hear what your favorite moments or posts were from The Miller Affect this year! Please please leave a comment below!

See July-December tomorrow!

xoxo Amanda

XO Amanda
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